AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Want to overcome opioid addiction, start building Dulcimers, like they’re doing in Appalachia. These stringed instruments have grant money for coal miners out work and into opioid recovery. Though there may be other projects, accomplishing this task has been rewarding and profitable. What can your town develop to keep people busy at a craft, art or trade? Save lives & be creative.

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Always something to think about

1. 9/1/13 NY TIMES: Facing fire over challenge to Louisiana’s Oil industry.Panel’s lawsuit over wetlands stirs tensions. Studies of the State’s catastrophic loss of 2000 square miles of marsh lands , which had provided a buffer against hurricanes, show that oil and gas activity has come at a steep price. While the State reaps oil … More PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Always something to think about