JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Wednesday: Don’t like Legislation? Litigate & ask for damages through class action law suits

June 13, 2017




Forget negativity. Forget suffering. Why can’t we the people fight back through the courts, using Class Action Law Suits? 


  • The Court’s have blocked Trumps travel ban.
  • Attorney Generals from Washington, DC and Maryland  are suing Donald Trump  for the right to review & release his tax returns.

Why can’t “we the people” call Trump, the appropriate Cabinet Member and Congress to account for their draconian actions and hold them liable for harming “we the People”?
If people start to lose healthcare due to inaction on providing subsidies to the insurance companies, sue!  Litigation is the tool of choice in a country of Laws and Justice. 

I think we should be ready with an injunction, a cease and desist order, to prevent the Senate moving forward on egregious legislation. Why sweat the details or wring our collective hands when we can block bad legislation legally? Anyone should be willing to take on the People’s case, it would be precedent setting.


  • So,  if all else fails Sue and ask for damages. 

Next Unionize all 1099’s ! The only way to get rights is to demand them and strike for them. When management knows you have a voice they respond. No one responds to an apathetic majority.   In 1907, when the mine workers protested poor wages and working conditioned , they struck and won.

However, I have a caveat; if and when we  decide on a National Strike for our return to a better way of life, don’t take to the streets,  stay home. Patronize local shops and don’t go to the stores owned by multinationals unless you think they’re one of the “good guys”:  characterized by paying a living wage and  providing  vacation time and health care benefits.   Do tell the rest of  us which Multinationals you support !  The Public needs to know who  and patronize the Corporations of excellence. We’ll invest in them, if we have more then $400.00 at our disposal.

This is one way to stop the apathy and raise our heads high. Use the tools at our disposal to fight this system of labor oppression! Be creative, innovate and we can live our tomorrow’s today.  Let’s Litigate.  If that doesn’t work for you, consider a National stay at home strike!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Peroscope@11am Winner take all votes means “casting your vote with your proxy. ” your individual vote doesn’t count?! 

December 6, 2016




Dear followers:  I look forward to continuing our conversation on the Electoral College.  Our lives depend upon making our choices for those “governing” us.  See you at 11am, when we continue our chat!

Meantime,  I urge the States to  keep counting and validating the system. According to the experts, unless Counties forgot to count, the recount will be fairly consistent between scanners and hand counting.

Fact: The inauguration date of 1/20 is not a ” drop dead” date. It used to be March until cars made traveling easier to the Capitol!   Carry on  recounting , please, if only to calm all our nerves


Please note, dear followers, the role of the elected representative , by their Party, to the Electoral College, is one of Conscience.  The designated electoral college representatives can vote along Party lines or they can be faithless voters with no consequence.  Our elections, without The National Popular Vote Compact,  depend on our  Party’s choice of Electoral College Proxies.


With winner take all delegates, we’ve negated one man one vote. This can be easily changed at the State level.   Then, the  Electoral college functions as intended, proportionally, with clear winners in 1st and 2nd place. Re-instating the National Popular Vote Compact,   would also encourage campaigning in every state,  not just ” battleground states”, increasing the likelihood that the will of the people would be maintained throughout our Land!

You asked, I did my homework,  the latest articles on the Electoral College are listed below!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce:AmericaSpeaks: Finally a flurry of News! Perseverance Pays! 

September 2, 2016




Finally, the New York Times is doing it’s job, they’re back to substantive investigative reporting.
#Gretchen Morgenson is at her best on Big Pharma Pay!   Why more compensation with increased pricing?   Because Big Pharma Can!?   Who Benefit’s?   The CEO.   Who’s her Dad, none other then Joe Manchin , one of the founders of No Labels,  a bipartisan group , composed of Congressmen and women  supporting  each other.   (Joe’s creds?   He’s a Democratic Senator in the US Senate.)   Friends don’t let friends or family suffer!!
This scenario repeats, ad nausea, like Spoiled Food.  Why be surprised?    We know the cause of our Inequality , it is the” Lack of barriers between government and Big Business and their enablers”:  “Crony Capitalism “.   It takes two to play, in these cases more.



  • Demand new Legislation or demand New Legislators! Stop inequality at it’s core. We can do it! It’s sapping the life out of our People and quashing innovation.  


We have a voice as a voter and we have a choice at the Ballot, use it.  Stamp out inequality ,”it is a cancer on our land”!!!
” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce: AmericaSpeaks :Let’s Start a REVOLUTION!

July 29, 2016



Photo on 9-14-15 at 9.56 AM

IMG_5737Dear Followers:

Keep the heat on Hillary!   Start now, #Countdown102days till the election.  Why wait, let’s see Hillary be the leader she says she is?   Let’s we the people help her and urge all her committed Congressmen and women to support the following 1 02 Laws in the next 102 day.  Let these days represent her first 90 days in office.  If , as she claims, she’s better qualified then all other leaders for this job, let her prove it, now!    We the people, can’t wait for the first 100 days to see results. We can’t afford to put our lives on hold for another year at least. We need new laws and reforms now! Hope is nice, laws that change Income Inequality now are better. To remain in Congress, to be elected to serve the people, we demand change now!:

“We the People’s Platform” : Reduce Income inequality

  •  How?  Lower the Corporate tax to 21-28%  and close  all corporate loopholes

The revenue generated should be close to a Trillion $ , since most corporation pay 0-15%.  Use that money to stimulate the economy .


  • Create Stimulus programs for Jobs with accountability, work with government and the private sector to start infrastructure programs now! Start at the Dept of State and authorize accountable funds for technology. Then move to the private sector. We have 4 or 5 months before a new President is elected. Don’t be idle. Show us the leadership you bring to the table. The American people are waiting.



2nd Change the payroll tax  law:  increase the income ceiling to include all incomes , no matter what the amount.  This way everyone pays their share into the system.  Securing Medicare solvency forever!  The old argument, the wealthy don’t benefit, doesn’t work.  We the people haven’t benefitted from their Millions and Billions either!

It’s a start.  It takes a Village, and your leadership.  We already know JohnMcCain, Tim Kaine, Elizabeth Warren and Al Franken and many others in Congress support you.  Why make the people wait?  Shine now and give us a reason to “Hope”!


Donald Trump supporters, we need your help too.  Donald Trump he can do everything.  He is particularly fearful that ISIS will come to our shores.  However, with his connection to Putin, let them talk and assist John Kerry in hammering out a lasting in Peace in Syria, bringing the Shiites,  Sunni’s , Isreli’s, Turks, Kurds and the other 14 factions together to defeat ISIS .  This is a big job but someone has to do it.  As our potential leader, you have 102 days to jump start this process.  I’m sure you’ll have help from your supporters.


I offer my services to my country, becasue I believe in America and I believe in the power of Americans.  All potential leaders should be motivating as many chagemakers as they can now!  Why wait.  The 102 day countdown has started.   I know  you are both ready for this challenge, you’ve told us so.  You care about all 360 million of us!


The winner gets our votes.  Good luck!






” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”


March 16, 2015
Me/from my home this afternoon

Me/from my home this afternoon

Gretchen Morgenson What do you think?  These laws were submitted to the SEC FOR REVIEW in November , 2014, the author has not head from the SEC to date.    He’s curious, since his proposed legislation attempts to codify the fiduciary responsibility of brokers to clients, why wouldn’t the SEC embrace this clarification of the Regulation or at the very least, respond and debate this portion of Dodd Frank ?  His letter to the SEC is attached along with his submissions to Commentary which were published last year.  After four months, he’s perplexed by the SEC’s silence.

  • Dear Mr. Fields and Mr Fleming (SEC),
    I am submitting my comment letter and supporting materials on the definition of an accredited investor, a uniform fiduciary duty standard for broker-dealers no less stringent than for investment advisers, and four (4) key proposals for financial regulatory reform and the enhancement of investor protection. Please confirm receipt. Thank you for your consideration. Ned Arnoff
  • scan_1_(12)
  • SKMBT_28314120117250-1
  • scan_3_(4)
  • SKMBT_28314120117250



 It makes sense to me to have one law clarifying the broker client relationship.    It would be better then punishment, which is arbitrary and this law would in fact change the broker  dealer culture.  If Brokers have a fiduciary obligation, they are accountable for their advice.  They too, can be protected via liability insurance?  It’s a thought when there’s room for debate.
  • Dear Gretchen Morgenson, “we”  urge you, as a respected Authority,  to read these proposals and comment.  In fact, anyone reading these posts are asked to comment and advise.   Community support is necessary to create change. If  One Knowledgeable respected Lawyer isn’t heard, then “we” are  all silenced .   It’s not only Congress that’s unresponsive to change, the SEC may need a nudge as well.
I look forward to hearing from Gretchen Morgenson , “we the People” require Law not arbitrary punishment of individuals and institutions. If the proper Laws were in place , the Fiscal Crisis of 2008 would have been prevented, along with the Madoff and Enron schemes.   Just like “job descriptions”, doesn’t knowing your responsibilities make “common sense”?     Thank you for listening.  Have a great day!

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