TheVoiceOfJoyce Virginia leads the way in Voting accessibility. Voter ID Laws have been repealed. 45 days are granted for early voting . When you register to drive, you’re automatically registered to Vote. Virginia believes in an informed citizen & transparent government. Voting gives everyone a voice.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Governor Northam of Virginia has restored voting rights to those previously incarcerated. In NYS we’re taking “the first steps” toward decent treatment of Parolees by passing the Less is More Bill. 6 Senators have not signed on yet nor have 76 Assembly members. Why? The Bill asks for humane treatment of parolees, curtails recidivism for minor infractions and requests counseling, not jail time for addiction problems. It’s time to enter the 21 st Century and embrace citizen re entry to society rather than lame excuses to send 7500. Back to prison. Decency pays. There would be a $670million cost saving attached to racial justice.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Don’t suppress our vote! Don’t purchase from any Corporation that doesn’t withdraw monetary support from these GOP Legislators. Corporations depend upon us to buy their products. If we hurt their bottom line, they’ll embrace Democracy and voting rights. They’re Americans, too! Is Joe Manchin , W V Senator, standing against Democracy? Does he support voter suppression? If so, challenge his Senatorial seat! 43 States have 253 Bills in the works for Voter Suppression. Don’t empower them and give them the opportunity to pass these bills. Pass HR1 &HR4 now !

TheVoiceOfJoyce Arizona home to eater inequality. The farmers and the 1% are allocated 120,000 acre ft of water , while the rest of the cities get 36,000 acre ft of water. Why should the people get less? What happens in drought years? Inequality of resources is being recorded. Use this knowledge to fight inequality and injustice! The majority must have a voice?

TheVoiceOfJoyce Religion declining in America as millennials see a political tie between Christianity and Politics. They’re not wrong. Arkansas among the first States to say, treatment of the LBGTQ&A Community is a matter of conscience. Are Conservatives trying to turn the clock back on our social justice progress? First Voting Suppression. Next attacks on the LBGTQ&A community? Next? Anyone not in their minority circle is a target? Did you know John Boehner , the former Speaker of the House is going to run in Ohio against a TrumpsGOP? Let’s hope he wins. To reduce money in Politics, perhaps we should return to a one Party system, The American Democratic & Republican Party?

TheVoiceOfJoyce We are already affected by Republican Gerrymandering. The Democratic Party represents 41.5 million people more than TRUMPSGOP and have less seats in government. If these voting laws pass , the American Majority will be permanently underrepresented and Laws will continue to favor Income Inequality, unequal justice and limited opportunity. They have no plans for Infrastructure. Broadband. Trumps GOP is concerned with profit for the few, while the rest of contend with educational, healthcare & connectivity issues. Minorities in GOP states are not getting the vaccine, because access has been denied. We the People want change now! Jobs now! Justice now!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Now that many Billionaires want to give back to society, Governments should encourage a progressive wealth tax on estates of $50 million and up. Starting at 2%at $50 million. Total assets taxed according to Piketty, the French Evonomist ( he’d tax 5-7% of total assets) Warren would start at 2%, the IMF concurs !

TheVoiceOfJoyce Infrastructure Plan promises clean water. It’s not just lead & arsenic. In many town in North Carolina, PFAS, the forever chemicals remain, causing cancers, asthma and decreased fertility. We have a lot to lose without fundamental change and clean water resources are a priority.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Log into and qualify for low cost health plans. A family of 4 with an income of $40,000 pays nothing. Check out and have cheap health insurance now!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Rural African Americans can’t get shots because they’re left out , stranded from convenient vaccination sites. Local Dr’s, ministers and purveyors of food are offering an appointment, the Vaccine and a life line for the poor. Kudos to their Community of Caring !