AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Big Government is embraced by Republicans & Democrats. American workers need a lifeline. Finally, some rights & a little money will accrue. This is the beginning. Another stimulus package is planned. Let’s hope there is a plan for testing and better healthcare outcomes. We can evolve and we’re helping people stay in jobs & recognizing the people’s debt burden. Institutions are flexible and can help all of us!

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Relief is being planned for yellow cab drivers who were coerced into taking out large loans to finance cabs. De Blasio considering relief of $500 Million ! Wait and See

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Debt Private & Public

DEBT. No wonder  folks hate debt. We were brought up the same way. Little credit card debt. No money spent unless you had it. Never shopping for the pleasure of shopping. You wanted something you bought it. End discussion. Now the recession has made The Middle Class  paupers in mind , spirit and actuality. The … More PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Debt Private & Public

Look around the World/Familiar Problems

In Spain, ordinary folks lost Billions in a Bank consortium touted to be a safe haven for investors expecting to earn 7%.  Only one catch, the Banks joining together knew they were on the verge of Bankruptcy before they launched their IPO?   Unlucky, gullible investors were lured into what they believed to be a … More Look around the World/Familiar Problems

Step back from the Brink:The Student Loan Debate

Step back from the Brink:The Student Loan Debate

Student loans exist and have become a burden to kids,  seeking jobs in a jobless society,  and to their parents who co-signed those loans.

  • I believe these were well intentioned folks wanting an  education as a path to achieve the American Dream.  That Dream collapsed along with the job market.


I’d like to present an option to this prolonged debt burden.  Especially now, with the country reeling from loss of jobs,  the Student Loan problem is in-supportable.  Why not establish a program of Community Service for all kids and especially those graduating High School?  In exchange for internships, service to the country for 2 years; whatever program makes sense, offer renumeration for Service and a deduction in real dollars on existing student loans.


This may be a way to prevent another fiscal bubble.  Plus the benefits to Society should be impressive as our young mature, work together and establish habits of Community Service?  Work for America?  Why not?

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A Faustian Bargain

A Faustian Bargain

Has the market society taken over our life?  What have we lost?


  • The news: If you search the NY Times for news items of importance to you;  You might find 3  items out of 70 pages of “news”.
  • Today, the lack of news on Congress and their continued inability to act on the “people’s” behalf was news.  However, they did find time to vote on their own  Congressional budgetary needs.
  • Americans are paying down their debt which is reducing their spending power , while large corporations are taking on more debt  and taking advantage of the low interest rates.  Good idea for large businesses, whether they need the money or not.
  • Medicare recipients have lost the right to purchase drugs at a bargain.  The powerful drug lobby evidently made a deal with The White House to prevent a decrease in drug prices.


Some of the news that’s fit to print and some that isn’t!!!!


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