Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Friday: The shooting!  Bad policy is making people “crazy”.  Do you see “we the People”, yet? 

June 15, 2017




As dreadful as Wednesday’s shooting was, Congress has no reason to believe this is a one off!    Congress continues to pursue Trump’s agenda on Healthcare  “Repeal and Replace”, knowing that millions will be unable to purchase affordable healthcare.  Even if the changes are cosmetic and they kick the “can down the road, why create the perception of harm?  Trumps Agenda,  that he is partially disavowing,  has created hysteria among the populace.

The decent folks on the right and the left  who are watching Congress and understand that policy that hurts the Middle Class, also know that policy is not handed down to a Biblical figure, from on “high”.   Rather,  Bad policy  is made by elected officials, who know the people they are hurting!  That’s sad!  How can Congressmen and women, in good conscience , harm the constituents who elected them to  safeguard and protect their rights?   “We the People”,  now recognize that Laws made  by Congress and the President are not in our “best interests”.    Special interest groups demands   and their Lobbyists ,  come before the needs of “we the People”.

Until Congress and the President realize that ” we the People” understand our sorry plight and understand that we are not content to have a two Class system, violence may continue.

I spend my waking hours thinking how to prevent a Revolution and how to counter bad Federal policy in a rational manner. I’ve come up with Litigation and a National Strike.

I know that trickle down economics doesn’t work. So do most people. Our problem, we should have been shouting our stories of despair, loud and clear, every time more then 100 people lost their jobs. Unfortunately, as humans we were too trusting and hopeful, believing our State of Inequality would be short lived. We never realized, like Piketty did, that once the wealthy Class became obscenely wealthy, preservation of their wealth would become an end in itself. The wealthy enjoy their perks and have no intention of sharing. Like a” large sucking sound”  our money, money from “we the People” has gone  to fund the lifestyles of the rich and famous. While “we the people”  struggle to  make ends meet.

We understand. We see what’s happened and we’re not content to let this State of Inequality continue. I don’t agree with the Fed raising rates. I see it as a massive giveaway to Wall Street once again. I’d rather use some of those bonds to bail out the Middle and poorer classes. According to my calculations, $1.7 Trillion in bonds could be converted into a cash check of $12,000 to help 154,000,000 survive.


A social safety net  for the Middle and poorer classes would be spent and not saved. It would be cash used to fuel many businesses. It’s worth a try!   ” We the People” have suffered for 9 long years with low wages and marginal employment.  America’s Market Society has not worked for us, though it has rewarded CEO’s irrespective of their performance and their shareholders.


If  QE for the Middle and poorer classes is not feasible, I’d like to know why not?  I require an explanation for my 10,000+ followers in my on line Community.

What do you think dear followers? How do you feel about recent events? Do you think the folks in Congress or the President see us yet?  
See you at 11 am Friday and let’s chat.
“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Tuesday: ” We the People” are the Power! Recognize it! Use it! 

May 29, 2017

Dear followers, ask yourself these questions and determine for yourself what is right and just.

Are the poor less entitled then our children and our families? Does it have to be, either or?   Why not both?  Use our tax dollars to feed and provide Healthcare and a social safety net to the less fortunate and take care of our children and families, too. 

Next, you might wonder how do we provide for the poor and those who were once comfortably Middle Class? We raise revenue 5 different ways. Just re-look at my Revenue Generators, enclosed. Then we  readjust the taxes stated and collected on Corporations (28% , no loopholes) and  tax Individuals making $1 Million and up!

Why should we Tax the wealthy you may ask? Because the wealthy are becoming indolent while they make fortunes for doing nothing. Look at the  CEO salaries posted on Twitter @ grandmajsilver.   CEO’s  are lavished with huge  compensation  packages whether or not their company’s share price rises or whether they have improved their corporation.   I urge you to read, Gretchen Morgenson, Fair Game’s column @ The NY Times.  She cites several examples.


  •  Why should  CEO’s grow their businesses?   They are well compensated for being the CEO! Therefore, Corporations keep their cash and reward their shareholders and themselves at the expense of everyone else in our Global society.   

We see evidence of absolute greed in everything we do. There is no customer service for “we the People”, systems crash because IT project managers have been cut from businesses in order to increase profits. The end result, we have created a society of needy self centered individuals clamoring for more money , creating nothing and destroying the lives of ” we the People” who use and rely on their products .   As an example, think of British Airlines,  this weekend.   They cut their IT depts.   and sent their business off shore to India.  Management said they were on top of the problem, really, when passengers were stranded for two days, languishing in airports with a meal voucher?


When I was delayed in Savannah, I was candidly informed, delays happen all the time, the Controllers and the Delta schedulers don’t communicate.   Delta is routinely  not equipped to handle scheduling changes ?  Why not we should be asking? Airlines never made so much profit;  They’re making 40% profit.  These profits were  not attainable years ago.   When  Buffett purchased an airline and called it an embarrassing moment in BRK history,   he meant it.  He called his purchase, “the indefensible”.


Times have changed. The airlines haven’t improved, they’ve just gotten greedier. Pretty soon as they continue to accommodate more passengers with smaller interiors they might clip their wings and be unable to fly!


But I digress! You get the idea?
The very wealthy CEO ‘s are holding back progress by taking all the money out of their corporations  and keeping it for themselves.  They are preventing the rest of us from creating because we lack enough funds to be creative and to live at the same time. This is the dilemma of wealth inequality. The wealthy socialize and purchase high ticket items while the rest of us subsist. 

Where is it written in the great religions of our World that we should look away from those in need? It isn’t. I know full well that life isn’t fair. No one guarantees you a helping hand , however , “we the People ” have every reason to hope for a Social safety net and a job. Life was better for the Middle Class before the Reagan Tax Cuts.

I remember life before the Fiscal Crisis of “08. I remember those wonderful workdays when we experienced fairness in the workplace and had an opportunity to make a living wage . A healthy thriving Middle Class is a sign that our Country is thriving and productive.

When the wealthy are taxed, they may make less and they’re forced to be creative to earn more money, just like “we the People”.  


Everyone benefits when society is balanced and equal. When more money circulates through our Economy , the creative flourish, society produces more and those dreams we dared to dream become reality. That’s the Society I want to live in.

What about you dear follower, what society do you envision for yourself and your families?   A self interested Society, rewarding a few or one that is all inclusive , giving everyone an equal opportunity to succeed ! I choose the latter.

I remember Mrs B, the owner of the Berkshire Furniture Mart, I met her when she was in her 90’s before the fiscal crash, driving around the warehouse on her scooter in a Chanel suit , she stopped to talk to me and explained that she was disgusted with her 4 children. She called them the dilettantes, spoiled kids who knew nothing about the worth of money. She was unhappy, exclaiming, they had too much and forgot the value of hard work. We talked for 15 min. It may be recorded somewhere, I don’t know.   I do know that her saga is not unusual. Many of us have given too much to our family and perhaps that experience has jaded your outlook on the poor and misfortunate?

In this age of record Corporate share prices, who is thinking of their employees and Americans ? Will they willingly share their wealth? No! Taxation is the only way I know to make people work harder. Then, If they want to give personally of their time and money , that’s commendable.  

In this age of Inequality there is no way forward for Millions without taxing those with so much. The Party is over. We will not have true prosperity till we reverse our State of Inequality and stop artificially inflating stock prices and CEO SALARIES.

ANOTHER THOUGHT: Since some of the 10 top earners in the Country are Internet and Social media corporations, they should pay us, “we the People” , for using their platforms and allowing them to steal our profiles for their personal and commercial profit.   Just a thought! This concept is being used in India. Every time someone clicks on a product , they receive cash in their iPhone accounts.

Enough is enough!  ” We the People ” are indeed valuable and deserve to be rewarded, just like the rich. The rich would not have so much, if we didn’t vote for them or buy their products. We are the power behind the wealthy. Choose wisely , we don’t want an either or Society or  “us vs them”.   We want “us” and ” them” to live and prosper according to our chosen destiny! 
See you later at 11 am.
” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce: America Speaks Periscope @11am Vote Centrist France, Save your Country and ours!

April 24, 2017




Out of something negative,  Comes something positive 👍✔

Hindsight is 20:20. France has the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of Great Britain and America.  24 hrs after their runoff for the Presidency, France has learned!!!   The major parties are joining together in support of Macron, the Centrist Candidate  Let’s pray that they campaign hard for Macron, form the coalition needed to defeat LePen and move forward to help the French worker and France.

In Great Britain Cameron proposed Brexit, never believing the People would vote to leave the EU. THE BRIT’s , especially the older shop keepers were tired of being squeezed for revenue and were led to believe that an early exit from the EU would free up money for their National Health Care system at least. This myth has been dispelled, the government fell and the cost of unraveling Britain’s ties to the EU  will take at least 2 years.  Meanwhile, the bill to the EU must be paid.   This task, and many others, falls to the newly elected Theresa May.  She has taken the courageous path toward unifying the Country and her Party’s power base as they plan to exit the EU. What happens next, depends upon the youth vote and their involvement.


In America, we are stuck with Trump and his extremist pro business policies and  anti people policies. Our people still need affordable healthcare, good public education, reliable internet and infrastructure jobs. None of these basic needs of life are being addressed by our President or the Congress.

If any  Congressmen and women are working on the People’s behalf , we the People are not informed. I am at the point of begging Congress to tell us how we can help them pass laws that benefit the American people.  Communicate with US, all Americans.   We need help now. Not in August. Too many are succumbing to opiate addiction and suicide. Too many folks are being sacrificed on Trumps alter of ideology. This is not what the majority voted.


Thankfully, Resistance is emerging and the American people are starting to advocate for their own self interest.  As a people, we must keep pressuring our Congressmen and women to do “right” by “we the People”.  Resist, March and Advocate.  Postcards are available to continue our protest where it counts.  Send a note to your Congress person, these cards make it easy to voice your concerns and choices for change.

That’s why I warn both GB and France. Learn from our mistakes. Move center and preserve your cherished Freedoms and Democracy.  The American Public is also awakening!  This gives me “hope” for a better future for all of us.


“let’s chat at 11am.

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce America Speaks: Periscope @11am Do we want a Government run amok?

April 17, 2017



Why has our life become confrontational?  Conflict can lead to Solutions, so do “good” policy decisions.    A thoughtful way, that requires no conflict,  merely a clearly stated set of goals.

Do we want war or Peace? If we want Peace , why not acknowledge our adversaries and determine where we can achieve Common Ground. War should be a last resort. Targeted missions make the most sense along with Nation Building.

Same for Affordable Healthcare Care. We want affordable healthcare. Ideally National Healthcare, if not,  we have to work with Insurance Companies , drug companies, the physicians and hospitals to achieve the best quality of care at the lowest cost. That doesn’t mean the least care at the lowest cost any Moron can achieve that!  “We the people” require a large marketplace , to pay costs forward and more competitive choices to lower costs. The most cost effective healthcare would be expanded Medicare to those 55 yrs and up with phase ins of the rest of the population within 10 yrs.

Why have conflicts over deficit reduction?  An artificial cap serves no purpose. Instead we should be generating revenue and thinking about debt reduction policy.   Debt is a function of revenue. Create revenue and reduce deficits by a finite amount every 2 yrs. to an agreed upon minimum. In times of crisis,  expect deficits to increase temporarily.

I too have fallen into the conflict trap. I’m mad as hell that Obama was denied his Supreme Court choice. Yet, he didn’t act by whim, he waited for Congress. The same should be true for Trump. The ethics office should know about his Conflicts of interest and his waivers. Visitor logs should be transparent. No Lobbyists should be in government period. We are a Nation of laws. Let’s remember to exercise our rights.

Enough is enough. This is a government run amok. Let’s you and me be disruptive in a good way.  See you at 11am and we’ll discus.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

The Voice of Joyce: why fear deficits ! Create Revenue! 

March 22, 2017




Why are we worrying about the deficit? $5 Trillion of the $19.7 Trillion deficit is a cushion against US losses. The rest could be eradicated by clever taxation that targets everyone, not just the Middle Class.

1. Increase the income level for payroll deductions to infinity or the first $500,000 earned and you’ll capture a minimum of $4Trillion.

2. Take away the special exemption from employers and enforce that they match the payroll deductions of their employees. Small businesses have to match employee funds , why not large businesses, too?

3. Cut back on farm and oil subsidies and generate revenue for the real economy. $684 Billion.

4. Cut out 10% waste in the defense budget and you’d have the money for Defense modernization.

5. Tax Risk by Taxing Derivatives and millisecond trades 6% . Collect another $600 Billion to a Trillion Dollars. Derivatives could be substituted with an insurance product decreasing their risk to the Banking and Bank like industries.

6. Provide Quantitative Easing for the Middle Class instead of bailing out Wall Street. Give 154,000,000 $12,000 each.

Lives count. Restore the American spirit and our dignity. We can do it by slight revenue adjustments. Austerity doesn’t work.

All these revenue generation ideas would create new jobs now and negate the need for cuts to our institutions. We save the people from poor health and return their dignity thru better jobs and better wages. No need to suffer!    Generate revenue and invest in American R&D and Americans. 


Politics afftects us!

JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Trumped & Dumped No Federal Govt v States Right “We lose”! 

March 13, 2017




Trumped and Dumped. No Federal Govt v States rights ? “we the People ” lose.

1. ACA repeal and replace will be less affordable for the Middle Class. Medicaid will be phased out, without a war on Entitlements. A means test and State budget priorities will curb access and care.

2. Battery and Electric cars will lose valuable tax credits making them less affordable. Who wins? Big business as emissions testing and fossil fuel use are preserved as profit centers. Look for smoggy skies and dirty air and asthma increases once again. According to Big Business if they can’t participate in pricing the air we breathe, we the People won’t have clean air or water.

3. Immigration reform, mass deportations as horrible as they are to some, they’re a boon to for profit prisons.

Previously, these profitable , real estate tax exempt groups housed 1.3 million African Americans, 1/2 for non violent crimes. Now they can stay in business with new found profitability in the Hispanic market? Social Justice has no place in a World built by Business for Business Profit. Nor does clean air , clean water and People’s health.
The perfect “state “, no pun intended, is no Federal Government, State’s rights to keep business happy at the health and well being of “we the People.
4. One last example, cutting corporate taxes, gave us The ballooning Deficit. If we spend more the Deficit increases. There is another way to spend without increasing our deficit. Read my revenue generation plans. I’ll reiterate them for you. Because I know we can create $5-6 Trillion to spend easily.



Resist Trump’s agenda and save yourself and your families lives. Save yourself from more debt. Live free and happier. We can do it when we stand united together. Onward!   See you at 11am.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Deficits don’t work. Revenue & innovation powers our World! 

March 8, 2017




Deficits don’t work.
Just as we’re not getting younger , trade deficits, economic deficits are a drag on a potentially more robust Economy.
1. The manufacturers have left America and now we buy cheap goods globally. This will not change dramatically. Accept this fact. Avoid trade wars. Avoid the 1920’s economic scenario , greed unleashed and the crash that was precipitated.

2.We’ve seen this story before: Give big business , that includes Insurance Companies,  and Banks all that they ask for and they will create jobs. That’s a big lie, we know it, we’ve seen this policy in action, it means more money to CEO’s and not even the scraps to “we the people”.

3.The Repeal & Replace of  ACA adds to our deficit and continues to create financial burdens to the poor and Middle Class , do not approve it!   Since it reduces Medicaid expansion in 2020 , that’s another reason to reject it. Tax credits will add to the deficit and the costs to the most vulnerable, that’s  another reason for rejection. Lastly, Health Savings Plans only help the rich. So what’s to like about the revised ACA? Nothing. Reject it and rework it.

If we’re really interested in universal health care , we shouldn’t be going back to pre ACA days. If the States want more insured and more insurance choices, there should be a way to negotiate with Insurance Company’s and limit their unrestrained pricing power. That’s our problem. Healthcare is not affordable because too many States have one insurer and those with competition require high deductibles.

All States are not created equally. Look at the map provided by the Kaiser Family Foundation. See how your State compares to others and then advocate for low insurance and low drug costs. Keep Obamacare/ACA till we have a better plan. Do no harm, repeal and replace does harm us! 

Don’t let government impose poorly crafted deficit raising programs on US. We know, because I’ve done the math, America is a wash in cash. It’s not available to “we the people”.

Think $5-6Trillion available. Think $1 Billion equals 22,000 jobs @$50,000 each. Then advocate for revenue not deficits. We can win against Trump’s Agenda by advocating for growth , not continued stagnation and deficits.

I’d like to amend my comment on winning against Trump’s agenda, we won’t , if we continue chasing our tails! He’ll put up obstacles to change that matters to the Middle Class faster then we can counteract them. In the process , where are the jobs and infrastructure programs we were promised?  United we stand!


See you at 11am.  Let’s chat!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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