The Voice of Joyce: Apprentice level jobs only ones available? Time to Strike for more? 

June 13, 2017




We’ve become a Nation of serfs,  serving an entrenched Monarchy! When they say there are 3-4 million jobs out there, they mean , at the Apprentice ship level. I wonder, do apprentices get paid? If they were in the Union, they’d get 25-50% of the Union Journeyman wage scale plus benefits.

In our Gig economy, how much is their pay? Most likely minimum wage jobs?  If they lead to upward mobility in 2-4 yrs,  with wage increases , that’s a plus for the very young.


This was normal practice in the old days,  of the 70’s and even the 80’s,  when kids getting out of college , with no work experience made a minimum  wage of $25-35,000 a year. Today’s  $’s  should be would be higher, but they’re not.  Sad, so sad!


Why were  Middle Management jobs deemed expendable?   Why jave we dismissed qualified project managers and failed to hire them back.  We know the airline s can’t schedule without Middle Management expertise in the business, scheduling and IT.  We know Rehab facilities don’t function well without Supervisory management and staffing.  We know IT requires more then coders and upper management direction.  So, why don’t we care?  The only reason I can discern, a dysfunctional organization only affects, “we the People”.  The CEO’s and shareholders are rewarded at the expense of the working public.


So, I see a two class society.  Input at the bottom, no management and the high earners and shareholders at the top. This is no way to run a business or a country. 

At some point Americans will  Strike. Wait and see!  If you are afraid someone will take your low level job, don’t despair, there are 3-4 million Apprentice level jobs available, according to our President.  Enough to shuffle through!  Though I still wonder, when will the good high paying jobs return to America?   Where are the proposed Infrastructure jobs?  “We the People”  have nothing to lose but your continued loss of pride and the apathy we’ve sunk into!

Joyce:America Speaks Periscope @11am Say No to Trump Tax Plan Push back for Infrastructure 

April 26, 2017

Bad policy continues to plague Americans. The ” new” Trump tax plan was scribbled on a napkin by him in 1974.


We’re in the 21 st Century and his plan is not appropriate for our time. The small business person requires a thriving community to survive. Large businesses do not need more tax cuts to produce American jobs , they’ve already stated they’re not interested in investing their cash hoard.

Third, let’s not forget , this tax proposal will balloon the Federal Deficit and decrease revenue to the Federal Government.

The elephant in the room has not been mentioned. Infrastructure! Our economy and the World’s Economy is in deflation. We need revenue to create the massive infrastructure promised. We need revenue to provide counseling to our kids to prevent an epidemic of suicides among our young. We need revenue.

It will take more than a U.S. presidential election, a few months 
of solid global growth and a recovery in oil prices to fix it.

Advocate for Infrastructure. Do not back down and wait and See Trump will! Push back for good cause, makes him reflect. Tell your Congressman you don’t see Infrastructure funding on the Budget Proposal !

We can stagnate or we can advocate for a Great America and prosperous Americans in the Middle Class. We don’t have to reward Big Business with more tax cuts, they’ve made their money. It’s our turn to make money, now!
See you at 11 am.

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope@11am Race in America: Why adversarial vs compassion? 

December 7, 2016



Have you read the news today?

  • 50% of Americans believe the @ real Donald Trump should not be on Twitter.
    One reason is dissension being generated among we the people!
  • Hate crimes are being committed against Jews and Muslims and rising.
  • African Americans are being discriminated by everyone? In one instance by Hispanics.

Meanwhile , we know injustice has befallen the African American more then any other group? Why? What can citizens do to curtail racial bias? Based on a NY Times Article of African American abuse in Upper New York State Prisons, Governor Cuomo has authorized an Independent Commission to oversee  abuse and recommend solutions.

Clearly after viewing the South Carolina shooting of an unarmed Black man for a tailgate violation defies reason and raises several questions. Why didn’t the officer write Scott a ticket?   Why did Scott leave his vehicle?   How many minor violations are cited in this  area resulting in arrest or worse?   Do the citizens of this area drive without a license or an unregistered vehicle? Do people usually feel harassed and abused by police? Compassion is required  for the other instead of an adversarial relationship.

Jurors could not agree on the fate of a North Charleston police
 officer, Michael T. Slager, in the fatal shooting of Walter L. Scott,
 an unarmed black man.

Watch Video Shows Fatal Police Shooting on Times Video

How can we unite all the “have nots”  to demand equal rights and the equal right to opportunity? That is the test of America  and American Exceptionalism, the ability to unite, treat each other decently and pursue  a common cause. Is it really just  the Economy?  If everyone made a decent wage , would we  be content?  Can we unite and prosper?

The Voice of Joyce: “Pay to Play ” White House

November 30, 2016

Literally Corporate America is taking over The White House.
Every appointee proves the dependence of the group on one another. All linked through Congress like a spiders web.   The proposed net worth of the cabinet may exceed $35 Billion.


The “in” crowd the rewards are great. Elaine Chao is married to Mitch McConnell , Senator from Kentucky. She was Secretary of Labor under Bush and sat on various prestigious Boards, including Wells Fargo. Rubber stamping or denying fraud.    This is the American Way.   She even sat on Bloomberg’s Board ! The perks for the Uber wealthy are numerous board positions and the ability to network effectively to increase their net worth.  Too bad ” we the people” don’t have equal access to jobs, boards or money.

Now Ms Chao is offered the coveted Transportation Secretary appointment. A plum job for cronies rebuilding America.  Beware, there may be more toll roads ahead in our future.

The Gap will widen between rich and poor as ” we the people”  get the scraps.  Oh yes, some jobs may be saved at Carrier, we’ll await the details, which I hope will be televised at the plant with the same 1400 originally told about their loss of jobs.

As another Banker takes the helm of Treasury,   keep partying before 1929, redux!!!


Let’s chat at 11 am.

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce AmericaSpeaksPeriscope@11am Time for our 3 rd Party & Change! Reality, not “magical thinking”!

November 8, 2016

The final hours. Count down to a new destiny that we share and approve or are we hurtling into the known or more of the same once again?

Do we really have a shared vision of our Society? Our group wants the same things. Jobs, economic opportunity , just and decent government , providing good education, good health care, clean water and air, clean healthy and well prepared food.
Equal opportunity for all. Not just the network working for a few. Affordable housing. Affordable education and alternatives to College degrees assuring a better quality of life.

Apprenticeships or the Military as an alternative ?

So much to do, so many wants, where’s a united advocacy to see our dreams become reality? #AmericaSpeaks.US has offered many solutions to America’s problems. It is a time to build on our Party platform and start working with “we the People”. Making our ” dreams” a reality. Only revenue flowing into the Middle Class and the poor can resolve our problems and start healing our Societal divides.

One suggestion , to help the Middle Class, has been proposed once again.  Lift  the payroll deduction income cap . A shared burden by  the wealthy  and Middle Class. Sounds fair to me. No employer special exemptions either ! The people wish it, will Congress agree. It’s been proposed by us along with so many ” good ideas” for revenue.    Along with Quantitative Easing for the Middle Class, Trillions could flow to “we the People”, if we had fiduciary control of the process.  Any one of our ideas could be a priority of the first 100 days. The money exists to change our State of Inequality. Gridlock in Congress is no longer acceptable. #PeoplePower is on the rise.

David Brooks, has just acknowledged the need :

"for a " decent" 3 rd Party that addresses the needs of the people
 in an honest, play by the rules way." #AmericaSpeaks.US is that Party.
 We exist and we will grow to answer the needs of" we the people." 

Join us and be part of America's solution!   We offer a compassionate 
way out of poverty and an inclusive path to equal opportunity 
and justice under the Law.

The presidential campaign has proved the need for a third party.

Reality , not “magical thinking! ”
“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce:AmericaSpeaksPeriscope@11am Why not Magical thinking ? “A chicken in every pot.”

November 7, 2016





It’s all entertainment till the next President takes office. Then our era of magical thinking ends.


  • What could be if we had candidates who supported us v them?
  • A liaison with the press encouraging investigative reporting over entertainment.
  • Weekly chats with the Nation stating the major events confronting us.
  • Open channels of Communication. Dare I state, a look at government in the making. Shining a spotlight on the players makes better players.
  •  I wouldn’t be silent on who played and who abstained. The American people are entitled to know the truth.
  • QE to save the Middle Class,  a good idea and still is.
  • It could stimulate the Economy while helping 100’s of millions. Why use payday loans when you have your own cash?   It would also lesson the need to incarcerate poor folks,  if they’re picked up erroneously and can’t make bail.
  • In one magnanimous gesture the Social fabric of our Society would be strengthened.
  • I don’t have faith that either candidate would pick up this idea. Helping the many over the needs of the few. Magical thinking?!
  • Lower taxation of big business 15% here and 15% on foreign subsidiaries no loopholes would bring revenues in the $100billions to trillions into the economy, then we could build our Nation for the 22 nd Century.
  • Legislation to break up Monopolies. Rewarding competition and innovation. Stopping the cash hoarding and training managers as baby boomers leave the job market.

If those two get in, recession that is lurking for the EU, Russia and China may be around a corner for us as well , certainly , if we embark on austerity instead of stimulus. What a pity. Life really could be beautiful with a grand vision.


See you at 11am.  Let’s chat about what can be.  Never lose hope!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce: America Speaks.Periscope @11am Use Quantitative Easing to save the Middle Class here and abroad!

November 1, 2016




Dear followers:  See you at 11am!

I read these articles this weekend and thought they might convince you, that Quantitative Easing will save the Middle Class.

  • Time to stop thinking Inequality is a permanent state! Advocate for yourself! Promote Quantitative Easing for the Middle Class. No need for Congress. The Treasury is independent of Politics.

    By one intriguing measure, the West, not the South, has the highest poverty rate in the United States.




  • Small factories and business always were the backbone of America, till Monopolies and Big Business and Big Money dominated American Society.  Isn’t time to support the Middle Class?


See you at 11am!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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