America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce McKinsey Consultants helped ICE circumvent the Law deporting Immigrants and asked ICE agents & employees to cut back on food & medicine. This was determined by Pro Publica through a Freedom of Information Act. Why did ICE comply?

#AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Pro Publics expose on Trump Income statements for 4 NYC properties. Discrepancies occur on 2 Buildings when reporting to NYC taxes or lending institutions

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Debt Private & Public

DEBT. No wonder  folks hate debt. We were brought up the same way. Little credit card debt. No money spent unless you had it. Never shopping for the pleasure of shopping. You wanted something you bought it. End discussion. Now the recession has made The Middle Class  paupers in mind , spirit and actuality. The … More PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Debt Private & Public

Public Advocacy: It’s about the money and the Good Life

1. What do all these people have in common? Bill Clinton, Alan Greenspan, David Stockman, Lyndon LaRouche and Sandy Weill: They all agree Glass Steagall should not have been repealed. They all advocate for the re-instatement of Glass Steagall. Don’t listen to the nay sayers, while it’s true this doesn’t solve all of our problems, … More Public Advocacy: It’s about the money and the Good Life