AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce What does Medicare cover, if we need tests or hospitalizations. Fees are generally waived for all Corona Virus tests & hospital stays. However, if you don’t have a supplemental policy , you’re ot coveted for the deductible. 6 million seniors are at risk. Furthermore, Seniors are not included in this $2Trillion bailout. We should be. Many seniors have no other income and are forced to shop ahead and incur extra bills. Seniors on Medicare, without supplemental income need a bail out too!

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Healthcare economists weigh in positively for the ACA, current Medicare & Medicaid free of block grants & work requirements. Corporations should not have a tax break when providing healthcare. It’s a cost of business. Drug pricing is too high & they’re not investing in R & D ! Go back to 1989 rule no public advertising. It’s a start.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The horror stories of drug pricing continues, yet our Legislators never find the time to pass decent Laws to help “We the People “. Politics as a “blood” sport doesn’t make our lives better. Stop profits over People. There is no inflation, why do drug prices increase? Also, stop TV advertising & reduce costs of drugs.

The voice of Joyce: Periscope 11AM: Have you read the news? Thoughts for today.

We have a dysfunctional society with many vested interests.   For the middle class to be resurrected, ” we the people”  need a simple platform and simple programs that we recommend. I believe it’s all about the economy. It’s always about “the  money”!  Folks talk about  Congress and  government being  too large. Get rid of … More The voice of Joyce: Periscope 11AM: Have you read the news? Thoughts for today.

The Voice of Joyce: Changing the Conversation Periscope @11am

Dear Followers: Have you read  or heard the News today? They’re outraged over” On line Gambling”, but Social Security and Medicare defunding and decreases are no longer news? They’re outraged over every death in Israel.  What about equal concern for the 80 million people in diaspora due to Climate events and War?   Someone asked … More The Voice of Joyce: Changing the Conversation Periscope @11am

The Voice of Joyce: MEDICARE in Trouble 

While we laud The Presidential  Candidates with praise for their performances, why not ask some tough questions, too! Will the Candidates Lobby Congress to fix Social Security now? Social Security is tied to the price of oil.  It’s a fact.  With oil prices low, Social Security and Medicare will be “flat lined” at best.  With  … More The Voice of Joyce: MEDICARE in Trouble 

A Faustian Bargain

A Faustian Bargain

Has the market society taken over our life?  What have we lost?


  • The news: If you search the NY Times for news items of importance to you;  You might find 3  items out of 70 pages of “news”.
  • Today, the lack of news on Congress and their continued inability to act on the “people’s” behalf was news.  However, they did find time to vote on their own  Congressional budgetary needs.
  • Americans are paying down their debt which is reducing their spending power , while large corporations are taking on more debt  and taking advantage of the low interest rates.  Good idea for large businesses, whether they need the money or not.
  • Medicare recipients have lost the right to purchase drugs at a bargain.  The powerful drug lobby evidently made a deal with The White House to prevent a decrease in drug prices.


Some of the news that’s fit to print and some that isn’t!!!!


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