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Democracy. When did Democracy become politicized? The right to vote is every Americans right and Democracy is based on our right to vote! Our American experience is enhanced when we are informed on the issues and take part in understanding how our Institutions work. As John F. Kennedy stated, “Ask not what your Country can … More TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube #76 Democracy 101 Listen, Comment & Subscribe.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Religion declining in America as millennials see a political tie between Christianity and Politics. They’re not wrong. Arkansas among the first States to say, treatment of the LBGTQ&A Community is a matter of conscience. Are Conservatives trying to turn the clock back on our social justice progress? First Voting Suppression. Next attacks on the LBGTQ&A community? Next? Anyone not in their minority circle is a target? Did you know John Boehner , the former Speaker of the House is going to run in Ohio against a TrumpsGOP? Let’s hope he wins. To reduce money in Politics, perhaps we should return to a one Party system, The American Democratic & Republican Party?

TheVoiceOfJoyce it’s not only Georgia. It’s Iowa, then Texas, & 40 other States prepared to Suppress the Vote & Gerrymander States. Recall the Governors, AG’s involved in the Insurrection and put pressure on Big Businesses. We the People want full disclosure on Political Funding. Also join with W V& Arizona to pressure Democratic Senators to preserve Democracy. Do it now. Don’t wait till all the States have these suppressive laws. Manchin & Sinema don’t stand with the People.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Infrastructure Plan promises clean water. It’s not just lead & arsenic. In many town in North Carolina, PFAS, the forever chemicals remain, causing cancers, asthma and decreased fertility. We have a lot to lose without fundamental change and clean water resources are a priority.

TheVoiceOfJoyce The Pandemic’s toll on Americans increased diseases of despair. The quicker we return Americans to health and jobs, the quicker we’ll reclaim Americans from deaths of despair. Gun Violence 45,000, Synthetic opioids 52,00, Heroin & cocaine 30,000 deaths. Americans are numb and dying in isolation. Tragic. The end of Covid and the start of work for Everyone who wants a job, can’t come soon enough!

TheVoiceOfJoyce The winners & losers without HR1. HR 1 is supported by the majority. It eliminates voter suppression, takes dark money out of politics, makes it easier to vote and eliminates Gerrymandering of all districts. This Law is essential to maintain enfranchisement of voters . It an opt out system that makes voting easy and fair with same day Registration. It’s not popular with Corporate special interest groups or the GOP . It’s a bill that makes voting easier for everyone.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Comprehensive $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan to be used over 8 yrs stresses the need for R&D in new clean technology, takes lead out of water pipes, encourages electric car usage with tax credits, pays workers in Fossil Fuels to retrain for new jobs, overhauls transportation, new roads & bridges, electric grid , stockpiles supplies for the next Pandemic and more. The Oligarchy won’t favor the plan, no more dark money, instead the Federal Government is making a significant investment in America & Americans. Corp tax rate to rise sensibly to 28%. Win win for USA

TheVoiceOfJoyce Corporate America is complicit with Lawmakers, they helped write the Legislation for Voter Suppression. They’re not neutral when it comes to their bottom line. Georgia HQ ‘s believe in theChamber of Commerce &political influence , “we the People”, are not they’re constituents. Boycott, unionize and they’ll remember People Matter. Ask for sympathizers Globally for rolling boycotts. Keep up the momentum. It’s not Georgia and the other 42 States, our Democracy is in peril. Democracy vs Oligarchy! The Oligarchs can’t win .

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Minority Rights: Why should the Minority Legislate our Lives? The minority don’t represent “We the People “. The minority doesn’t care how many are killed by guns. In a year , 45,000 die from Gun Violence. Half those dying, commit suicide. This week, Atlanta & Colorado, witnessed mass murders at the hands of a “lone” … More TheVoiceOfJoyce Topic Episode #74 YouTube Winners!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Gun violence claims 45,000 lives yearly. Half those of those deaths are suicides. Not only do we need counseling, trauma therapy & other support options, the majority are in favor of background checks & the banning of Assault weapons and large magazines, capable of shooting many with one clip. Americans need and want Fundamental changes to our lives. The majority want to live a good life and not be terrorized by those who don’t value their lives or the lives of others. During this Holiday season, why not think about compassion, empathy & charity and ask those in Congress to do the same.