Joyce’s Platform

Our nation is divided on so many levels. Politically, so often Republicans only see red and Democrats only see blue. By that I mean the parties remain locked in their own ideological beliefs, with the extreme right or left causing polarization in Congress and ultimately, we, the people, get nowhere.

My solution: I see purple! I’ve been a lifelong Democrat, though no ideologue, who strongly advocates for economic fairness and equality for all Americans, the middle class, the working poor, our Veterans, and the unemployed. I don’t believe we should increase the deficit; I think we can find ways to create new revenue. I also believe this country is sick and tired of the polarizing effect of getting nothing done due to the incessant infighting within our two party system. Therefore, I want to create a coalition within our two parties, Democrats and Republicans who can join me to build this team and support my candidacy for the Presidency. This has never been done before. I believe its time has come!