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The issues: Georgia Senate Runoff swings US Senate & Covid Surge Joe Biden is our 46 th President. Vote overwhelmingly for Jon Ossoff & the Reverend Warnock and swing the US Senate away from Mitch McConnell’s miserly grip. Restore platforms by the people, for the People. Support minorities & Fund these Organizations in Georgia Nuestro … More TheVoiceOfJoyce EPI 55 YouTube Georgia SWINGS! Subscribe & make my day!

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Video: areaPreview YouTube video AmericaSpeaks The Voice of Joyce. Ep. 31: “Bill Gates & Dr. Anthony Fauci Rock!” As of this writing, Science Magazine, has published their results on SARS COV2 infection spread. 100% masking is advised. The heart and pulse of “we the People”. I

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Bill Gates was prescient in 2015, when he devoted resources to a platform to study Pandemics. Now he’s spearheading a Covid Accelerator to speed the understanding for the virus. We need Large scale Mational work on prevention of future Pandemics. We can’t afford not to test a population for viral contagion, not can we be isolated from the Global Community. We can learn from each other. Test, trace the spread, use protective gear & plan for a future that can’t respond adequately to just in time methodologies. We need Prevention and that takes allocation of funding to the CDC , pharmaceuticals, & testing labs. A healthy population is most productive.