Joyce:America Speaks Periscope @11am Monday : Enough is enough! Let’s unite to seek Common Ground 

June 19, 2017



Why should we the people remain hostage to bad policy ? 

Trump does nothing to help we the people or his base.  80% of Americans do not want the ACA repealed and replaced.   Negotiate with the Insurance Companies, assure them of subsidies , lift the law limiting negotiations by Medicare on Big Pharmaceutical Corporations and “Fix”  the ACA .   Make it more affordable! It’s like us , a work in progress.  Anyone in Congress will get the Glory for making the ACA a quality healthcare product at less costs.

In the normal course of events we’d talk to each other irrespective of our differences. I understand  and don’t support the intensity of hatred between Democrats and Republicans.   Denial of good policy to hurt your opponent makes no sense. It makes no sense to have winner take all politics. In fact, it harms all of us!
Destruction of a previous administrations policies, for the sake of claiming victory for one group ,over another , makes no sense. Politics affects our lives. It isn’t a “blood” sport with a winning team.

We can vote out bad policy, by voting out all of the people’s representatives who act  in the interests of their benefactors instead of in the interests of we the people.   We have to ask, what happened to Statesmanship?  and the  concept of achieving  Common Ground?

Hopefully, Trump and his administration and their enablers will be voted out of office. Some may be impeached. None of these actions can come soon enough for me! I’ve never felt this way before.   The lies spread to demean and disenfranchise people are an unconscionable representative of folks no longer concerned with the unity of our Nation.  Sad, so sad and destructive.

I champion the right of the Center to exist. I champion civility and espouse decent common sense bipartisan policy.   In this age of transparency, those who hide from us and their peers, shows me they are up to no good. Enough is enough.

Let’s go for Impeachment and elect me as the People’s President, sooner rather then later. I promise to stock the cabinet with a bipartisan diverse group of experts.
If you’re with me, tell your Congressman we want to Impeach and remove as many reactionaries & Trump cronies as possible. We want to move our Country forward with real, not Trumped up , jobs. We support the center and seek common ground.

The sooner we remove this group of do nothing’s , the sooner America can get back to restoring our economy and jobs. We want revenue not tax cuts. Let’s unite for the greater good. Together we can work toward eliminating our state of Inequality.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope@11am. Why are a few good men (& women) remaining silent? 

October 21, 2016





Dear followers:


All it takes for tyranny to reign, is a few good men (& women) to remain silent.

The establishment doesn’t understand why folks aren’t mobile in America. They don’t understand what happened to  the  American can do spirit.  Seriously,  I read this in the Financial Times.

Perhaps we should remind the establishment of the havoc they’ve caused by destroying the Middle Class?
1. The Middle Class lost their homes , their money, their pension’s and jobs in the fiscal collapse of 2008.

2. While Globalization was an interesting experiment in theory, it displaced millions of Americans , leaving them without jobs , without health care and destitute.

3. If there are so many jobs available, unless the Corporation is paying for the retraining and the move, how are Middle Class folks to get to these ” new jobs”. They no longer have even $400.00 in savings?

4. If the jobs aren’t manufacturing, requiring a physical presence, why would folks have to leave their communities to find work? Why not telecommute?

5. While the Middle and lower classes have been humbled & beaten down by ” the Company store”, the Corporation has become more powerful then sovereign nations.

6. People have become literally too sick and too tired to care about anything or anyone besides themselves and their families. The Corporation has replaced cotton as our master. Now we are all bound in both the body and the mind. That’s why we’ve lost our can do spirit. There’s nothing left for most folks to give.

7. Where is the empathy and compassion of those ” few good men”? Who will help us stop the tyranny and bring back the Societal values and Corporate responsibility to People that formed my “foundation” in the 40’s?


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”


See you at 11am.


Onward together!

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