AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce So Sorry for your losses. I do hope the Federal Government will remember people, all the People, when bailing out Wall Street once again. Those bonds in Treasury can be used as Quantitative Easing for the Middle Class. We the People will suffer when the Economy tanks or the Coronavirus hits other … More

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Wild spikes in temperature is wiping out the Bumblebee population. Coupled with pesticides and heat. If we wipe out Bumblebees , what species will propagate our fruits and vegetables? Old habits die hard, however, to survive, we have to Segway away from Fossil Fuels and pollution!

Trump signed three bills affecting Native Americans. Here’s what they do. | TheHill

The president tweeted about the legislation, which grants recognition to one Native American tribe and compensation to another. — Read on AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Helping Native Americans is worthwhile, a step in the right direction.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce 1st Release Dark Waters to all theaters, this film is based upon a true story of PFAS & PFOA flourochemicals that are in known substances are in our water and cause Cancer. We’d have better health if Corporations removed toxic substances from our water & air. Sweden & other Countries are removing these chemicals by 2030. What will happen here? We have so many silent killers & no Corporate or political will to change? Demand action for yourself & families. Be informed. Our market society is killing us!

#TheVoiceOfJoyce please follow & share with friends. We spoke about polluted water in American Towns & what concerns us! Oligarchy vs #WeThePeople. next Periscope live Monday @11am

TheVoiceOfJoyce. Oligarchy vs American Labor 1895 Redux. Be involved, change Voting Laws & Advocate for Carbon Tax the Revenue goes to “We the People”

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: The Solution resides with”we the People” – thevoiceofjoyce

I’m outraged as I watch helplessly while “we the People”, are suffering, losing our dignity and our jobs.  Neither Party, except a dedicated few in Congress, is helping “we the People”, to overcome the demise of our Middle Class.  I’ve linked today’s NY Times article on the condition of Middle Class Americans compared to those… … More PUBLIC ADVOCACY: The Solution resides with”we the People” – thevoiceofjoyce