TheVoiceOfJoyce Clinical update on Covid 19 with Dr Daniel Griffin on TWiV Microbe TV this morning , Episode 57. Never leave a Vaccine on a shelf, it belongs in our Arms, sometimes lateral thigh, get it done. Pfizer going for an EUA for kids, 12-15 yrs old. Vaccinate the whole family. Long Covid symptoms, depending on their severity may not disappear with the Vaccine. 100,000’s are suffering with stroke, myocarditis, pulmonary involvement and headaches. They may have been asymptomatic. Protect yourself and others, get Vaccinated and continue to test and wear a mask. Let’s get to a post Covid Country. The Asian Countries are doing fine and UK is better than US. This is the latest update & questions answered. Be well

TheVoiceOfJoyce Why aren’t States using their allowance of Vaccines? It’s life saving. Go into communities , churches, schools and give the Vaccine & a donut ? Or a shot, like they did in Israel in Tel Aviv. I’m seeing mobile testing units in NYC, use mobile units or go to food pantries. There’s nothing more important than being Vaccinated. Especially now as virus infections are increasing!

TheVoiceOfJoyce 3600 healthcare workers have died from Covid. Millions have gotten the disease and suffered for months with symptoms. Deaths rose today to an ominous 2500+ and many are reluctant to be vaccinated? Why? They have vague fears, this is an emotional response. NGO’s , iconic figures can change hearts & minds? Do it now. We need herd immunity fast!

TheVoiceOfJoyce There’s only one way to stop outbreaks. Testing, quarantine, masks and social distancing. The vaccine passports are here. No one should gather in crowds unless everyone has been vaccinated. With Covid existing in the Community, follow the guidelines to better health & living.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Pfizer Vaccine good for at least 6 months. More data to be assessed based on those inoculated. Worst case , we’ll need a booster shot in the fall.

TheVoiceOfJoyce The Pandemic’s toll on Americans increased diseases of despair. The quicker we return Americans to health and jobs, the quicker we’ll reclaim Americans from deaths of despair. Gun Violence 45,000, Synthetic opioids 52,00, Heroin & cocaine 30,000 deaths. Americans are numb and dying in isolation. Tragic. The end of Covid and the start of work for Everyone who wants a job, can’t come soon enough!

TheVoiceOfJoyce TWIV Clinical update with Dr Daniel Griffin Episode #735. Ask Daniel questions: today’s episode all about school reopening, based on 3 million students studied, mandatory masks & keeping kids 3 ft apart works and maintains a low incidences infection. If you think you’ve been exposed to Covid, get your Vaccinations 10 days later. You can get Covid aftertaste Vaccinations. Continue testing. Astra Zeneca vaccine 80% efficacy and blood clots not a problem. Astra Zeneca, according to Dr Griffin, is not doing good PR. There’s more. Listen & subscribe

TheVoiceOfJoyce We are giving our pets, the new Covid variants. UK Vets are concerned that cats & dogs are myocarditis after being infected by the new UK variant. Be forewarned & get tested & get your Vaccinations ASAP.

TheVoiceOfJoyce TWIV #54 Clinical Covid update with Dr Daniel Griffin. Kids are being trialed with Covid Vaccines to prevent outbreaks & increase herd immunity. In schools, kids can be spaced 3 feet apart. It’s safe. If you’ve got Long Covid, the Vaccine is reducing people’s symptoms. Studies will be published. Because we have Variants in the population, physicians are giving a Cocktail of preventive treatments. Be safe. Social distance, wear a mask and take all precautions. 100 million shots have been of the Vaccine, that’s-not 100 million Americans. Get your Vaccinations and be safe!