JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Wednesday: Don’t like Legislation? Litigate & ask for damages through class action law suits

June 13, 2017




Forget negativity. Forget suffering. Why can’t we the people fight back through the courts, using Class Action Law Suits? 


  • The Court’s have blocked Trumps travel ban.
  • Attorney Generals from Washington, DC and Maryland  are suing Donald Trump  for the right to review & release his tax returns.

Why can’t “we the people” call Trump, the appropriate Cabinet Member and Congress to account for their draconian actions and hold them liable for harming “we the People”?
If people start to lose healthcare due to inaction on providing subsidies to the insurance companies, sue!  Litigation is the tool of choice in a country of Laws and Justice. 

I think we should be ready with an injunction, a cease and desist order, to prevent the Senate moving forward on egregious legislation. Why sweat the details or wring our collective hands when we can block bad legislation legally? Anyone should be willing to take on the People’s case, it would be precedent setting.


  • So,  if all else fails Sue and ask for damages. 

Next Unionize all 1099’s ! The only way to get rights is to demand them and strike for them. When management knows you have a voice they respond. No one responds to an apathetic majority.   In 1907, when the mine workers protested poor wages and working conditioned , they struck and won.

However, I have a caveat; if and when we  decide on a National Strike for our return to a better way of life, don’t take to the streets,  stay home. Patronize local shops and don’t go to the stores owned by multinationals unless you think they’re one of the “good guys”:  characterized by paying a living wage and  providing  vacation time and health care benefits.   Do tell the rest of  us which Multinationals you support !  The Public needs to know who  and patronize the Corporations of excellence. We’ll invest in them, if we have more then $400.00 at our disposal.

This is one way to stop the apathy and raise our heads high. Use the tools at our disposal to fight this system of labor oppression! Be creative, innovate and we can live our tomorrow’s today.  Let’s Litigate.  If that doesn’t work for you, consider a National stay at home strike!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am I understand myself and I see you. It isn’t either or , it’s US.  We have a choice! 

June 7, 2017




We have choices. We may be too scared to choose them! I understand. We , everyone of us , chooses our own path to follow!

I’m 74 yrs old. If someone had said to me 10 yrs ago, that I’d be planning to run for the Presidency of the United States and enroll in Silver Sneakers, I’d have thought they were dreaming . Those two plans are ” in the works”, as “we” say. If you know me, you’ll understand my fear, my self doubts and my tenacity to persevere and make my plans reality.

For one choice , I’ve made a passionate commitment on my own , realizing that the actualization of my dream requires you,  my dear followers and a SuperPAC dedicated to supporting me , my passion for understanding our World  and my desire  to visit our planet and our Country , America, all 50 States.

My second choice is easier, I merely have to walk a few blocks, pay $18/a month for a supplement to my United Health Care plan , choose a few exercise programs tailored to my physical requirements and start exercising.

One goal I control 100%. The 2 nd one depends upon you, my dear followers and those who have yet to join our Revolution.   We don’t destroy systems, we fix them, one “tweak” at a time. We’re human, we don’t do perfection, we do fixing , trail and error and move forward. Some times it’s a giant step for man and a small step for mankind. It’s what we do, moving forward, slowly perhaps and deliberately,   to get to that giant step  forward for mankind too!

Since I’ve had time to think, I’ve used my time trying to understand myself and as an added bonus, I see you too! I have empathy for you, my followers, the advantaged and the disadvantaged.

Those with funds need to understand the many who are struggling to survive.   “We the People” were  stronger and more fearless before the Recession wiped out most of our more aggressive and confident traits. Sad, very sad. I understand the less fortunate because I have seen their decent into worthlessness first hand. I know their struggle to survive and feel compelled to give a helping hand and the encouragement to assure the successful return of dignity to someone in need.

With compassion, the less fortunate can find a way forward, too. If not entirely out of poverty,  with self confidence and a return of dignity anyone can take responsibility for themselves and make a choice to move forward or stay in place.   Either is a choice.  Both require the inner knowledge that the choice is available to be made.  Then,   It’s up to “the State” to provide the Social Safety Net and job growth “we the People” require to survive well!


The very wealthy have similar choices to make. They can remain wrapped in the comfort of their wealth, devoid of all empathy for others, or they can exercise their choice to be their brother’s keeper and move forward in our World, trying something new. Not perfect.


New ideas, in fields to numerous to detail once again,  to be improved upon and with out destroying what was. The recognition that we have the power to move forward taking baby steps, is enough to begin our conscious effort into creating the next phase of our Technological advance into the 22 nd Century.

We have a choice. We can sit back and acknowledge our misery or we can take small steps toward creating a better America and a better global community.

It takes one person to see themselves and those we love first. Then we can scale up our new found empathy to help each other, one person at a time.
See you at 11 am when we’ll continue our chat.

“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class “. All inclusive, no one left out! See yourself and dream big!

JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Monday We’re in the Paris Accord till 2020! The other Facts. 

June 5, 2017




It’s sounds good to say Trump acts in the best interest of his base. Sounds good and it’s not true. Trump is motivated by money. 22 Senators advised him to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord. Those Senators took campaign funds from the fossil fuel industry, they were motivated by money.  All  the corporation’s cited,  giving Senators campaign funds , were guilty of ignoring the rights of workers while courting Senators in their States. Check them out: Devon Industries, Peabody Energy, Murray Coal.

Trump is influenced by special interest groups, a fact!   What’s more disturbing is his tendency to create chaos & dismay with his policies that will go no where. It ‘s equally disturbing to have both political parties feeding into our fears. No need for alarm on this one.


However, The quicker , we the people realize that he uses a strategy of diversion to calm some and agitate others, the quicker you’ll feel better and deal with his feckless policies.
The Paris Climate Accord is a good example of his diversion tactics. Some folks, small businesses think Trump is withdrawing from the World and concentrating on them. While globalists believe he’s exiting the World .  The truth, he’s helping no one and isolating us from the continuing R & D in energy.  Why shouldn”t America create new jobs through renewables?  It is our future, too!

How are “we the People” deluded?  If Trump really wanted to exit the Paris Accord and exit the agreement in 1 year, he had to exit the underlying UN agreement. He chose not to do that. Instead he chose to exit the Paris Accord which has International Rules in place, stating no Country can decide to exit the  Paris agreement for 3 yrs after signing.   After the 3 year wait period,  it takes 1 yr to exit. The debate will take place in 2020 , when “we the people” or the next President decide to rejoin. Meanwhile, we remain within the Paris Accord.

The take away, be informed and try not to sweat the small stuff! It’s still the Economy, Stupid! We Americans need good paying, jobs and careers! We’re not there yet!

See you at 11am and let’s chat!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Big business and government collude to pursue “Late Capitalism” (short term profits for themselves & nothing for “We the People”)

May 17, 2017

What’s wrong with American business? They’re too busy amassing cash and less interested in running their business effectively with proper professional staffing .Our Middle Managers , skilled project Managers no longer exist in the new dystopian world of business.   Knowledgeable It people are too expensive , I suppose and Big Business forgot that they keep all our systems safe and maintain customer relations and data.


6 months ago my son thought there would be a need for skilled IT professionals when Windows 10 debuted. Big business was not hiring and they’re still not hiring though 1.3 million corporation’s and hospitals and government have been disabled by cyber hackers in 155 Nations. Will we respond to this crisis properly?  Will America be proacive?  Don’t bet on it.  Our Congress and businesses are consumed with short term profits, only.    They have entered “late Capitalism”

Microsoft is not to  blame, blame  Big business’!    Trouble shooting was neglected and  systems are vulnerable because Big Business colluding with Government enablers exercised poor judgement.    We prefer to cater to the needs of the few at the expense of the many.   


This weekend, I encountered “Late Capitalism”, first hand.  There were storms in New York and Savannah causing chaos on the ground as flights were cancelled or delayed indefinitely.   According to Delta personnel delayed and cancelled flights have been the norm for the last 2 months. The FAA controllers are under manned and don’t coordinate scheduling with the airlines who are under staffed as well.  Rather then rerouting or corrdinating exitisting flights,  chaos on the ground ensues as passengers are left stranded in cities. A good computer system could coordinate with the controllers, schedule flights and update passengers, limiting frustration and a lack of customer service on the ground.

Instead of 36 people flying to JFK Saturday night 19 of us flew out. The flight was one third full. Lack of system control and bad policies prove to be more costly then proper manning and coordination of flight functions. The travelling public is paying for 40% profit margins and getting very little in return. Our wings have been clipped along with the plane’s. We’re being short changed and neglected at the expense of a greedy short sighted few.

These are Two examples of mismanagement that are hurting “we the People “.   Soon, “Late Capitalism” will  impact Big Business pocket books as well.   Lack of planning for our future is destroying America.  The pursuit of enormous Profits are destroying America’s vision. Perhaps it’s time to think about the needs of a well running business and customer service. Then Big Business can survive and thrive with a secure dedicated employee and customer base. 

“we the People” hate Big Business as much as Government . The culture has to change back to a value added policy of service. Service to the customer, service for we the people”.   We’re paying our tax dollars and now we expect equal payment of Big Businesses’ fair share, as well.   No more tax cuts , they encourage greed. Pay more into the system, hire back the IT professionals and other Middle Managers and let’s reinvent good American history..    I remember a time when Corporations acted on behalf of their employees , valuing and rewarding them.   Increased revenue will follow. As the Middle Class and the working poor become more prosperous they spend.  We’d start to resolve our Country’s ills,  if we paid a living wage to more folks.

We’d also see a return to family values and less opioid addiction,  if people were less distressed and able to put food on their tables.

Our era of greed is at an end. It will collapse like a deck of cards. Disabling systems is only a system of our failure to maintain and fix anything .

We can do better. We have before. Let’s put our Patriotic duty first and restart our culture of excellence. Think what you would need , if we had the money to improve our lives. We do have the Power if we stand together with a united voice.  The money exits.  We can pursue the American Dream of life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


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