TheVoiceOfJoyce Now that many Billionaires want to give back to society, Governments should encourage a progressive wealth tax on estates of $50 million and up. Starting at 2%at $50 million. Total assets taxed according to Piketty, the French Evonomist ( he’d tax 5-7% of total assets) Warren would start at 2%, the IMF concurs !

TheVoiceOfJoyce The winners & losers without HR1. HR 1 is supported by the majority. It eliminates voter suppression, takes dark money out of politics, makes it easier to vote and eliminates Gerrymandering of all districts. This Law is essential to maintain enfranchisement of voters . It an opt out system that makes voting easy and fair with same day Registration. It’s not popular with Corporate special interest groups or the GOP . It’s a bill that makes voting easier for everyone.

TheVoiceOfJoyce TWIV #54 Clinical Covid update with Dr Daniel Griffin. Kids are being trialed with Covid Vaccines to prevent outbreaks & increase herd immunity. In schools, kids can be spaced 3 feet apart. It’s safe. If you’ve got Long Covid, the Vaccine is reducing people’s symptoms. Studies will be published. Because we have Variants in the population, physicians are giving a Cocktail of preventive treatments. Be safe. Social distance, wear a mask and take all precautions. 100 million shots have been of the Vaccine, that’s-not 100 million Americans. Get your Vaccinations and be safe!

TheVoiceOfJoyce The people the Care’s act left out. Those paying off student loans are being crushed by high interest rates. Why should the Government make a profit on these loans and never allow responsible citizens to get caught up. Forgive the interest and $25,000 in debt and negotiate the rest. The student debt conundrum has hurt credit scores and family members who have co-signed & contributed to the payout with their homes on the line. This is an unfair system and requires fundamental changes.

TheVoiceOfJoyce We have real reproductive problems caused by toxic chemicals. PFAS never breaks down & just like the fossil fuel lobby, they deny their causal in decreasing fertility ! The Lobby’s are led by humans who have decided their life now, is more important than their families lives later. Watch the Family of Man, for a chilling look of a future without babies! Dystopian and no longer futuristic.

TheVoiceOfJoyce The under connected now totals 12 million kids. They can’t attend school remotely nor can their parents afford a $30/month connection fee. WIFI is a necessity, when learning is remote. Due to non compliance with Covid protection protocols, remote learning is permanent till kids are not in danger of becoming infected. A lot of loan forgiveness has to take place. With no jobs, how will people catch up and pay their bills?

TheVoiceOfJoyce The final Bill before Biden , should be popular enough to make most of it permanent. 40 million kids out of poverty, benefits and refunds to poor with & without kids, a reason for all States to expand Medicaid, they get more Federal funding, pension funding, more inclusive unemployment benefits & more. This will help people and stimulate the Economy. Plus Vaccines & Infrastructure programs, America & Americans are back!

TheVoiceOfJoyce The Government is here to help you! Really. Whether it’s updating their data collection, reforming Uninsured benefits ( redo legislation to include Gig workers & self employed) pass a minimum wage, make child care benefits permanent, clean up our water & air. Eliminate Carbon Emissions and we’ll have prosperity. If necessary, A Basic Living Wage would help as the Government revamps for ongoing reforms !

TheVoiceOfJoyce There’s one way to reopen schools successfully, use Dr Michael Mina’s RapidTests daily. Make them available to everyone utilizing or associated with the schools and virus detection is assured before people become sick. Those who test positive stay home, report to Healthcare professionals, who will trace you contacts. Stop the Outbreaks and resume schooling. Also, create new FDA regulations for these tests. The kids benefit, teachers & parents benefit and Americans benefit. There are 9-11 start ups awaiting approval! Nothing beats in school learning. Adapt.