AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce TrumpsGOP is not pro people, they’re pro Big business & Big businesses got 3/4 of last stimulus Bill. Reality: People, need a Social Safety net, unemployment insurance, a Basic Luving wave for those who have been without work, additions to Medicare & Medicaid, child care funding extra cash for support. I support a Basic Living Wage during Covid Time, until you curtail the outbreak with a simple cheap in home daily test with results in 15 min A game changer for schools & businesses Why wait for the vaccine?

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Paul Krugman Trump & TrumpsGOP are costing American lives by denying the existence of Covid 19. They’re disparaging the facts & rushing to reopen though the cost in lives & GDP don’t warrant their rush. Our Problems arose when Trump minimized this Virus initially. We could have saved 34,000 lives & our Economy

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The checks were never enough, the benefits were too little & some never arrived. Corporate bailouts were 3/4 of the money spent while poor and Middle Class Americans can not satisfy basic needs of survival. Issue QE for the Lower & Middle Classes. No strings. One check , approve child care subsidies & subsidies for States, Partisanship is condemning over 30 million to irreparable harm. Where is GOP common decency & humanity during these times? States need funding to avoid fiscal collapse. These are the United States , why is Politics dividing us at every level? What happened to our concept of One Nation, under God? Why are the GOP hijacking our Democracy for personal gain?

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The good News The Cares Act is now providing payments to many unemployed. These workers are concerned about returning to work prematurely & they’re right. Unfortunately, the GOP is more interested in the DOW than people’s lives. If the epidemiology is correct, we’ll need further stimulus after 7/31. Start asking Powell now, he’s willing. Stimulus adds to economic growth and lessens people’s anxiety. A win win

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce 4000 Truckers to lose jobs and benefits as Corporation goes bankrupt! No social safety net . It would be great , if Philanthropy stepped forward to help. They have no social safety net They’re entrepreneurs. In the Christmas spirit someone step forward & help. Automation isn’t the answer.

The Voice of Joyce: Social Safety Net , no strings! Show compassion! 

    I understand the Republican mentality of giving with strings. I was guilty of that feeling. I gave to a family member and attached emotional strings. The bond was a disaster of resentment and anger on both our parts.   I understand and I also know in my heart that it is wrong to … More The Voice of Joyce: Social Safety Net , no strings! Show compassion! 

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Thoughts on changes in the new year: Social Safety Net & Regulations, etc

Thoughts on changes for the New Year./ The ” Honey Trap” beware an increased Social Safety Net without the Benefit of Regulation. You don’t want one without the other. I’ ll tell you why? 1. Thoughts on Regulations; obscure, redundant , costly except where they need to be strengthened. Like Dodd Frank, a waste of … More PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Thoughts on changes in the new year: Social Safety Net & Regulations, etc