Joyce:America Speaks Periscope @11am Monday : Enough is enough! Let’s unite to seek Common Ground 



Why should we the people remain hostage to bad policy ? 

Trump does nothing to help we the people or his base.  80% of Americans do not want the ACA repealed and replaced.   Negotiate with the Insurance Companies, assure them of subsidies , lift the law limiting negotiations by Medicare on Big Pharmaceutical Corporations and “Fix”  the ACA .   Make it more affordable! It’s like us , a work in progress.  Anyone in Congress will get the Glory for making the ACA a quality healthcare product at less costs.

In the normal course of events we’d talk to each other irrespective of our differences. I understand  and don’t support the intensity of hatred between Democrats and Republicans.   Denial of good policy to hurt your opponent makes no sense. It makes no sense to have winner take all politics. In fact, it harms all of us!
Destruction of a previous administrations policies, for the sake of claiming victory for one group ,over another , makes no sense. Politics affects our lives. It isn’t a “blood” sport with a winning team.

We can vote out bad policy, by voting out all of the people’s representatives who act  in the interests of their benefactors instead of in the interests of we the people.   We have to ask, what happened to Statesmanship?  and the  concept of achieving  Common Ground?

Hopefully, Trump and his administration and their enablers will be voted out of office. Some may be impeached. None of these actions can come soon enough for me! I’ve never felt this way before.   The lies spread to demean and disenfranchise people are an unconscionable representative of folks no longer concerned with the unity of our Nation.  Sad, so sad and destructive.

I champion the right of the Center to exist. I champion civility and espouse decent common sense bipartisan policy.   In this age of transparency, those who hide from us and their peers, shows me they are up to no good. Enough is enough.

Let’s go for Impeachment and elect me as the People’s President, sooner rather then later. I promise to stock the cabinet with a bipartisan diverse group of experts.
If you’re with me, tell your Congressman we want to Impeach and remove as many reactionaries & Trump cronies as possible. We want to move our Country forward with real, not Trumped up , jobs. We support the center and seek common ground.

The sooner we remove this group of do nothing’s , the sooner America can get back to restoring our economy and jobs. We want revenue not tax cuts. Let’s unite for the greater good. Together we can work toward eliminating our state of Inequality.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce:America Speaks Periscope @11am Clinton v Trump? alternative? Plus The Underground Railroad! 



img_2879Dear followers:
I don’t like giving. into popular wisdom. If we vote for Trump or Clinton we’ll have no control over our lives once again. Which one offers us a grand vision to move Onward with our lives?

Recession  looms and can be averted with domestic policy. It took King Henry the Eighth ,18  yrs to realize he had the power as King , to Create and head the Church of England.  We’ve been in recession 8 long years.  We know what awaits us if we stay the course.  When do you join me ?  Write me in for President and together we can rebuild our Nation.

Presidents can  and do make a difference!   There are 14 executive Depts, each one can work to improve the People’s plight.   Plus I’d add a 15 th a representative of the Middle Class an observer to keep us updated on the sentiments of the Country and the success of our Country.  Perhaps that translates  into an active VP ?  TBD or one other?
Tune in at 11 am and let’s chat. The news is amazingly sparse this Friday morning, though we always have much to chat about!

See you later.

  And don’t forget to vote!  Perhaps my name will be on the ballot?  Hey you never know!

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce:America Speaks: I’m ready to start the Revolution! Are you?



Dear followers
I’m Ready to lead the intellectual Revolution!

6 weeks left to vote for the worst  Presidential choices.  It’s a fact!  Read the “Times” belated investigative reporting on both candidates.


We have a choice:  We can start voting independently.  Add new names to the ballot and petitions to help your Communities survive.


  • How many will put my Party : AMERICA SPEAKS.US on the ballot with my name Joyce Silver for President. I represent all undecided , the young Millennials, anyone who wants a voice  and an insight into  Government!   Who do you wish for Vice President? Add that name too!  your choice?  A republican?  An independent? A democrat?
  • Who will join me?
  • ” Come on a long”!!!!    We need help, unity, creativity.and hard work!
  • See  you today,  Monday, 8/22/16 on Periscope  and let’s chat!


Work together to change the dynamics of our World. We know what’s brought us to our State of Inequality. My Blog Posts have defined our problems and provided solutions. Please do revisit my site and together let’s insist that our lawmakers, our representatives, create the laws that will reinstate upward mobility and our State of Equality. If Congresspeople won’t  pass our taxes, please don’t vote them into Congress for another term.

  1. We want jobs now.
  2. We  want accountable revenue  now!  To be used for  infrastructure, education, IT, the list is numerous!
  3. Let’s work on making our Politicians pass our laws now or vote them out of office and new faces in!!!


      Pass a 6 basis point tax on Derivatives and high speed millisecond trades . There were a quadrillion dollars in trades outstanding, if they were taxed 6 basis points, country would accrue $660 Billion.
  •  Lower the corporate tax rate to 14 or 15% for all American Corporations doing business in America. Eliminate all loop holes in the code. Add a 15% tax on all revenue accrued by foreign subsidiaries of these corporations. The Country could gain $2 Trillion more in revenue. Enough to start lowering our outstanding debt.
  •  Increase the income ceiling of the payroll tax deduction. Make all income earned as fees, straight taxable payroll income. All income becomes taxable assuring that the Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are solvent forever. No Corporate tax exemptions for matching funds. To counter the argument , the wealthy don’t participate in Medicare, the poor and Middle Class don’t benefit from their asset accumulation either.

I believe our prosperity lies around the corner, if only we could agree with a full throttled voice to join together and demand change that improves our lives now, not in another 4 yrs.
” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”