Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am. Late Stage Capitalism! Time to strike! Or allow the Market Society to persist at your peril! 

June 21, 2017



Late Stage Capitalism is producing inferior products and despairing low productivity employees. The consequences: “we the People ” are paying for the despair of others and their poor workmanship with our lives.

In war we don’t appear to be excelling. We used to, not now. We can’t protect our selves from the enemy. I can’t imagine what happened to our ship off the coast of Japan? Why did it suffer severe damages and loss of life?

IN NYC subway systems, the “old” cars lasted generations. The new ones  have massive electrical failures. Not even the conductors can control the path and speed of the trains. Being stranded with no power has  become a routine occurrence. Why? Where are the folks, the computers and the signaling devices tracking the subway system? What happened to preventive maintenance? Accountability? Short term thinking , using budgeted funds irresponsibly , is costing people their jobs and shortening their life as they breathe stale air underground.

Our Healthcare dilemma has taken many forms. It’s failing ordinary Americans because those in power are literally against any healthcare coverage , period. They don’t see the necessity to maintain a healthy populace and only believe you should have catastrophic care. They’re out of touch with reality. They don’t know the facts. In South Korea the average life span is 105 yrs because they have a National Healthcare system that caters to ” hypochondriacs”. Some things can not be privatized. Healthcare deserves to be a single payer system where everyone benefits and the Uber wealthy can buy into “boutique ” practices as a choice.  Until then, guarantee subsidies to the Insurance Companies allowing them  to maintain a competitive edge .  Re write the Law for Big Pharma price negotiations.  Stabilize our existing ACA then move forward in a Bipartisan way in 2 years.


Meanwhile, too many of us , part of the once comfortable lower upper Class, are supporting family members who are part of the long term unemployed. This should be the job of Government. Congress and previous generations of legislators who knew we would have an employment crisis and did nothing for 30 yrs. “We the People ” do not have enough resources to support our children and grandchildren. Our State of Inequality must be reversed. Or most of us will have a Sophie’s choice of putting food on the table for our selves or the rest of the family.


 Let’s take back our Country sooner rather then later. A National strike beginning July 4 th is sounding more appealing every day!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Friday: The shooting!  Bad policy is making people “crazy”.  Do you see “we the People”, yet? 

June 15, 2017




As dreadful as Wednesday’s shooting was, Congress has no reason to believe this is a one off!    Congress continues to pursue Trump’s agenda on Healthcare  “Repeal and Replace”, knowing that millions will be unable to purchase affordable healthcare.  Even if the changes are cosmetic and they kick the “can down the road, why create the perception of harm?  Trumps Agenda,  that he is partially disavowing,  has created hysteria among the populace.

The decent folks on the right and the left  who are watching Congress and understand that policy that hurts the Middle Class, also know that policy is not handed down to a Biblical figure, from on “high”.   Rather,  Bad policy  is made by elected officials, who know the people they are hurting!  That’s sad!  How can Congressmen and women, in good conscience , harm the constituents who elected them to  safeguard and protect their rights?   “We the People”,  now recognize that Laws made  by Congress and the President are not in our “best interests”.    Special interest groups demands   and their Lobbyists ,  come before the needs of “we the People”.

Until Congress and the President realize that ” we the People” understand our sorry plight and understand that we are not content to have a two Class system, violence may continue.

I spend my waking hours thinking how to prevent a Revolution and how to counter bad Federal policy in a rational manner. I’ve come up with Litigation and a National Strike.

I know that trickle down economics doesn’t work. So do most people. Our problem, we should have been shouting our stories of despair, loud and clear, every time more then 100 people lost their jobs. Unfortunately, as humans we were too trusting and hopeful, believing our State of Inequality would be short lived. We never realized, like Piketty did, that once the wealthy Class became obscenely wealthy, preservation of their wealth would become an end in itself. The wealthy enjoy their perks and have no intention of sharing. Like a” large sucking sound”  our money, money from “we the People” has gone  to fund the lifestyles of the rich and famous. While “we the people”  struggle to  make ends meet.

We understand. We see what’s happened and we’re not content to let this State of Inequality continue. I don’t agree with the Fed raising rates. I see it as a massive giveaway to Wall Street once again. I’d rather use some of those bonds to bail out the Middle and poorer classes. According to my calculations, $1.7 Trillion in bonds could be converted into a cash check of $12,000 to help 154,000,000 survive.


A social safety net  for the Middle and poorer classes would be spent and not saved. It would be cash used to fuel many businesses. It’s worth a try!   ” We the People” have suffered for 9 long years with low wages and marginal employment.  America’s Market Society has not worked for us, though it has rewarded CEO’s irrespective of their performance and their shareholders.


If  QE for the Middle and poorer classes is not feasible, I’d like to know why not?  I require an explanation for my 10,000+ followers in my on line Community.

What do you think dear followers? How do you feel about recent events? Do you think the folks in Congress or the President see us yet?  
See you at 11 am Friday and let’s chat.
“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

The voice of Joyce: Transparency and values count

April 29, 2015

Photo on 4-29-15 at 11.55 AM #2How did we lose every value we ever had?  On 4/25/15, I listened to NPR and there’s another Action group, I’ve never heard about,  shining a light on the Pharmaceutical industry.  Why? There are no records for human trials going back 5 or 10 years for many drugs on the market?  How is this possible?  Drug trials should be part of the record of every drug released or re formulated .  Where are the records detailing the positive as well  the negative effects of every drug.  This is not 1956 when steroids were released as the ” modern miracle drug”, listing it’s life saving benefits, while the side effects and contra indications were not discovered and released for years.  By 1976-79, when I worked for PFIZER, I was pretty sure, that PFIZER research on their drugs was thorough and documented.   Fast forward to 2015,  is the Pharmaceutical industry, like every other industry in America , concerned with making money and not concerned with the basic science behind Drug efficacy?  

 As a news junkie I daily read or listen to the “news”,  grazing as many entities as possible.     I  tuned into Peter Schweizer on Fox News Sunday morning,  defending his allegations in his new book “Clinton Cash”.   The Clinton Foundation received over $2 Billion in contributions from various corporations and foreign entities while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. When questioned over their neglecting to report a $2.35 Million contribution from a key player in Uranium One, Lanny Davis ” stated, it’s a small sum, not even a rounding error”.  Today, 4/29/15, it was reported on Bloomberg,  that 1100 foreign donors were not accounted for either?
I don’t understand why this behavior is shrugged off”    When The CEO of General Re , a BRK subsidiary , was caught in a $5Million scandal with AIG,  he was fired.   Year’s later, when the head of Mid America was deemed to have traded for his own account prior to BRK taking over Lubrizol, he, too, was dismissed   The appearance of impropriety was enough to cause their termination.
Now we find out from Lanny Davis, Collin Powell had his own server too!  Apparently, we bend the rules, and the new normal becomes, they did it, so can I.  Deja vu!  When  Walter Wriston  was CEO of  Citibank, he would break the law and then ask the FED to change the Law? Is everyone in Power above the law?  Why do we bend the Law rather then making our leaders accountable?  Why do we continue to worship ruthless bad behavior to the detriment of ourselves and our Country?
In Peter Schweizer’s defense, his book on Insider Trading in Congress (“Throw them all out”) was non partisan and an excellent example of Congress men and women, working for themselves. It also contained an interesting note on the distribution of stimulus money after the Fiscal Collapse of 2008.  There is a reason money remains in politics and  that’s the reason we’re trained to believe in the ” good ” of the Corporation over the ” good” of the people.
Give me the opportunity to link  all the diverse investigative reporting, on every institution, into one data base. I believe the totality of this activist movement will be staggering. Many people are finally shining the light on our institutions and their efforts will reveal that , as we suspected, too much of our Society has been for sale.  By knowing how many diverse groups are involved in Social Activism, we will feel part of a greater movement of reform and with that feeling comes “hope” and empowerment.
  • Transparency, brings good Laws.  Man , after all, is not self governing.

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Update on February 2014 Archival Post

October 20, 2014

Dear Readers:

I have an important correction to bring to your attention. When I wrote the February Post on Derivative volume in this country , the total amount of Derivative volume was $360 Trillion, today, the volume has doubled to $700 Trillion with little regulation. “To Big To Fail”  has gotten bigger. Understanding the numbers and the risk involved to the global economy is frightening. When 65% of the Wall Street trades are made by fast traders, the guys who trade in milli seconds, do indeed create the market.

The general public can never get the same price as the ” fast Traders”, we will always pay more. Not only will we pay more, but once again, when ” the fast traders” decide to pull their money out of the market , creating volatility, we won’t be able to buy low enough to pay for our foolhardy selling ” Too Soon”.

My advice, keep cash on hand and be ready to invest in good companies when there is a real correction. At some point in time, sooner,  rather then later, a Black Swan event, something totally unanticipated will occur and the Market will correct. It could be “the Plague ” ( similar to Albert Camus’ a cautionary tale , titled, ” The Plague” , a must read or re- read) or it could be ” the People electing their own candidates to office  via petition or the write-in process, independent of the Parties”? Hey, you never know, all things are possible.

Thanks for listening and,do comment on my Posts. Be involved,  “we have a voice, we have a choice and Politics effects US”.

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: A call to action

September 16, 2014

Dear followers:  I just Published my latest Post ” Who can you Trust”!  Feel free to comment and join the group of concerned citizens forming to make our Society a better place.


Please offer your comments, but more then that, I want  to link up with people who have  similar ideas .   I can no longer exist in a vacuum.  It is time for me to join a larger group and expand the conversation  All of us using Social Media should be connecting the dots, linking our ideas globally and acting locally as agents of change.


If TedxEast works or The Idealist Network works or a Political Party is willing to be part of the impartial justice Teddy Roosevelt spoke about, I’m with you.  I stand for a level playing field.  I can handle competition, I can’t handle “this state of inequality”, which I believe will eventually destroy our Society and our Planet.


It’s time to connect the dots and connect all of us with good ideas into organized groups for change!  It’s great that we have organizations like The Brennan Law Center, or the Roosevelt Center, but we should be developing more then “expert” papers.  You and I know what our Country needs to prosper, we’ve done the reading and we’ve done the math.  Who will join me in converting thought to ACTION?  Who will ask me to join them?


I am not proud.  I want to be part of the solution!  I truly believe I can use my intelligence and judgement to help all of us !  If terrorists can use Social Media, as their call to action, why can’t I get a response from a few decent smart people to start a Network of People as change agents?  One person cannot make change happen, I can will it, I can write about it, but I can’t make you follow me or contribute to my thought process.  Only “you”, dear reader can take the next step.  Ask to join my group and let’s change the World together!


Thank you for listening and thank you for responding.  Joyce

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Whose opinion can you trust?

September 16, 2014
From my desk to you:  Dear readers 5/21/14

From my desk to you: Dear readers 5/21/14

Just when a lot of ” folks” think the NY Times non relevant on some topics, the Times comes up with a blockbuster investigation of ” respected” Think Tanks , provoking questions about expert advice. Who’s opinion can you “Trust”?   When foreign powers wish to be World players, they  influence research at Think Tanks.   As concerned citizens we have to wonder, how many elected officials and others relied upon these “experts” for data and analysis? The NY TIMES, 9/7/14 Article , is Linked to this site, raising many questions, which I hope,  will lead to answers and transparency on philosophical positions  held.

(“Prominent Washington think tanks, nonprofits known for their impartiality, have received tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments while pushing United States government officials to adopt policies that often reflect the donors’ priorities, an investigation by The New York Times has found.”)

For instance : We have to ask,  are Foreign Governments paying Colleges or making heavy donations to peddle their point of view? Are these governments behind the money and the force advocating BDS (Boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel, most recently) at select universities, here and abroad? How pervasive is foreign national money in Congress and who speaks for these entities?

Citizens United legalized bribery and influence, by narrowly defining bribery. It states,” bribery occurs only when money is given for a specific favor and exchanged at that time for the expected favor, a quid pro quo.” That’s not how bribery and influence works!   Money and gifts are given to individuals in Congress, with the expectation that Congressmen and women, will vote favorably when issues benefit the gift giver, whether that giver is a foreign national, a corporation , a lobbyist, etc.  It is very rarely, a quid pro quo!

The system has fallen apart, because the Power goes to a few organized activists who want their position heard at any cost. This is a subversion of Democracy.   It is not the  government envisioned by Teddy Roosevelt, “one that is impartial to all citizens under the law” .   In a society with an unequal balance of power , government by the people for the people is non existent. Since The People are disorganized , their votes cease to count. They are not the target of influence peddling, they become the victim.

Again who can you trust in a Society based on Money and Power and manipulation of the facts? As I’ve always said “the people ” need their own advocate, to ferret out the truth and to assure that sensible workable laws are written. Unless and until we trust such a person, we will never know if our Country is a Democracy? We will never know or be able to insure that our Country is running effectively, protecting the rights of  all citizens? We will never know if we are hearing true analysis or propaganda? We will never know if we are only enriching the military industrial complex, while we choose War over negotiation?

How do we know what to believe,if we can’t believe the data or analysis presented to us by our Government or ” the experts” or Commentators we listen to ? if we are not skeptical, we do so at our Peril.

Give me the chance to work for you in any capacity you choose?   Let me hire at least 10 people to connect ” the dots” and develop a real strategy for change in America. TEDX and ” The Idealist Network ” seem to have the right idea: while TEDX concerns itself with ” how ideas spread”, this new platform, “the Idealist network”,  appears to concern itself with taking an individual’s ideas and connecting that idea to others globally with similar ideas, creating a global network for change. This system can be used to communicate with others, to amplify ideas and to create replicable models and proposals to effect education and government through a networked organization. This sounds like an interesting concept, capable of networking Our World through the use of Social Media.

My proposal, requires a core group of activists to join together, using social media and all tools available to a tech savvy society, to connect the dots and develop laws based on existing ideas.  We will seek out pragmatic experts in the fields of Finance , Foreign Affaires, Education , etc and write the laws to safeguard our Country and others from further Financial Crises. I no longer want to read that Glass Steagall was 37 pages and the new litigious alternative may expand  to  30,000 pages? That is absurd!

I urge you to read the attached FT article by Martin Wolf providing a message to guide us: ” Keep it Simple”!

Financial Times,
Financial reform: Call to arms

Martin Wolf

Post-crisis efforts to bolster economies and create safer banks have only preserved a flawed system. More radical action is needed

Read the full article at:

I am ready to lead, write and interview others,  helped by an activist group,  ready to transform ideas into action backed change, making the MIDDLE CLASS, our Country and the Global Community a better place.  Give me the opportunity and the money to lead . It is  past time to act. Thank you for listening and responding. Wishing everyone only the best. Very truly yours, Joyce

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Joyce Silver: International Woman of Peace and Goodwill ( Video)

August 19, 2014

See You Tube or Blog URL for Video thoughts just Published!

What’s wrong with us? Today’s thoughts on the news ……

Atlantic City can no longer support gambling in this Economy. Do you rethink their useful ness, no, you build more gambling Casinos? Creating jobs which lead nowhere and more casinos to milk the remaining pennies from the poor and Middle Class. Really, why can’t we build infrastructure, fix the electrical grid, provide faster internet service to everyone, increase affordable housing, protect and rebuild our marshland? So many projects to pursue with lasting positive effects on our economy, instead what do we choose, gambling ? We’re living in “Ozymandian times” , building cities left decaying in the sand , a testament to man’s folly.

Our entire civilization is a testament to man’s folly. All these wars and disgruntled people, why?   The People are being starved by the local war lords and then the People blame their starvation on others. If you read today’s FT you’ll see these statistics for Gaza:   63% unemployment in Gaza prior to their latest war with Israel. Yet, trade with Israel was at 85% and the rise in building materials rose exponentially within the Gaza strip , prior to the Hamas “take over”.   The people needed 75,000 houses before this new crisis, now they need more.   What did Hamas bring them, except “devastation”?  The people don’t blame the stupidity of their leaders, instead they blame Israel. Makes no sense to me?

LOL: We’re all believing Herman Goring as he quoted economics, comparing guns to a butter economy. He preferred Guns, though you’d never know it by his girth. He wanted “guns to protect the German people, rather then butter , which only made you fat”, He would state! Made sense to Germany, guns over butter. But they got it wrong, did they really feel safer after exterminating 12 million people? Does the ability to “kill”, make anyone really feel safe?

Is it a ” male” thing? Don’t think? React. Do what you know. Never get out of your comfort zone and when you feel threatened, kill!

Rules to live by? Why stop now? Pretty soon, you will bomb everyone back Into the Stone Age.

My 2 Cents. We have a voice and a choice when Politics Effects Us!

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