Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Friday: The shooting!  Bad policy is making people “crazy”.  Do you see “we the People”, yet? 

June 15, 2017




As dreadful as Wednesday’s shooting was, Congress has no reason to believe this is a one off!    Congress continues to pursue Trump’s agenda on Healthcare  “Repeal and Replace”, knowing that millions will be unable to purchase affordable healthcare.  Even if the changes are cosmetic and they kick the “can down the road, why create the perception of harm?  Trumps Agenda,  that he is partially disavowing,  has created hysteria among the populace.

The decent folks on the right and the left  who are watching Congress and understand that policy that hurts the Middle Class, also know that policy is not handed down to a Biblical figure, from on “high”.   Rather,  Bad policy  is made by elected officials, who know the people they are hurting!  That’s sad!  How can Congressmen and women, in good conscience , harm the constituents who elected them to  safeguard and protect their rights?   “We the People”,  now recognize that Laws made  by Congress and the President are not in our “best interests”.    Special interest groups demands   and their Lobbyists ,  come before the needs of “we the People”.

Until Congress and the President realize that ” we the People” understand our sorry plight and understand that we are not content to have a two Class system, violence may continue.

I spend my waking hours thinking how to prevent a Revolution and how to counter bad Federal policy in a rational manner. I’ve come up with Litigation and a National Strike.

I know that trickle down economics doesn’t work. So do most people. Our problem, we should have been shouting our stories of despair, loud and clear, every time more then 100 people lost their jobs. Unfortunately, as humans we were too trusting and hopeful, believing our State of Inequality would be short lived. We never realized, like Piketty did, that once the wealthy Class became obscenely wealthy, preservation of their wealth would become an end in itself. The wealthy enjoy their perks and have no intention of sharing. Like a” large sucking sound”  our money, money from “we the People” has gone  to fund the lifestyles of the rich and famous. While “we the people”  struggle to  make ends meet.

We understand. We see what’s happened and we’re not content to let this State of Inequality continue. I don’t agree with the Fed raising rates. I see it as a massive giveaway to Wall Street once again. I’d rather use some of those bonds to bail out the Middle and poorer classes. According to my calculations, $1.7 Trillion in bonds could be converted into a cash check of $12,000 to help 154,000,000 survive.


A social safety net  for the Middle and poorer classes would be spent and not saved. It would be cash used to fuel many businesses. It’s worth a try!   ” We the People” have suffered for 9 long years with low wages and marginal employment.  America’s Market Society has not worked for us, though it has rewarded CEO’s irrespective of their performance and their shareholders.


If  QE for the Middle and poorer classes is not feasible, I’d like to know why not?  I require an explanation for my 10,000+ followers in my on line Community.

What do you think dear followers? How do you feel about recent events? Do you think the folks in Congress or the President see us yet?  
See you at 11 am Friday and let’s chat.
“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am I understand myself and I see you. It isn’t either or , it’s US.  We have a choice! 

June 7, 2017




We have choices. We may be too scared to choose them! I understand. We , everyone of us , chooses our own path to follow!

I’m 74 yrs old. If someone had said to me 10 yrs ago, that I’d be planning to run for the Presidency of the United States and enroll in Silver Sneakers, I’d have thought they were dreaming . Those two plans are ” in the works”, as “we” say. If you know me, you’ll understand my fear, my self doubts and my tenacity to persevere and make my plans reality.

For one choice , I’ve made a passionate commitment on my own , realizing that the actualization of my dream requires you,  my dear followers and a SuperPAC dedicated to supporting me , my passion for understanding our World  and my desire  to visit our planet and our Country , America, all 50 States.

My second choice is easier, I merely have to walk a few blocks, pay $18/a month for a supplement to my United Health Care plan , choose a few exercise programs tailored to my physical requirements and start exercising.

One goal I control 100%. The 2 nd one depends upon you, my dear followers and those who have yet to join our Revolution.   We don’t destroy systems, we fix them, one “tweak” at a time. We’re human, we don’t do perfection, we do fixing , trail and error and move forward. Some times it’s a giant step for man and a small step for mankind. It’s what we do, moving forward, slowly perhaps and deliberately,   to get to that giant step  forward for mankind too!

Since I’ve had time to think, I’ve used my time trying to understand myself and as an added bonus, I see you too! I have empathy for you, my followers, the advantaged and the disadvantaged.

Those with funds need to understand the many who are struggling to survive.   “We the People” were  stronger and more fearless before the Recession wiped out most of our more aggressive and confident traits. Sad, very sad. I understand the less fortunate because I have seen their decent into worthlessness first hand. I know their struggle to survive and feel compelled to give a helping hand and the encouragement to assure the successful return of dignity to someone in need.

With compassion, the less fortunate can find a way forward, too. If not entirely out of poverty,  with self confidence and a return of dignity anyone can take responsibility for themselves and make a choice to move forward or stay in place.   Either is a choice.  Both require the inner knowledge that the choice is available to be made.  Then,   It’s up to “the State” to provide the Social Safety Net and job growth “we the People” require to survive well!


The very wealthy have similar choices to make. They can remain wrapped in the comfort of their wealth, devoid of all empathy for others, or they can exercise their choice to be their brother’s keeper and move forward in our World, trying something new. Not perfect.


New ideas, in fields to numerous to detail once again,  to be improved upon and with out destroying what was. The recognition that we have the power to move forward taking baby steps, is enough to begin our conscious effort into creating the next phase of our Technological advance into the 22 nd Century.

We have a choice. We can sit back and acknowledge our misery or we can take small steps toward creating a better America and a better global community.

It takes one person to see themselves and those we love first. Then we can scale up our new found empathy to help each other, one person at a time.
See you at 11 am when we’ll continue our chat.

“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class “. All inclusive, no one left out! See yourself and dream big!

The Voice of Joyce: why fear deficits ! Create Revenue! 

March 22, 2017




Why are we worrying about the deficit? $5 Trillion of the $19.7 Trillion deficit is a cushion against US losses. The rest could be eradicated by clever taxation that targets everyone, not just the Middle Class.

1. Increase the income level for payroll deductions to infinity or the first $500,000 earned and you’ll capture a minimum of $4Trillion.

2. Take away the special exemption from employers and enforce that they match the payroll deductions of their employees. Small businesses have to match employee funds , why not large businesses, too?

3. Cut back on farm and oil subsidies and generate revenue for the real economy. $684 Billion.

4. Cut out 10% waste in the defense budget and you’d have the money for Defense modernization.

5. Tax Risk by Taxing Derivatives and millisecond trades 6% . Collect another $600 Billion to a Trillion Dollars. Derivatives could be substituted with an insurance product decreasing their risk to the Banking and Bank like industries.

6. Provide Quantitative Easing for the Middle Class instead of bailing out Wall Street. Give 154,000,000 $12,000 each.

Lives count. Restore the American spirit and our dignity. We can do it by slight revenue adjustments. Austerity doesn’t work.

All these revenue generation ideas would create new jobs now and negate the need for cuts to our institutions. We save the people from poor health and return their dignity thru better jobs and better wages. No need to suffer!    Generate revenue and invest in American R&D and Americans. 


Politics afftects us!

Joyce AmericaSpeaks Periscope@11am Infrastructure & my Christmas Wishes 

November 29, 2016

Funding infrastructure through deficit spending is not a good idea.

1. $13 Trillion would be added to the deficit over 10 yrs. plus Corporations might be able to ” create toll roads” or worse cronyism would prevail preventing the funding of enough infrastructure programs.

2. Lowering domestic corp tax to 15% is not a good idea , though I too accepted the notion at first. This scheme would add to the deficit and not generate revenue, worse it creates subsidies for Corporations making 40% profit.  Let’s be reasonable.

3. My original proposal of 25-28% is more in line with current tax policy thinking at MIT.

4. A tax on Corporate Foreign profits. Both forgiveness for prior yrs and a 15% tax going forward would be a revenue generator.

5. Lowering the Domestic tax too much creates problems with the structure of Fannie and Freddie which would cause them to show a loss when they’ve been generating profits for years. This is a problem, requiring a solution.  There may be others.

6.We need infrastructure spending. The way to raise Trillions is to create revenue.

  • 1. Increase the income limit on the payroll deduction making SS Medicare & Medicaid solvent for generations
  • 2. Tax derivatives as I previously proposed @ 6 basis points. 6 cents on every $100. Curtail risk / asset ratios. Chase and Citi are still systemically vulnerable and significant. According to Basel lll, bank risk is still undetermined.
  • 3. Retire QE by writing a check to 154,000,000 Americans for $12,000 each. Instead of propping up Wall Street, Main Street would have additional spending power and the money would circulate back into the economy .

See you at 11 am. Let’s chat about jobs for Americans !

Joyce: America Speaks.Periscope @11am Use Quantitative Easing to save the Middle Class here and abroad!

November 1, 2016




Dear followers:  See you at 11am!

I read these articles this weekend and thought they might convince you, that Quantitative Easing will save the Middle Class.

  • Time to stop thinking Inequality is a permanent state! Advocate for yourself! Promote Quantitative Easing for the Middle Class. No need for Congress. The Treasury is independent of Politics.

    By one intriguing measure, the West, not the South, has the highest poverty rate in the United States.




  • Small factories and business always were the backbone of America, till Monopolies and Big Business and Big Money dominated American Society.  Isn’t time to support the Middle Class?


See you at 11am!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce:America Speaks: Periscope @11am Friday: 2nd Proposed letter for Middle Class Safety Net/ Requiring your Promotion, Please! “Onward together”!

October 28, 2016

Dear followers:  I offer you my 2 cents. If you agree, make America Speaks. US a registered political party. Send your donations to Joyce Silver

150 Columbus Ave. Apt 12B NYC, 10023.

For the next two weeks I no longer care about the news. I only care about registering America Speaks.US as an inclusive political party and providing a Social Safety Net to the Middle Class.  I ‘ve thought of a way to provide the Middle Class with a cash check from the Treasury for $12, 000 – $25,000 depending how we classify the Middle Class.  If  we reimburse  and designate 154,000,000 folks 18 yrs or older as Middle Class their cash check would equal $12,000.  If we reimburse 77, 000,000 folks they would receive a cash check of $25,000 each.    Everyone in the Middle Class can be reimbursed, if we advise and advocate for this cash payout/Safety Net.

  • The Federal Reserve has the money, $1.7 Trillion dollars,  that it intends to wash through the stock market through 2020.  If they are allowed to continue QE, this $1.7 Trillion will be lost to the Middle Class.  Save the money for US.  Together, we can assure that this money is used as a Safety Net for the Middle Class.
  • If we can convince the Federal Reserve to cancel these Bonds, balance their books and print money for the Middle Class the deficit won’t increase.  In fact this would be a neutral or stimulus transaction.  A win win.  Main Street would benefit and you, my dear followers and contacts would have a social safety net.  Something  tangible to spend while we’re waiting for the big tax reforms and infrastructure , education,  healthcare , R&D reforms to take place and employ many more people at all levels of income.

This proposal is not unique.  The Financial Times and many economists have been thinking about Helicopter Money for years.  I’ve recently put the numbers together and used their analysis as my platform .  The concept works.  It would work for us in the US and for the Middle Classes of the UK, the EU and Japan.  Literally , any country that has the funds for Quantitative Easing can convert their Bonds to cash for the Middle Class.  This is the Stimulus package we call need to reverse low stagnant growth.

I need your help in promoting this concept.  Use any method you can to advocate for the Middle Class and promote this Social Safety Net.  I can be reached at the  address provided and social  media sites.  You can join my conversation on Twitter’s Periscope @11am daily.  Wishing you all the best.

  • J
  • Once again, please , Join our conversation..  Start advocating for yourselves.  Promote Quantitative Easing for the Middle Class,  write, email, blog, or use whatever tools you possess, to convince your friends, relatives,  Janet Yellen, Jacob Lew, Stanley Fischer,  Congressmen and women too, that the Middle Class deserves and has earned this Safety Net.

Let me know your thoughts.  I’m happy to answer any and all questions.  This proposal is a real solution to Middle Class Growth, here in America and Globally  It beats the long term projection of  low growth  and stagnant economies.  It beats facing a recession in 2-3 years.  We can grow and prosper together.   Help me , help you.  Let’s advocate together for a Middle Class Social Safety Net, Using Quantitative Easing.

If you’re convinced, I’m worthy, write me in for President too!  We don’t have to suffer for another 4 years or more.  Let’s move “onward together”!
“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”
Joyce Silver

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Joyce: AmericaSpeaks: Dear Followers, Please share this letter with your friends. You asked and I did it!

October 27, 2016




 I need your help, dear followers, if you support me , help me and write me in for the Presidency. 
If you support my ideas, eral  help promote and advertise them for the good of the Middle Class.


You too , can send your own letters to your friends and relatives on my behalf and more importantly , in support of the Fed issuing Helicopter Money to provide a Safety Net for the Middle Class. Put it in your own words.

The Fed can convert $1.7 Trillion in bonds, by wiping them out , taking the bonds off their books , balancing their books by printing money to benefit the Middle Class.   This time instead of the money being a drag on the economy, by increasing the deficit,  it provides a stimulus.  The Middle Class receives a substantial cash check, no strings attached.  The Middle Class is benefiting itself !


Depending upon how many people are counted as Middle Class, the Federal Reserve, using the IRS, can issue a check to individuals 18 yrs and older at $12,000 each  benefiting 154,000,000 or they can benefit 77 million individuals at $25,000 each.   The size of the check issued as a Safety Net depends upon the number of Middle Class individuals benefiting.   ( Remember the $300.00 check during the Bush administration? ) This  check is bigger and constitutes a Safety Net that the Middle Class has earned and deserves.

Some of you have said I would start a revolution by helping the global economy. Well this is my solution.

The Middle Class cannot thrive without everyone’s support. Now , it’s everyone’s responsibility to help each other and advocate for the Middle Class.   Use any method you can:  email blasts, videos, TV ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, wherever?  Together we will help ourselves and our World!  Moving “onward together”!

Thank you for support and your help dear followers.  God Bless You!

“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class “

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