TheVoiceOfJoyce Corporations are citizens. They support candidates Thru PACS & directly. Assure the buying public you won’t to contribute to any Legislator who supports Voter Suppression. 28 yrs of Republican control of of States has weakened our civil liberties & access to voting. It’s Enough! We woke and Gerrymandering of all types must end. We the People want fair and open elections, transparent Democracy and equal opportunity. Corporations are now pledging what they have agreed; maintaining ESG’s. It’s not a slogan, it’s the new culture of change!

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Democracy. When did Democracy become politicized? The right to vote is every Americans right and Democracy is based on our right to vote! Our American experience is enhanced when we are informed on the issues and take part in understanding how our Institutions work. As John F. Kennedy stated, “Ask not what your Country can … More TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube #76 Democracy 101 Listen, Comment & Subscribe.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Prison Gerrymandering is worse than you think! If prisoners are counted as citizens of the rural areas where they are incarcerated, these areas get greater representation in Congress. No wonder States are loathe to pass prison reforms. Whoever incarcerates the most, gets more money. Hence, our harsh treatment of prisoners, our rates of recidivism, all designed to maintain a balance of power and crush Human rights, a person’s dignity and justice. It’s absurd. Prisoners, if they’re lucky will go back to their home states. Those states have no money for them? We’ve created our own dilemma. Prisoners should be counted as citizens of their original states unless they declare in writing, they’ll reside in their state of incarceration. Further, politics has now become an incentive to treat prisoners in humanely. They’re only bodies to be counted. This explains our Prison system. It’s designed to be harsh, when Decency Pays. Only changing these Laws, will change racial inequality and racial justice.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Since Corporations are people, why shouldn’t they behave as Patriotic Americans and demand voting rights with easy accessibility for all. That’s committing to practicing ESG’s. ( seeking environmental solutions, stakeholder equity & a positive impact and involvement in their Communities. Be a Corporate citizen, support “We the People “ & we’ll support you! Voting rights preserve our Democracy, it is not a political want, it’s just for Everyone.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Virginia leads the way in Voting accessibility. Voter ID Laws have been repealed. 45 days are granted for early voting . When you register to drive, you’re automatically registered to Vote. Virginia believes in an informed citizen & transparent government. Voting gives everyone a voice.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Governor Northam of Virginia has restored voting rights to those previously incarcerated. In NYS we’re taking “the first steps” toward decent treatment of Parolees by passing the Less is More Bill. 6 Senators have not signed on yet nor have 76 Assembly members. Why? The Bill asks for humane treatment of parolees, curtails recidivism for minor infractions and requests counseling, not jail time for addiction problems. It’s time to enter the 21 st Century and embrace citizen re entry to society rather than lame excuses to send 7500. Back to prison. Decency pays. There would be a $670million cost saving attached to racial justice.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Sound economic-policy from Yellen. Eliminating the lowest tax rate paid by Corporations is a win for Society. Workers wages will increase with new jobs. No more encouragement of off shoring work. Tax loopholes to be closed. Since the threshold for increased taxation is high, 45 Corporations are affected.

TheVoiceOfJoyce There’s only one way to stop outbreaks. Testing, quarantine, masks and social distancing. The vaccine passports are here. No one should gather in crowds unless everyone has been vaccinated. With Covid existing in the Community, follow the guidelines to better health & living.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Don’t suppress our vote! Don’t purchase from any Corporation that doesn’t withdraw monetary support from these GOP Legislators. Corporations depend upon us to buy their products. If we hurt their bottom line, they’ll embrace Democracy and voting rights. They’re Americans, too! Is Joe Manchin , W V Senator, standing against Democracy? Does he support voter suppression? If so, challenge his Senatorial seat! 43 States have 253 Bills in the works for Voter Suppression. Don’t empower them and give them the opportunity to pass these bills. Pass HR1 &HR4 now !

TheVoiceOfJoyce Arizona home to eater inequality. The farmers and the 1% are allocated 120,000 acre ft of water , while the rest of the cities get 36,000 acre ft of water. Why should the people get less? What happens in drought years? Inequality of resources is being recorded. Use this knowledge to fight inequality and injustice! The majority must have a voice?