Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Systems are broken, fix them & return to “good paying”jobs ! 



Don’t break out the Champagne yet. McConnel is merely reloading and reassessing how much more he has to give to get votes. Kicking the problem down the road further out may snare some. Don’t be fooled he and Trump need this win, even if it kills all of us! Wait and See!


  • Like all significant unsolved , yet solvable problems in our World, another fix delayed until the right spin,  not healthcare solutions,  is devised. 

Our leaders , it appears,  don’t make workable fixes for the “common good”.   Why bother? They’d rather plan for chaos and catastrophe on someone else’s watch!

Healthcare can be fixed by calling on key players : the Insurance Companies, Big Pharma , the Hospitals and physicians and patients!   Give them time together with the experts and we’ll get an affordable quality healthcare system. When you work in the dark, no promises can be achieved to aid “we the People”. Must be their plan, voters are expendable.

Riders in our subway systems are expendable too! NYC subways are overcrowded and underfunded and ear piercingly loud. Not to mention reaching a point of non functional! What are NY ‘s legislatures doing bickering over,  jurisdiction?   Rather then fixing the problems of a 112 yr old system our Railroads are deteriorating as we use them.   Maintenance and repairs must be scheduled to allow 6 million riders a smooth efficient means of transportation to work. We can’t kick the can down the road any longer.  There is a real need to spend money on our crumbling Infrastructure now.  We’ll get several “bangs” for our buck,  more good paying jobs for enough people sooner rather then later!

England already believes deregulation has been overused. They’re going to have to reclad hundreds of buildings.

The new Ransomeware striking the World shows us our tech vulnerabilities. Are we seeing chaos everywhere?

We have enough reasons to start massive National Infrastructure programs. The needs exist to move whole sectors back into economic solvency. The Political will? They prefer to collect two salaries: one from “we the People” and the 2 nd unlimited salary,  from their benefactors. Ah well! How long do we allow Late Capitalism to rule our lives when economic solutions exist to provide work for all!

See you at 11 am and we’ll chat.
“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

The Voice of Joyce: Apprentice level jobs only ones available? Time to Strike for more? 




We’ve become a Nation of serfs,  serving an entrenched Monarchy! When they say there are 3-4 million jobs out there, they mean , at the Apprentice ship level. I wonder, do apprentices get paid? If they were in the Union, they’d get 25-50% of the Union Journeyman wage scale plus benefits.

In our Gig economy, how much is their pay? Most likely minimum wage jobs?  If they lead to upward mobility in 2-4 yrs,  with wage increases , that’s a plus for the very young.


This was normal practice in the old days,  of the 70’s and even the 80’s,  when kids getting out of college , with no work experience made a minimum  wage of $25-35,000 a year. Today’s  $’s  should be would be higher, but they’re not.  Sad, so sad!


Why were  Middle Management jobs deemed expendable?   Why jave we dismissed qualified project managers and failed to hire them back.  We know the airline s can’t schedule without Middle Management expertise in the business, scheduling and IT.  We know Rehab facilities don’t function well without Supervisory management and staffing.  We know IT requires more then coders and upper management direction.  So, why don’t we care?  The only reason I can discern, a dysfunctional organization only affects, “we the People”.  The CEO’s and shareholders are rewarded at the expense of the working public.


So, I see a two class society.  Input at the bottom, no management and the high earners and shareholders at the top. This is no way to run a business or a country. 

At some point Americans will  Strike. Wait and see!  If you are afraid someone will take your low level job, don’t despair, there are 3-4 million Apprentice level jobs available, according to our President.  Enough to shuffle through!  Though I still wonder, when will the good high paying jobs return to America?   Where are the proposed Infrastructure jobs?  “We the People”  have nothing to lose but your continued loss of pride and the apathy we’ve sunk into!

The Voice of Joyce: Revenue Generation Now! Say No to Trump Tax Cuts….

slide4slide5slide6slide7Dear followers, in this age of austerity and uncertainty, we don’t need more pain from austerity.  The only reason for tax cuts is to reward Trump’s cronies, those Billionaires and Lobbyists in his administration and any Congressman or women who votes for an austerity budget rather then a job growth program.


I’ve developed several solutions to our State of Inequality.  Review them at your leisure.  Add your thoughts.  There are pockets of wealth in many Communities and there are many pockets of poverty and despair and opioid addiction.  It is up to us, the electorate , to make our wishes loud and clear.  According to our religious training, being a good person demands that you speak up for your fellow man.  We all need equal opportunity to prosper.


All the best!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am When winning destroyed our Democracy! 

Relationships are tricky. Whether it’s family or governments , transparency, honesty, even handedness are necessary components of an honest enduring relationship. 

I’ve been listening to the news today and I’m appalled by Comey’s testimony, Giuliani ‘s collusion, GOP collusion and ex security ( FBI’s) agents collusion in the stealing of our Democracy. At this point, no matter who is or isn’t indicted, I will not consider the Trump Presidency legitimate.    Why, dear reader you may ask, don’t I consider the Trump Presidency legitimate ? Comey, the GOP and ex FBI agents covered up and underplayed the Russian Connection to Trump and the Trump Campaign staff.

We now know , according to the Washington Post, conservative evangelicals started courting Russians as an acceptable alternative to human rights programs.   They were anti the LBGTQ community, women’s rights and leaned authoritarian. Putin and strongmen in the Ukraine presented ” good ” role models.

There was no transparency in FBI testimony about Russian collusion and interference in various GOP election campaigns either?   Why not? Shouldn’t Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio be concerned. Shouldn’t moderate Republicans seek the truth ?

Our Democracy has been hijacked by persons wishing to place an “elitist pro business person”   in office to further their own personal gain.    Their win at any cost election philosophy destroyed our Democracy and made a mockery of a free fair election?  

Winning has become more important then love of Country. That’s sad. Self aggrandizement has become more important then love of country and our people, that’s sad beyond words. We have lost our sense of ethics , integrity and morality. We no longer play fairly by the rules. We no longer present clear facts that persuade the electorate to vote for their self interest because the candidate has no plan to benefit the people. Sad! So sad!

Where do we go from here? We advocate for our rights. We don’t vote for candidates who would defund healthcare and education. We make infrastructure programs our National priority. We make Comey’s investigation into the Russian connections a priority !

Until we have all the answers , folks supporting the end of our Democracy will prevail. We are a Nation of Laws, pragmatic laws, that help “we the people ” achieve the good life. I will not rest till we know we have a secure Democracy with a large inclusive tent. None of you should want anything less. If you do, our Democracy will slip away and be replaced by men in suits controlling our lives.
Politics affects US! 
See you at 11 am.

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am. America 1st ? 

The day after the Syrian strike the  analysis is in. The Trump strike on a Syrian airfield accomplished very little. All show and no substance. The airstrip was serviceable and used this morning. Saturday 4/8/17.

More importantly, our Country is now dealing with the aftermath of GOP politicians defunding of National Infrastructure projects and science based research and analysis across our Nation. They have defended NIH, FDA, INFRASTRUCTURE, EDUCATION , alternative energy, ……the list continues.

When asked why it has taken over a week to resolve Penn Stations problems, New Yorker’s are told that most infrastructure projects in NY have been severely cut. The States do not have the revenue for a massive infrastructure program. California is in the same state of deprivation.  Sad that ideological politics controls the American economy. This form of mean spirited governing is destroying America’s recovery and destroying the lives of ” we the People”.

Our state of inequality is by design. Now it’s time to take back our Nation. Resist voting against your best interests. Vote out the ” elder entrenched” regressive Congressmen and women and let’s move our Country forward into the 22 nd Century. If we don’t start now, we’ll never get through the 21 st Century.

See you at 11am and we’ll chat.

I’ve enclosed 2 articles for your review and comment:

  1. Fake News
  2.  Draconian means testing for Federal Support leads to equal justice for elites.  LOL  Enjoy!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce AmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am The Middle Class has been Trumped! 

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Dear followers:

I’ve prepared a slide show for your education on the Trump Agenda , televised before Congress on 2/28/17. My only concern , is us, the Middle Class. Life hasn’t been good to a lot of us, our children and grandchildren, since the fiscal crisis of 2008.

  • Please review, comment and let’s chat at 11 am.
    Wishing everyone a great day. All the best.
    “The heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce America Speaks: No Periscope today! See you Tuesday. @11am



Dear followers:

Read my Post, the “Voice of Joyce” and the Agenda released yesterday at my First Political Action MeetUP!  Let’s chat tomorrow at 11am .


There’s much to be discussed.  Government by the few for the few is destroying our Country.  For the first time, there is a real disconnect between citizens and their government.  People want a new way of life and a new way forward, while special interest groups are trying hard to shove old programs and methodologies, down our throats, to maintain  their giant share of the Federal Economic pie.


Thank God the internet exists.  Newspapers print information as soon as it happens.  We are no longer isolated from each other.  Listen, learn and let’s share our experiences.  We are all Americans and we all want a fair share of the Federal pie.  We can have it.  We can have our dignity and more jobs too, if we agree to unite and see each other as  a friend in need moving forward together.


It’s up to all of us.  Let’s write our own story.  360million united can do it together!  No one can work alone!


We can overcome ideologies, we cannot overcome Billions of moneyed influence, unless we unite and advocate for issues that return human dignity to our lives along with good paying jobs.  We can have it all!  We merely have to demand it!


” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”