TheVoiceOfJoyce A chip R&D consortium you never heard of Belgian. The IMEC , Interuniversity Micro Electronics Center. Engineers from every Country manufacturing Chips, scanners, 3D printers is represented here. They provide the ideas that make manufacturing chips a seamless and ever evolving process. It’s a $3 Billion facility, generating $660 million , to power the Chip industry forward. They’re limited in their use of Chinese, European & Americans, as tensions accelerated, leaving the cooperation of Nations behind. Instead, they rely on their own Engineering to make key Decisions to power our World. Their innovation fits seamlessly into everyone’s manufacturing process. It’s the kind of platform we need for the analysis of Viruses and Vaccine production. More, not less , Global collaboration!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Fossil Fuels imported, costly combined with coal mining and gas extraction has destroyed the health of many Puerto Rican’s for generations. For 20 yrs they’ve lived with inferior owner , outages, expensive energy. Now they’re going independent and putting solar panels on their rooftops and able to live in their environment with Power. They’re happy to be decentralized. The complications: their local governments want to rebuild the old expensive, non functional, polluting Infrastructure with FEMA funds. The 3 million wisely say NO. They may need Federal Intervention to allow them to resume with Solar Energy and save money and their health. Let them be a shining example of what it means to be decentralized and off grid. Give Puerto Rican’s the chance to live within their means and without pollution! It’s Science done Right, for the benefit of “We the People. “!

TheVoiceOfJoyce TWIV Clinical Updates with Dr Daniel Griffin. EPI #84. Moderna booster shot for Elderly & immuno Suppressed FDA APPROVED! On Oct 26 th expect an announcement from the FDA on safety of the Vaccine for 5-11 year olds. They get sick, they’re hospitalized and over 500 have died. Wearing a mask is protective and they’ll be fine. In school learning, free of Covid, returns kids to a normal life. If you’ve had Covid, you are not permanently immune. You can get it again. It’s recommended that you get one Pfizer or Moderna shot after 6 months. Our Country has only vaccinated 50% of the population. We can do better. Listen to the new info on the Merck monoclonal pill 4-5 day course. No hospitalization. It will be distributed by a pharmacy. Hopefully. For easy access. Listen for more info. Have a great day!

TheVoiceOfJoyce John Deere workers on Strike, Hollywood workers striking. This is no longer a silent protest. About time. When 40-50% of the Country make $50,000 or less & they’re food insufficient, can’t afford healthcare, may have lost all their savings, what else can they do, but strike for better pay and benefits! It’s not a want. People need the necessities of life to live. The Middle Class is paying fir the Ultra Wealthy tax insufficiency. We’re paying for the expensive R&D that goes into Merck’s new monoclonal antibody & then Merck wants to charge us again @$712 a dose? Where’s the cap on what’s billable to US❓The wealthy are above funding benefits for Society. They’re taking and give back Magnanimously when it convenient. Oh, those supply chain problems, pay truckers a decent living wage, and they’ll come roaring back to work. Now most truckers are bankrupt or in heavy debt. We bailed out Corporations at the Expense of Main Street. We bailed out Wall Street at the expense of Main Street. When will the USA acknowledge that the Middle Class is worthy of a bailout. Release the Funds for the Families Act and the Infrastructure Bills and let people survive and thrive!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Vaccine for kids 5-11 may be authorized by the FDA on 10/26. Most parents & grandparents in the Northeast eagerly await them. It will allow kids to be taught safely in Schools. Remote learning is not as effective. Further, it’s easier to give your child the Vaccine, then watch them suffer in hospitals with Covid. 225-200,000 are hospitalized with Covid. Further, at least 120,000 kids have lost a parent to Covid. Stop childhood trauma & give the Vaccine to your yourself and your kids. This is no different than getting the measles vaccine or other Vaccines. There is minor risk. Of 5-10 million kids inoculated in Israel, 142 had myocarditis. Your child’s odds and quality of life are better with the Vaccine. Vaccines save lives. Covid causes death , severe illness, & hospitalization. Opt for life. Don’t become a Merchant of Death.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Since the 1970’s we’ve been heading toward a Climate Catastrophe. Since we never severed our relationship with Fossil Fuels, we continue to trap Carbon Emissions & heat our Planet. To stay at 1.5 degrees Celsius may be unrealistic. It is also unrealistic to do nothing, as more parts of our Planet become uninhabitable and species go extinct. Many Countries are working on the the development of of perennial crops requiring little Water, the quicker we use these crops & resold farms , the faster we sequester Carbon & create a healthy nutritional diet for everyone. The introduction of Clean Nuclear Power is essential. Time for Fossil Fuel industries to Follow BP & go solar, wind or Nuclear. We don’t have 30 yrs to negotiate! Climate extremes are our problems to solve! #ScienceUpFirst

TheVoiceOfJoyce Supply chain issues should be resolved as Ports, Unions, Fed Ex, Ups & Walmart, plus major stores step in to support the Unloading of containers in California Ports, 24/7. These cooperative agreements were Brokered by Biden’s disruption task force. It is a win win for Labor, business & the Consumer.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Statistics are a serious indictment of our Culture. If you’re African American, Hispanic or Indigenous making less than $50,000 a year, you’re in 50%+ liable to need cash for food , medical bills and your kids fell behind in schools. Over 40% of our population of Americans making less than $50,000 a year don’t have enough money to survive, even with the minor Federal Funds flowing to them. This is a tragedy. The For The Families Act is a necessity along with the Infrastructure and retraining bills proposed. Over 50% of Americans need a monetary lifeline and stimulus. Their kids will require remedial schooling to catch up to learning missed during the Pandemic. When will the monetary spigot flow to help hard working Americans, whose only “crime “was being Middle Class, during a Pandemic?!.

TheVoiceOfJoyce A picture is worth 1000 words. As sea levels rise, look what’s projected to happen to famous sites in USA. There is no end to the rising tides! No more sea coasts or beach, all water front property!

TheVoiceofJoyce. Ep. 97: “Sets of 3 “C” ‘s”

Today I’ll be discussing sets of 3 C’s. The first being cancer, chemo, covid and the second being covid, containers and crime. I’m also taking the time out to thank my amazing team and support staff throughout my journey. They have been wonderful and I will survive and thrive. amazing team around me.