AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Defense Minister defies Trump & refuses to support Military in our Streets. A week ago Thursday, NY Republicans were attending a Zoom meeting on “armed insurrection and consequences”. Unfortunately, I deleted their agenda. However, at this time I believe all people should support non violent protests against racial inequality & income inequality. No one should be silent, when our Liberty & Freedom are threatened, along with innocent lives.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The only Federal action Trump is willing to take, is bringing in the Military to “silence”, “we the People “? He doesn’t use the Federal Government to bring us food, medical supplies, money for the States, or money the Lower & Middle Classes or to find and empower our CDC to prevent and containSARS COV2. “We the People” are unimportant to Trump, unless we further his agenda.

Trump took shelter in White House bunker as protests raged

WASHINGTON (AP) — Secret Service agents rushed President Donald Trump to a White House bunker on Friday night as hundreds of protesters gathered outside the executive mansion, some of them… — Read on AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Where is a Presidential voice of calm? Trump was Hiding in a bunker as America burns after he continues … More Trump took shelter in White House bunker as protests raged

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce 54 million Americans will be food insecure. 4% of pharmacies have testing capacity. Trump is MIA with TrumpGOP! Why are you starving Americans & letting the Pandemic spread without increasing stockpiles of tests & equipment? We’re worse off than before. Everyone is stressed to breaking. Trump & Trumps GOP wrong people in Government at the wrong time. They inflame rather than calm all stressful situations. We need stimulus now! Support QE for middle & lower classes.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Violence coupled with despair and continued systemic inequality confront the Black community daily. You’re not alone. Don’t let Trump & TrumpsGOP create the chaos and alienation they want. We’re one Nation, many decent people of all races support you and want change for the better, to survive & thrive. We want equal opportunity for all. Let’s work together toward that goal and oust Trump & TrumpsGOP !

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Is this the way Americans quit quarantine. 1 person tested positive at Lake of the Oxarks, masks dispensed in Tennessee permeated with insecticide. This is not a good time for anyone. We’re all stressed. Deaths of despair are increasing. Let’s not hurt each other. Express your frustration, call your Legislators and demand Laws that favor quality living and equal opportunity for everyone. Don’t flaunt the rules like TrumpsGOP, demand change, you paid for it!

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Do the right thing and offer QE to everyone $4500-10,000 154 million Americans, old, young, unemployed, employed, we’re all desperate for extra cash. $75,000 or less in earnings. It would go to first responders, giving people an economic cushion. It’s needed. It’s been needed pre Pandemic. Do it now. The program costs between $800 Billion to $1.5 Trillion. GOP had no problem giving $1.5Trillion in tax cuts & at least $1.5 Trillion in aid to the wealthy. Main Street deserves equal opportunity. Their “extra” cash will stimulate the Economy


AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Paul Krugman Trump & TrumpsGOP are costing American lives by denying the existence of Covid 19. They’re disparaging the facts & rushing to reopen though the cost in lives & GDP don’t warrant their rush. Our Problems arose when Trump minimized this Virus initially. We could have saved 34,000 lives & our Economy

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The checks were never enough, the benefits were too little & some never arrived. Corporate bailouts were 3/4 of the money spent while poor and Middle Class Americans can not satisfy basic needs of survival. Issue QE for the Lower & Middle Classes. No strings. One check , approve child care subsidies & subsidies for States, Partisanship is condemning over 30 million to irreparable harm. Where is GOP common decency & humanity during these times? States need funding to avoid fiscal collapse. These are the United States , why is Politics dividing us at every level? What happened to our concept of One Nation, under God? Why are the GOP hijacking our Democracy for personal gain?

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce America is the only Country to have this level on unemployment & this level of deaths relative to other Western Nations. This is gross failure on the Federal Level to prepare for the consequences of this Pandemic. Americans now require significant Helicopter Money to help them through this period. $10,000 costs $1.5 Trillion & is less than a 1/3 rd of the payout to Corporations. Give 164 million Americans 18 & older, sick or not, working or not, earning $75,000 or less direct $’s. Unemployment IT is non existent, stimulate the economy while businesses develop plans to reopen & the Federal Government starts the work required to prevent a 2 Nd wave & more deaths.