JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Democracy at work. Trump’s agenda stalls! What’s next! 

What have we learned from Trump’s election? 

  • Democracy works, so far Trump’s Draconian healthcare plan and budget are blocked.
  • Divisions exist within the two Party system.
  • If you give tax breaks to the wealthy , the States and Federal Government don’t collect revenue and can’t service the needs of “we the People”.
  • If you allow big business to go offshore or pay no taxes at home and  allow Big Businesses to switch states to achieve maximum tax breaks, “we the People ” lose our jobs and more.
  • When most jobs are  low  paying and our wages stagnate the  Middle Class has no revenue to sustain them.   Our families, our Communities and the Country suffers!


President’s who envision a better society for Americans can change our World for the better. It won’t happen under Trump, unless those in government recognize, that the needs of “We the People ” come first.

President’s do matter. They shape America’s destiny .   Politics Affects US!
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JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Trump vs Americans “What has Trump done for America?”

What has Donald Trump done for Americans? Let’s examine the facts.

By not fully funding the ACA Insurance subsidies, new deals will need to be made late in this year, in order to reset and/or maintain both the compliance and affordability of Insurance companies on the exchanges. The individual mandates must be reinstated as well. Doing nothing is not an option; millions rely on Medicaid and the health insurance exchanges. Americans need quality health care coverage as well as peace of mind.

We can do better!

Meanwhile, both here and abroad Trump is helping Putin and Russia while destroying fledgling renewable energy businesses at home. Powerful lobbies on the extreme right are taking away the cost effectiveness of rooftop solar power. They are concerned that money is not flowing into nuclear or other more profitable fuels. For the first time America’s electric grid is powered 65% by solar energy. It’s cheaper, safer and cleaner then nuclear energy.
Some in the Energy Dept., including its Director, are lobbying against our use of renewables, as individual states suffer under scalding temperatures, creating wildfires in California, Colorado and Arizona. Air travel has also been cancelled on several triple digit days.

On the Global scene, our pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord and declining to lead, allows Putin to run energy in Europe, benefitting his policies directly. No matter that we can’t pull out for 3 years, lacking initiative from the US creates other partnerships
and alliances that may not benefit America and Americans.

We are part of the Global community. The Trump administration can make imported goods and services expensive for Americans through his calculated, disastrous foreign policies. He is currently considering very high tariffs on steel imports that will be crippling for American businesses, make our exports too expensive and encourage trade wars. Trump’s alignment with Russian policy does not serve the interests of this country, particularly when you consider the fact that all our intelligence agencies have confirmed that Russia has hacked our governmental institutions, and now it is assumed they are phishing our electric grid and voting machines. What we should be doing is building critical infrastructure technology ASAP in the areas of defense, our electric grid, our states voting systems, the national transportation grid, air traffic control, and all other major systems throughout this nation.

In summary, the fact sheet appears to weigh far heavier against this President as a promoter of “We the People”! Under Trump, both Domestic and Foreign policy benefit a few over the needs of most Americans.

Let’s now see if Trump makes good on his promise to create a huge national Infrastructure program which would provide good paying Infrastructure jobs at all levels of income. Too much of our country is struggling under the yoke of low paying jobs. 21million Americans work at minimum wage. We are stagnating at home, while Trump continues to cozy up to Big Business and Vladimir Putin. What has Donald Trump done for Americans? Asked & answered.



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Joyce:America Speaks Periscope @11am Monday : Enough is enough! Let’s unite to seek Common Ground 



Why should we the people remain hostage to bad policy ? 

Trump does nothing to help we the people or his base.  80% of Americans do not want the ACA repealed and replaced.   Negotiate with the Insurance Companies, assure them of subsidies , lift the law limiting negotiations by Medicare on Big Pharmaceutical Corporations and “Fix”  the ACA .   Make it more affordable! It’s like us , a work in progress.  Anyone in Congress will get the Glory for making the ACA a quality healthcare product at less costs.

In the normal course of events we’d talk to each other irrespective of our differences. I understand  and don’t support the intensity of hatred between Democrats and Republicans.   Denial of good policy to hurt your opponent makes no sense. It makes no sense to have winner take all politics. In fact, it harms all of us!
Destruction of a previous administrations policies, for the sake of claiming victory for one group ,over another , makes no sense. Politics affects our lives. It isn’t a “blood” sport with a winning team.

We can vote out bad policy, by voting out all of the people’s representatives who act  in the interests of their benefactors instead of in the interests of we the people.   We have to ask, what happened to Statesmanship?  and the  concept of achieving  Common Ground?

Hopefully, Trump and his administration and their enablers will be voted out of office. Some may be impeached. None of these actions can come soon enough for me! I’ve never felt this way before.   The lies spread to demean and disenfranchise people are an unconscionable representative of folks no longer concerned with the unity of our Nation.  Sad, so sad and destructive.

I champion the right of the Center to exist. I champion civility and espouse decent common sense bipartisan policy.   In this age of transparency, those who hide from us and their peers, shows me they are up to no good. Enough is enough.

Let’s go for Impeachment and elect me as the People’s President, sooner rather then later. I promise to stock the cabinet with a bipartisan diverse group of experts.
If you’re with me, tell your Congressman we want to Impeach and remove as many reactionaries & Trump cronies as possible. We want to move our Country forward with real, not Trumped up , jobs. We support the center and seek common ground.

The sooner we remove this group of do nothing’s , the sooner America can get back to restoring our economy and jobs. We want revenue not tax cuts. Let’s unite for the greater good. Together we can work toward eliminating our state of Inequality.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Monday Wake up America, we’re being boiled alive like Frogs! 



What’s the difference between us and the Russians? They don’t care about politics or politicians, as long as they have an apartment, a good paying job and food. They’ve withstood life under the czars, the Revolution, Stalin, and now Putin. The Russian people are ok as long as their lifestyle remains untouched. Tamper with their right to life, liberty and their pursuit of happiness and the Russian people will not tolerate their governments lack of concern for their rights.  Take away the apartments of 1.6 million Muscovites and they take to the streets.

They’re different then us. We are consumed with Politics and politicians and quietly accept our fate, like frogs boiling slowly.    Otherwise, how can you explain our denial of the facts. American rights have been eroding since the 80’s,  yet most of us didn’t realize the harm done to us till recently.   Some still believe in the “goodness” and capability of Donald Trump and his Administration.  They’re accepting the Party line.   They deny their reality and believe with all their heart , as he continues to destroy our Institutions and degrade the rights of labor , that he will produce “good” paying jobs for them.

One has to wonder why are Americans so tolerant? The rest of the World appears to be demanding an end to cronyism and corruption,  while we accept it and shrug  off it’s effects at our peril.  Our economy is not improving.   Wages are stagnant.  Good paying jobs at the management level are non existent.

Wake up America! We’re being swindled. The alt right will not stop their crusade against the poor and the Middle Class till we’ve all taken to the streets or we’re dead. Stop deluding yourselves, change is slow.  I understand. After 9 yrs of being patient myself,  I realize there are no white knights to save us.   I was hoping for a 3 rd Party to emerge and that never happened either.

I am now my own advocate for change. Enough is enough. Bills are passing the House that make my hair curl and few say anything. Every decent Congressman on both sides of the aisle should be denouncing these assaults on “we the People”. I hear some opposition on the GOP side but not many. We need real dissent to counter this extreme agenda. We need centrists. 

I’m no politician and I will encourage decency no matter who says they stand with the American people. Everyone else should get out of our way as we advocate for Legislation that improves the lives of the poor and the Middle Class.  I’ll detail how to generate revenue on Periscope at 11am.

Together we can build an America for the 22 nd Century.  Wake up and join me before we’re boiled alive, ” just like the Frogs”.

See you at 11am and we’ll chat.  More to follow.  Other thoughts to be published tomorrow.  Have a great night.

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Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am There are big bucks available to “we the People”! Read ! & Demand! 

Countering the narrative. After reading Paul Krugman ‘s and David Brook’s opinion on Friday, I ‘m disheartened that they share each other’s pain. Both are miserable about the State of our union and the Republican Party in particular. Why they opine? There is no leadership ready to take on Trump and his extreme agenda?

The ACA is already hurting individuals because the House bill creates uncertainty in the Insurance business. The Insurance Companies made a profit last year . This year they’re afraid to project future profits because of uncertainties in the subsidies promised which would make premiums affordable for Middle Class folks. This has been confirmed by investigative reporting by The Kaiser Foundation , The Washington Post and The New York Times. Further , since the mandate isn’t enforced , less young people are buying into affordable healthcare ensuring that the pool is less profitable. Whatever happened to paying it forward and feeling good about helping those less fortunate? The ACA will die by neglect, hurting millions in the very States that supported Trump. So where are the leaders to steer this project through to completion or just stay with the existing ACA? Where are the leaders to move our Country forward in spite of the chaos generated by the Trump administration?


How did we get to Party first, re election 1st and labeling dissenters as the opposite Party to be discounted. Where is your sense of responsibility to all people, not those who only agree with your position? Party , before Country as a policy , will implode.


Next, we’ll focus on Foreign Policy , much more palatable to Congressmen then Domestic Policy. The foreign policy trip has been billed as a giant business trip rewarding a few, the President included perhaps? There is big money supporting Donald Trump and his Agenda and it’s forming our foreign policy and our domestic policy as well.


Big business is gutting EPA regulations and creating an environment open to the fossil fuel business, smog, methane gas emissions and other toxins. Back to an abundance of “bad” health days is in our future allowing big fossil fuel businesses to thrive as the polar ice caps melt?
Rather then investing in innovation we are playing ” the same old record of destruction”. Benefiting the few at the expense of the many. Some are even calling the EPA, Devon Industries because Scott Pruitt has a long history of doing business with them. See Sunday’s NY Times expose!
Thankfully, I’ve also read that in spite of Big Money in the Republican extremist movement , young people who would normally identify with Republicans , those 30 and younger , are not buying into the Trump agenda. That’s good news indeed!


Now we need to convert more people to activism and convince the young to run for local office. We should be supporting all decent candidates. The Voice of Joyce will continue to report on issues that concern us dear followers. Remember my chart on Military spending? I knew from bidding experience that the Defense budget was bloated. Bob Woodward of the Washington Post just confirmed the existence of a slush fund and $125 Billion in waste and mis management of the Defense Budget. Confirming 20-25% waste.
No need to suffer when we can sway Congress with our voices and the facts. You have mine , load and clear.
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“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class “

Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Macron, America’s problem, It’s the Economy, stupid! Plus GOP TAX agenda



On an upbeat note, Macron, won the French election. It proves that when , ” we the People” unite, we can and do defeat phony Populists. When Le Pen’s supporters were the Alt right , in France and America, plus Russia , the French people united to defeat these extreme influences on their politics. We dear readers , and followers, played our part too, by unconditionally supporting Macron. We must consider the same tactics when confronting future elections in the USA, unite behind a Centrist candidate for America to progress. Onward, indeed!
NOW BACK TO Topical AMERICAN NEWS, dear followers, our economy can do better . We’re not creating well paid jobs fast enough! Janet Yellen believes part of the problem is less well paid women in the workforce. That’s part of the problem. Let’s look at some other facts as well.



Last week we learned 211,000 new jobs were created. Where? What field? I just learned that after Walmart, Private Equities are the largest employers in our Country.
Bad, so bad! What does private equity produce? They cornered the housing market making profits on foreclosures, now they own the rental market and many prominent businesses are laden with debt! No new R&D, no investment in people or new products, they are contributing to the stagnant economy.
At the beginning of our recession we were told 450,000 jobs had to be added to overcome recessionary trends 9 yrs later .  We appear to be stuck with low inflation and stagnation in products and wages.  The statistics are misleading.


Another ” beef” , when  Jeb Hensearling, assumes the Chair of the Banking Committee,  important banking regulations may be deleted. The Banks do not have enough ” good” assets to overcome a Black Swan event.   My 2 cents. The magic # is 20% capitalization ensuring that the systemically important Banks not , “we the people ” take a hit , if and when a bail out is required.   ( my reference is this week’s Economist)  Monetary Policy alone cannot fix our Country’s lack of productivity.  Poor policy, on the other hand, can lead us back to Recession!

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Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am moral compass v Harvard Business School MBA’s

David Brooks, the NY Times columnist,  is partly right,  we have lost our moral compass and the Harvard Business School is responsible.  Let me explain.

Years ago when you decided to become a  business  person, your motives were different.   You wanted to make a living, pursue the “art of the deal”, and make profits – decently.  Being a business person was not just about making money.  Though you can’t stay in business without making a profit, business became an extension of your life.   Your ethics, leadership qualities, negotiating skills , compassion and the understanding of your customers combined to make the right formula for success.  No more ! Today’s crop of CEO’s , running Big Business,  only care about their investors and  their own  personal bottom line.

What happened ? The professors of the Harvard Business School consult to the CEO’s they have created, reinforcing each other’s belief in the worship of money above all else.  They have worshipped  this ” false idol ” at the expense of Americans and the rest of humanity.

Gone is the original Harvard premise,   pursue business to sell a product and make a profit , “decently”! 

A new day starts now. We the people were angered by United’s callous disregard of a person’s rights and his dignity.  The Public fought back by divesting of United’s stock that caught management’s attention.  Perhaps now they’ll consider the needs of the flying public, too!  People Power works.  Use the power of the purse to get Management’s attention.


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“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”