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May 8, 2017



On an upbeat note, Macron, won the French election. It proves that when , ” we the People” unite, we can and do defeat phony Populists. When Le Pen’s supporters were the Alt right , in France and America, plus Russia , the French people united to defeat these extreme influences on their politics. We dear readers , and followers, played our part too, by unconditionally supporting Macron. We must consider the same tactics when confronting future elections in the USA, unite behind a Centrist candidate for America to progress. Onward, indeed!
NOW BACK TO Topical AMERICAN NEWS, dear followers, our economy can do better . We’re not creating well paid jobs fast enough! Janet Yellen believes part of the problem is less well paid women in the workforce. That’s part of the problem. Let’s look at some other facts as well.



Last week we learned 211,000 new jobs were created. Where? What field? I just learned that after Walmart, Private Equities are the largest employers in our Country.
Bad, so bad! What does private equity produce? They cornered the housing market making profits on foreclosures, now they own the rental market and many prominent businesses are laden with debt! No new R&D, no investment in people or new products, they are contributing to the stagnant economy.
At the beginning of our recession we were told 450,000 jobs had to be added to overcome recessionary trends 9 yrs later .  We appear to be stuck with low inflation and stagnation in products and wages.  The statistics are misleading.


Another ” beef” , when  Jeb Hensearling, assumes the Chair of the Banking Committee,  important banking regulations may be deleted. The Banks do not have enough ” good” assets to overcome a Black Swan event.   My 2 cents. The magic # is 20% capitalization ensuring that the systemically important Banks not , “we the people ” take a hit , if and when a bail out is required.   ( my reference is this week’s Economist)  Monetary Policy alone cannot fix our Country’s lack of productivity.  Poor policy, on the other hand, can lead us back to Recession!

See you at 11am,  Let’s Chat!

“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class “

The Voice of Joyce: Resist, March and demand “Good Legislation “!

April 25, 2017


Resistance is good. Marching and protesting are time honored traditions to register ” the People’s ” displeasure. Extremism in defense of Liberty is no crime.

Our next thought should be ? When do we know we’ve achieved our goals? In America we achieve our goals through well crafted Legislation. We are a Nation of Laws. Pressure on our elected representatives cannot cease , till we’ve achieved ” good” Legislation.  


  • We want equal pay for equal work? Then we need legislation like England, where they mandate that all Corporations with 250 employees and more must publish the pay of all employees at the same level. Transparency is a great leveler!
  • If we want Congress to work on the People’s behalf,  pressure your representatives to work full weeks and take vacations that make sense. Two months? Not 1/2 – 2/3 rds of a year. It takes a majority of Congress to force other members to remain in session according to our Constitution Section 5.   Pressure the ” good guys” and they’ll pressure everyone else.


  • We support the facts and science. We’ll know Congress is listening when the EPA continues publishing their data and when their research is published as well. Also, we the People need to see an improved Satellite program, to monitor our weather and to provide early warning. We need high speed internet Nationwide. We need control and security of our data personally and commercially. The list is endless and I’m quite sure the Legislation has been written and stashed away for future use. The future is now!


  • We  also support fiscal stability and  want to get back to boring Banks that encourage entrepreneurs by lending.

So much to do and we’re wasting time by doing nothing. I saw a wonderful play last week at the Irish Rep, “Rebel with a soul”.   A true story about Dr Browne , a Consumptive poor young man who had an inner fierceness that compelled others to follow him and help him complete his mission. By persevering he created National Healthcare in Ireland. He lived everyday as if it was his last and was not content till he was able to eradicate TB, build sanatoriums and hospitals for all and provide for women’s health through a National Healthcare System. This was not your typical Irish Play, spoiler alert, there was a happy ending.

American’s can have a happy ending too! We need to work hard for our families and persevere to secure our future and the future of our children and grandchildren. Pay it forward. Our future is here and now!


Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope@ 11 am. We’ve been Trumped? A Russian in the WhiteHouse?

November 28, 2016





We the people are the greater fools.

Trump lied about being self funded. Neo Conservative Billionaires like Wilbur Ross held fund raisers for him. Wilbur Ross has made money off the backs of his workers. He’s now slated to become Secretary of Commerce? Fact if you are loyal to Trump you get to be a member of his cabinet qualified or not, dedicated to “we the people” or not.

Fact: The Trump Cabinet members have a combined net worth of $35 Billion!  Will have they conflict of interests, too?  Will the will of “we the people”, come first?
We’ve been Trumped!   The White House now belongs to the Trump’s Business interests and Russia!
Fact :  Trump has a 30 yr history with the Russians. This has been solidified by his choices of Mike Flynn, who has been feted by Moscow 24, Putin controlled TV, Eric Trump who boasts that Russians make up a vast proportion of their building population while another brother , Donald Trump Jr recently met with Russians to discuss real estate and Syria.
Fact Bombing took place in Syria after Trump Jr and Sr spoke to Putin .


Fact: The  Assad regime  has been reassured on continuing power, I always thought he’d be there in transition , if the Country was to survive. However, he’s proved he does not care if his people survive. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have turned down UN’s peace  proposal on Aleppo.



  • Fact! Russian sites spread fake news to benefit Trump
  • Fact!  Russia  supported Wikileaks allowing hacking of the  DNC and Hilary Clinton’s emails before the election

Fact!  Trump said,  he would say or do anything to have won the Presidency? Now we have a conflict of interest between his business interests and American Policy ! Where is Congress on enforcing a blind trust as suggested by the Economist?  Will a “friendly” Congress, allow this Administration to “break Constitutional Laws”?, to increase “pay for play”?  Cronyism on steroids?

Fact!    Jill Stein had the integrity to challenge the States voting for Trump and ultimately demand a reevaluation of the Electoral College Votes. With Hilary over 2 million ahead in the popular vote, the Electoral College must have many ” faithless” voters. Why? Why are they subverting the will of the People, this race is not too close to call?

The recounts and a electoral College do overs should proceed. A president should not be inaugurated when he or she does not represent the will of the people. This is indeed a rigged election. Won by lies, deceit and the help of a foreign power, Russia.

Where is Congressional oversight demanding Trump’s tax returns, compliance with ethics rules and the Constitution?  This is my problem with Trump ;   his lack of fiscal responsibility ,  separation of his global corporate interests vs the interests of the people who voted for him.


Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope@11am”truthines” “post Truth” Deregulating Banks?

November 17, 2016

Dear followers:

See you at 11am.  Let’s continue our chat on a meet up in January!  My email is , planning session first by our “core” group.  Then open to  anyone wishing to participate in our 3rd Party meet up, planning and networking event.


Let’s talk about “post Truth” , appealing to emotions rather then speaking the truth or citing facts.  A good way to sway voters .    A bad way to inform the public, “we the people”. It’s use is more widespread then you imagine and  subtly narrows  our choices.


Bank deregulation , has been talked about in the Trump administration.   It was proposed by Peter Orszag several years ago, when “we  the people” were considering Glass Steagall for the 21st Century co authored by Elizabeth Warren and John Mccain.  ( FYI several articles have been written by me on “the Voice of Joyce”, starting 2013, 2014 .  If interested please review my archives!)  “Capitalization” was  the new concept, like “plastic”!   It could be tricky, since total current market value of Bank assets may be misleading.  Or, it  could work, if as Greenspan proposed, Banks kept 25-35% of assets in reserve at all times.  It might prompt Banks to reward  and keep insuring savers?  Keeping them “honest” , the Banks, requires  enforcing accountability and understanding their  actual  current debt to asset ratio?   “Tricky”!


See you at 11am.

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope@11am “Don’t worry, be happy” Support new people for Gov’t & our watchdog Elizabeth Warren 

November 16, 2016


In 2012 I knew the 2 party system had failed the American People. I blogged about the need for a third party , thinking I would gain momentum and recognition. The process was slower and more unattainable then I thought.

  • With both the GOP and DEMS in self destruction mode , you dear followers , may be ready to help me form our 3 rd party which would support newcomers to politics at all levels of government: local, State and Federal .
  • We can’t just let them run, we have to watch their backs making sure their campaigns succeed against the dirty tricks of the entranced.
  • A political party is only as good as the folks they promote for public office. If they do well. We do well. We are dependent on each other for mutual support.
  • Together we’ll move forward. Forming a giant wedge between the two parties. Draining the swamp once and for all.
  • Who do we represent ? America Speaks.US
  • We need 2 million signatures to become a registered national party.
  • The hard part begins as we start networking , choosing, and supporting political candidates!

Before concluding, I’d urge everyone to read Elizabeth Warren’s letter to President Trump.  “The people’s reliable  watchdog.”    Reporting what she knows and keeping Trump “honest”;  Ms. Warren questions his transition team ‘s  composition:  ”  he says he  deplores Lobbyists yet,  his transition team is  “lobbyist heaven”?  Read on, draw your own conclusions, please!



” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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