TheVoiceOfJoyce Yes there are Variants, the longer people fail to comply with simple rules, the more frequent the Variants. One solution, Cheap Frequent, at home tests @$1/day, proposed by Dr Michael Mina. They’re not approved yet, for lack of a Medical Definition. They would stop the Outbreaks and allow us to resume life , if negative and isolate the asymptomatic infections. This test coupled with Vaccinations will allow us to resume all activities safely. Be safe & be well

TheVoiceOfJoyce J& J single shot Vaccine works best in worst case scenarios and against the new Variants! Older candidates may be susceptible to a mild case of Covid. Sounds great ! for emerging nations and young people. With 3 Vaccines 1

TheVoiceOfJoyce Dreadful times bring an opportunity to Biden to sponsor a major Infrastructure Bill that would reduce Carbon Emissions, pollution & weather extremes, increase renewable energy substantially and increase jobs. Americans need large projects to protect our Grid & smoke transportation systems to transport workers to job sites. We don’t need to tear down , we need to Increase our capacity to provide clean air and water. The Provate Sector must contribute their money & expertise as well.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen spoke with Deal Book’s Aron Ross Sorkin today and admitted, the Labor Market is 10% unemployment, when you include GIG workers, & those out of the workforce! She’s looking to bring that number down to 3.5%. Building Back Better and an increased minimum wage of at least $11/hr are National goals.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Not being able to make an appointment for the Vaccine is a problem plaguing many Americans and the Global Community. Why not follow Israel’s example, Vaccinate people where they shop, where they’re standing on line for disaster relief. Don’t let aVaccine go to waste for lack of a plan. Hire qualified IT professionals to Manage Distribution. We can do it! The clinic giving my Moderna shot, had off site workers schedule appointments and it was a smooth transition for patients and staff.

TheVoiceOfJoyce I fear, Americans can do spirit, is in repose, while we need doers not talkers. When Super storm Sandy occurred, NYU was the only site lit in Lower Manhatten. The kids weren’t idle, they developed emergency management skills to help the Communities. We had no power, people were freezing in place. NYU students went to them. Don’t stop the Vaccinations, go to the People and Vaccinate them as they wait for relief. Be creative, be flexible! We do have to build back better, it’s not a slogan, it’s a necessity!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Being complacent about COVID-19, doesn’t mean you’re safe! 500,000 deaths from Covid is tragic. In Israel, they’re conquering Covid. They have enough Vaccine for the entire population Like us, not all Israelis want the Vaccine. Their solutions: a Green Card, certifying you’ve had 2 shots. They’re reopening the bars, gyms, restaurants, offices and you can enter, with your Green Card only. Then, Israel has gone a step further, they’re placing mobile Vaccine sites outside closed bars and offering a free Shot for a shot. In the Orthodox community, they’re offering homemade Cholent( stew), hummus. Making it easy and painless to be Vaccinated. When we’ve got people displaced by the weather, here, why not vaccinate everyone 18 & older on line for food? Water? That will keep the Variants down in our Society. Make it easy and painless to be Vaccinated and everyone will buy into the program .

TheVoiceOfJoyce 100 million on alert for power outages , as extreme weather hits 1/3 rd of our Country. Infrastructure projects are more than nice building upgrades. The power grid first, transportation, schools, bridges, tunnels. Plan now for our future and start building. We have the workers pay them well and they’ll help you innovate efficiency.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Infrastructure projects are not cosmetic. They are continuing maintenance and upgrading of equipment, back up storage capacity & insulation from weather extremes that are occurring frequently. With so many unemployed workers, invest in manpower and do what’s best for your State. Infrastructure projects SaveLives, people need food and clean water & electricity. If Texas had been regulated, they could have imported energy, they’re off the National Grid . The poor suffer the most. Time to level the playing field. Get rid of the Filibuster and build back better. Let’s not wait!

TheVoiceOfJoyce If you or your organization want to help those suffering from extreme cold & water shortages in the Texas and the South, use this article as your guide for sending money or aid relief.