#AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce #Interested in what’s happening to the Syrian Kurds, they’re aligned with Syrian Forces, to secure their safety, over 250,000 have been displaced. The Kurds eliminated ISIS & had obtained autonomy, which is now gone. Win for Turkey.


#AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce #For Trump, all Foreign Policy is personal. Whether it’s “dirt” on competitors or ceding America’s Role in Global affaires, Trump benefits. Especially, if Putin comes out winning.


#AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce #Is Trump pulling away from Kurds in Syria helping Putin? NY Times investigation shows Russian Pilots shelling hospitals in Syria ? Why leave the field to Russia & cut off our own soldiers & Kurds?


#AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Influence peddling for personal gain is hollowing out our State Dept and making us vulnerable to Foreign adversaries trying to dismantle our Institution s


#AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Senate Intelligence Committee validates Mueller’s finding of Russian Intervention in 2016 Elections. Why are they silent instead of standing with Dems on Election Reforms & Impeachment?


#AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce #The same GRU units found to have hacked into the DNC & Hillary Clinton’s emails is responsible for disinformation, civil disruptions & assassinations in Europe. This group was indicted by Mueller. Why shield Trump?