TheVoiceOfJoyce Based on Trumps words to Bob Woodward, in Rage, Trump should immediately resign! He knew how deadly the Pandemic would be & did nothing? He has no feelings of compassion & respect for the hardships he’s caused the Black Community, in particular, & Americans in general. When he could have saved lives, he knowingly chose not to & continues to play down the effects of SAR COV2 . Trump has knowingly led Americans into an early grave. I certainly hope my fellow Americans will take “Rage” seriously & listen to Trump interviews here! #DumpTrump & TrumpsGOP , TrumpsResignation now would spare us further angst!

Change will Come, it will be positive!

1. Heard this morning on Bloomberg News: Greece is going to work on infrastructure, build roads and provide 30, 000 jobs. This is the true meaning of government at work. It’s not about the size of government, it’s all about Government’s ability to be effective and provide a basis for “the good life” for all … More Change will Come, it will be positive!