TheVoiceOfJoyce We need a Biden buyin to a Federal over haul of the unemployment benefits. A program established in 1935. Less than 28% of recipients receive benefits. We don’t recognize the long term unemployed, those who never recovered from the Recession. We don’t retrain people either. Corporations pay too little into the system, yet they continue to lay off employees. With recovery not slated till the last quarter of 2021, how are people going to survive. They’re already behind in relief checks, forcing more into poverty. Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon is pushing for a Federal overhaul, Biden and Schumer should support this new thinking. It’s realistic and reflects our changing Corporations and employment structure. Stop the Filibuster and we can benefit “We the People “, the majority are depending on new ideas and a vital social & economic safety net. We’ll need it to come back from this Pandemic and other catastrophic events.

TheVoiceOfJoyce New claims stress the inadequate benefits given to employees. Too many states cut benefit to scale back taxes to wealthy Corporations and the States are in debt. Unemployment insurance and benefits must be expanded under these conditions? The Federal Government has to provide policy that bypasses the States and helps people directly. Too many have slipped into poverty, we lack retraining and without Vaccinations, a March or June deadline is UN realistic.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Israel is America in microcosm: The poor and the wealthy receive benefits and the middle class is slipping into poverty. The middle class needs a larger social safety net and more jobs. Same in America, after triage, we need ongoing relief for the Middle Class and growth in jobs paying living wages !

TheVoiceOfJoyce Add automatic stabilizers to to the relief package. Many have no benefits since July. The long term unemployed require benefits, as long as Covid is prevalent, people are out of work. We need an ongoing mechanism to support the 10 million Americans not in the workforce. Add Dr Mina’s RapidTests to our mask, social distancing regimes. Increase Vaccinations to stop the virus. The quicker we vaccinate & test daily, the quicker we’ll get back to work & school. Meanwhile, we need an open ended blank check and real cash in hands to provide economic stability to the many.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Vaccines Work to curb infection & admissions to hospitals. By March, 80% of the Israeli population will be Vaccinated. They will be the model for the rest of us. By the end of January, they are seeing a decrease in Hospitalization! Teenagers are being vaccinated but not young kids. Their using the Pfizer vaccine.

TheVoiceOfJoyce TWIV 710 with Clinical Analysis by Dr Daniel Griffin #46. Get vaccinated, there is a real benefit to being vaccinated. No more isolation, though we’ll still need masks. No more fear of Covid. Join us. I’ve heard Dr Kessler will coordinate vaccinating with medical groups and States. There is every reason to be vaccinated and no reason to reject vaccination. The sooner we stop Covid Outbreaks the better we’ll feel. Then we can resume life. Dr Griffin, also discusses the Medical protocols for Covid-19. All information is current. Interested in his comments on Vaccines only, tune in for 15 min Be safe

TheVoiceOfJoyce New benefits to protect people from seeking work if they fear becoming sick. Snap payment or food stamps to 12 million plus an allowance for kids missing school lunches. Raising the minimum wage for all Federal workers to $15 an hour. A lot can be undone by Executive Order but we need Congress to pass the $1.9 Trillion relief & Stimulus Package.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Vaccine shortages to be resolved by March. If there’s unused vaccines, forget protocols and give them to anyone who wants the Vaccine. The quicker Vaccine gets into an arm, the quicker we’ll stop the Contagion. If there is a hiatus between vaccine availiand Covid contagion increases with the new variations, Biden should consider a National 3 week Lockdown.It’s better than losing more lives to Covid. It will also prevent outbreaks. Meanwhile, Israel is using their home made Rapid SalivaTests to stop outbreaks. They’re also vaccinating people who are asymptomatic and testing positive for the virus, in hopes of curbing of the Outbreaks and preventing death. They’re also vaccinating 40 yr olds. We’re now solving for Distribution and manufacturing. Time is of the essence!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Dr Fauci delivers Biden’s commitment to WHO and our pledge to help vaccinate poorer nations. We’ll set up early warning Pandemic systems with other Nations and Federally we’ll reinstate the NSA for National Security and BioDefense ! Moving along on all fronts.

TheVoiceOfJoyce. The unemployment insurance program was designed for a different economy and no longer serves the unemployed, the gig worker, or the long term unemployed. Low Corporate taxes contribute to the problem along with States too stingy to pay a living wage. The result: only a small percentage receive benefits and they’re not enough to assure people aren’t impoverished. There’s little job retraining either. A program needing a solution to function and serve the millions out of work. You can’t pick yourself up if you have nothing and no options