JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Wednesday: Don’t like Legislation? Litigate & ask for damages through class action law suits

June 13, 2017




Forget negativity. Forget suffering. Why can’t we the people fight back through the courts, using Class Action Law Suits? 


  • The Court’s have blocked Trumps travel ban.
  • Attorney Generals from Washington, DC and Maryland  are suing Donald Trump  for the right to review & release his tax returns.

Why can’t “we the people” call Trump, the appropriate Cabinet Member and Congress to account for their draconian actions and hold them liable for harming “we the People”?
If people start to lose healthcare due to inaction on providing subsidies to the insurance companies, sue!  Litigation is the tool of choice in a country of Laws and Justice. 

I think we should be ready with an injunction, a cease and desist order, to prevent the Senate moving forward on egregious legislation. Why sweat the details or wring our collective hands when we can block bad legislation legally? Anyone should be willing to take on the People’s case, it would be precedent setting.


  • So,  if all else fails Sue and ask for damages. 

Next Unionize all 1099’s ! The only way to get rights is to demand them and strike for them. When management knows you have a voice they respond. No one responds to an apathetic majority.   In 1907, when the mine workers protested poor wages and working conditioned , they struck and won.

However, I have a caveat; if and when we  decide on a National Strike for our return to a better way of life, don’t take to the streets,  stay home. Patronize local shops and don’t go to the stores owned by multinationals unless you think they’re one of the “good guys”:  characterized by paying a living wage and  providing  vacation time and health care benefits.   Do tell the rest of  us which Multinationals you support !  The Public needs to know who  and patronize the Corporations of excellence. We’ll invest in them, if we have more then $400.00 at our disposal.

This is one way to stop the apathy and raise our heads high. Use the tools at our disposal to fight this system of labor oppression! Be creative, innovate and we can live our tomorrow’s today.  Let’s Litigate.  If that doesn’t work for you, consider a National stay at home strike!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am “Late Capitalism”Trumps the GOP’s Patriotic Duty!

May 17, 2017

“Late Capitalism”  reminds me of end stage cancer. The end of capitalism as I knew it and the social consciousness that was joined to capitalism. 

What we are experiencing now is pure unfettered capitalism or greed. The end result of a socially  concerned and  business conscious world. This “late capitalism” is akin to cannibalism as businesses eat themselves in order to generate profits not products.  They delude themselves when they profess to care about their shareholders.  Big Business cares only about short term large profits for themselves.   Big Business has forgotten the  consumer and  they have forgotten their employees;   tools of business.

Dreadful , sad , all these adjectives apply as Big Business and their enablers rush like Lemmings toward their destruction. 

I learned and experienced a socially responsible Capitalistic world. A business world where there was a genuine consideration of the employee and an employees needs.
I learned never to invest in a business that did not invest in itself.   If that business valued it’s product , it would constantly evolve to reinvent itself and it’s product lines.
It was considered Patriotic to pay your taxes to fund the social safety nets that made your employees successful enough to purchase your product.


When I worked for Ford, we were encouraged to purchase Ford cars. Similarly after working there for a year,  we were allowed to purchase 2 cars every 6 months at a deep discount for our families. That was smart capitalism. Dedicated employees became the customer base .  They were concerned with product quality because our product was used by us and those we loved.   In addition,  as an employee we were further rewarded when we provided good ideas to the Ford Motor Co.   Our  ideas paid off  handsomely for us and the Corporation.


Smart capitalism vs late stage capitalism is a world apart. An alien world that leaves everyone poorer,  except the few elites at the top and sometimes their shareholders.

There is only one path for Late Stage Capitalism and that’s destruction. No one wins and we all suffer together. Unless we claw back their ill gotten gains and make those responsible for Society’s destruction accountable and responsible for Society’s reconstruction. With the proper leadership and policies all is possible. 


See you at 11am and let’s chat! ” Late Capitalism” is preventing the GOP from acting  to remove  Donald Trump from the office of the Presidency.  They could move to Impeach him or remove him through The 25th Amendment.  It’s all about preserving their money.  “We the People” have been forgotten till we rise up with one voice.


“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

JoyceAmericaSpeaks: Periscope Today 3PM Political MeetUP Gebhard’s NYC

February 26, 2017

Dear followers:

I’ll be filming from Gebhard’s at 3PM in NYC .  Look for our Town Hall meeting on the Economy.  Our State of Inequality and my solutions.  Finally,  it’s all coming together.

“The Voice of Joyce”  President/ spokesperson for “we the People”!  United we stand!


Join the Conversation, invite friends.  See you later.

All the best.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am “We the People” make Democracy work for us!

January 11, 2017

Dear followers:
I read President Obama’s farewell address and these words, haunted me.  We’ve been talking about the state of our Democracy, now we must all work together!

  • “If something needs fixing, then lace up your shoes and do some organizing.’
  • “If you’re disappointed by your elected officials, grab a clip board, get some signatures, and run for office yourself.”
    I’ll take the Obama challenge. Will you? 

Let’s chat at 11 am.
” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class” 

Joyce America Speaks: Not Trumped yet! We can do more! 

December 18, 2016




The Letter I Ascends, Part 2-01(1)What can ordinary citizens do to protest Trumps election?
Send letter to every Representative to the Electoral College. Protest at State Capitols tomorrow. The votes must be certified by the State’s Governor and Secretary of State.
All those phones calls to the US Attorney General in Washington couldn’t hurt either. They register our displeasure. The number listed for the AG is correct.  Below, a Conservative Republican recants;

I’m a conservative, not a “Judas goat.” But that’s what a Trump 
supporter from the tribal bubble I helped create called me.

By Monday evening after Certification,  the votes are sent to the VP , members of the House and the Senate, opened and counted on Friday, January 6 th.  None of these dates are cast in stone or are mandated by the Constitution. The December 19 th or 20 th date was established by Congress as law in 1948. Congress has the power to delay the recount or ask for extraordinary review of the facts before citing a clear winner.

Ask your Congressman or woman to delay the count pending The Government’s review of the facts: Russia hacked and selectively interfered in our Democratic process. The DNC and their candidates were targeted for the benefit of Russia and others.

While the RNC was hacked as well, no information was disseminated about them? Why? We can only guess why Russia felt it was important to tamper with our Democratic process. Why were they scared of a Clinton Presidency? After a 30 yr relationship, cited in the Financial Times, with Donald Trump and some of his Cabinet, why did Russia Aid and abet Trump?  Why did Donald Trump request the hacking of Hillary’s emails? Why did Mike Flynn spread fake news about Hillary? Why was Brietbart complicit?

Vladimir Putin is being rewarded for his attack on the United States.

Last, why did our press and media, TV and other luminaries, fail to report accurately on these events? Why did they fail to report who constituted Trumps kitchen cabinet? If we the people had known in advance, all the information we’re receiving now, it would have changed the course of our election and our history. Too many, after seeing Trump’s selections for his Cabinet and the Country’s Security have buyers remorse.

We the people have not been treated with the respect we deserve. Our trusted institutions failed us, just as I fear , a Trump administration will! Our Federal Institutions have served the needs of the American people. If they are dismantled, Trump and cronies stand to profit, are ” we the People ” going to continue to suffer?

Think members of the Electoral College, do we really want a Demagogue and his clique for our next President with his Cronies?

Thank you for listening dear followers. See you Monday on Periscope!
” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Peroscope@11am Winner take all votes means “casting your vote with your proxy. ” your individual vote doesn’t count?! 

December 6, 2016




Dear followers:  I look forward to continuing our conversation on the Electoral College.  Our lives depend upon making our choices for those “governing” us.  See you at 11am, when we continue our chat!

Meantime,  I urge the States to  keep counting and validating the system. According to the experts, unless Counties forgot to count, the recount will be fairly consistent between scanners and hand counting.

Fact: The inauguration date of 1/20 is not a ” drop dead” date. It used to be March until cars made traveling easier to the Capitol!   Carry on  recounting , please, if only to calm all our nerves


Please note, dear followers, the role of the elected representative , by their Party, to the Electoral College, is one of Conscience.  The designated electoral college representatives can vote along Party lines or they can be faithless voters with no consequence.  Our elections, without The National Popular Vote Compact,  depend on our  Party’s choice of Electoral College Proxies.


With winner take all delegates, we’ve negated one man one vote. This can be easily changed at the State level.   Then, the  Electoral college functions as intended, proportionally, with clear winners in 1st and 2nd place. Re-instating the National Popular Vote Compact,   would also encourage campaigning in every state,  not just ” battleground states”, increasing the likelihood that the will of the people would be maintained throughout our Land!

You asked, I did my homework,  the latest articles on the Electoral College are listed below!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

The Voice of Joyce: ” AMERICA Speaks” 

December 25, 2015

Dear Followers:

After writing about our State of Inequality for three years, I know,  after my last Periscope live Chat , ” we the people”, are open to education and understanding and action.

  • Many are no longer in denial. They want to understand and correct our problems.  The Millennials have joined our conversation!

“America Speaks”, our newly formed inclusive political Party provides a way out of our “State of Inequality”. It will be registered with the FEC.


However, since time is of the essence, write in Campaigns may be the most effective way to break the Parties political stranglehold on our Country. Look up your State’s requirement for write in Campaigns and use this knowledge to support candidates for government. Then promote them vigorously. The House of Representatives is a good place to start. The Senate is a great target, but requires more promotion. If we can dedicate the next year to these pursuits and elect a President “of the people for the people”, my dreams for 2016 would be answered.

It’s a no brainier to write new laws. The laws  already exist. ” We the people”  need a willing group ( hopefully 100 individuals Nationwide)  of independent minded individuals,  to push through an agenda that benefits us.   In the spirit of Christmas, maybe some dreams come true.

I wish all of us a Merry Christmas, joy with our families and a Happy New Year for the Middle Class. Maybe miracles do happen! I hope so for all of us!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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