TheVoiceOfJoyce Sound economic-policy from Yellen. Eliminating the lowest tax rate paid by Corporations is a win for Society. Workers wages will increase with new jobs. No more encouragement of off shoring work. Tax loopholes to be closed. Since the threshold for increased taxation is high, 45 Corporations are affected.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Don’t suppress our vote! Don’t purchase from any Corporation that doesn’t withdraw monetary support from these GOP Legislators. Corporations depend upon us to buy their products. If we hurt their bottom line, they’ll embrace Democracy and voting rights. They’re Americans, too! Is Joe Manchin , W V Senator, standing against Democracy? Does he support voter suppression? If so, challenge his Senatorial seat! 43 States have 253 Bills in the works for Voter Suppression. Don’t empower them and give them the opportunity to pass these bills. Pass HR1 &HR4 now !

TheVoiceOfJoyce Arizona home to eater inequality. The farmers and the 1% are allocated 120,000 acre ft of water , while the rest of the cities get 36,000 acre ft of water. Why should the people get less? What happens in drought years? Inequality of resources is being recorded. Use this knowledge to fight inequality and injustice! The majority must have a voice?

TheVoiceOfJoyce We are already affected by Republican Gerrymandering. The Democratic Party represents 41.5 million people more than TRUMPSGOP and have less seats in government. If these voting laws pass , the American Majority will be permanently underrepresented and Laws will continue to favor Income Inequality, unequal justice and limited opportunity. They have no plans for Infrastructure. Broadband. Trumps GOP is concerned with profit for the few, while the rest of contend with educational, healthcare & connectivity issues. Minorities in GOP states are not getting the vaccine, because access has been denied. We the People want change now! Jobs now! Justice now!

TheVoiceOfJoyce it’s not only Georgia. It’s Iowa, then Texas, & 40 other States prepared to Suppress the Vote & Gerrymander States. Recall the Governors, AG’s involved in the Insurrection and put pressure on Big Businesses. We the People want full disclosure on Political Funding. Also join with W V& Arizona to pressure Democratic Senators to preserve Democracy. Do it now. Don’t wait till all the States have these suppressive laws. Manchin & Sinema don’t stand with the People.

TheVoiceOfJoyce The People’s struggle against Georgia Voting Laws must be won. It’s a fight between a dedicated minority determined to hold power, by replacing the power of the Secretary of State. The Laws are protesting Foreign influence and the Legislation’s attempt to grab power from “we the People “. Corporate influence is at its core. Without Corporate money and big dark money, The minority GOP, would not exist. It’s tome to cut the relationship between business & Legislators. Do it now to preserve your rights and our Democracy.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Corporate America is complicit with Lawmakers, they helped write the Legislation for Voter Suppression. They’re not neutral when it comes to their bottom line. Georgia HQ ‘s believe in theChamber of Commerce &political influence , “we the People”, are not they’re constituents. Boycott, unionize and they’ll remember People Matter. Ask for sympathizers Globally for rolling boycotts. Keep up the momentum. It’s not Georgia and the other 42 States, our Democracy is in peril. Democracy vs Oligarchy! The Oligarchs can’t win .

TheVoiceOfJoyce Topic Episode #74 YouTube Winners!

Minority Rights: Why should the Minority Legislate our Lives? The minority don’t represent “We the People “. The minority doesn’t care how many are killed by guns. In a year , 45,000 die from Gun Violence. Half those dying, commit suicide. This week, Atlanta & Colorado, witnessed mass murders at the hands of a “lone” … More TheVoiceOfJoyce Topic Episode #74 YouTube Winners!

TheVoiceOfJoyce a conundrum, can AI be ethical? Not if only one group designs it. That’s happening now. It takes a diverse team, to design systems without bias. We’re not there yet. Unfortunately, social media platforms reinforce & strengthen existing biases. This a huge problem forAmericans and Democracy

TheVoiceOfJoyce The Fossil Fuel industry has known their manufacturing processes were toxic, yet its been covered up and poor black Americans are suffering from the effects of large & small particle pollution. When do we make industry responsible for the poor health of the Communities surrounding them? No more bailouts for industries that contribute to our poor health ! Start not.