AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce If paltry & meat processing are considered essential businesses, why aren’t employees tested daily?, suited up with N95 filters & rubber gloves, working with Laminar flow conditions & hepa filters to keep air borne viruses away from the faces & clothes? Protect our lives. Unionize for better working conditions & save your lives. Stagger people & shifts. Sanititize and put executives alongside workers to assure safety and cleanliness of conditions.

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Power to the people

After I had several successes at Ford, they ran out of projects to give me.  So they came up with one.  It had been bothering them for 75 years. They Requested that I get rid of Dirt in Paint.  THE PROBLEM HAD BEEN LEFT FLOATING AROUND FOR 75 years. That became my problem. Nobody thought I’d … More PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Power to the people