TheVoiceOfJoyce Understanding what drives low Vaccination rates is attributed to 4 profiles, cutting across race & politics. There are those who mis trust government and might benefit from a Religious leader or an icon discussing their experiences. In poor states, like Mississippi, people have no safety net, they can’t afford to leave work. They need paid time off and places that are convenient for them to receive theVaccine. Churches, groceries, work place. Then there are peopke still on the sidelines waiting to see what happens? It will be 6 months in late Summer since many of us were vaccinated. Hearing our survival stories might help. Good luck! Herd immunity is our goal. Hope the holdouts are convinced soon, pressure is mounting to share our excess vaccines with the World’s less fortunate population

TheVoiceOfJoyce The For the Families Act will bring relief to 1.3 million women who have suffered from loss of income during the Pandemic. They need a safety net to survive now!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Plastics a by product of the Fossil Fuel Industry winds up as waste in our oceans and pollutes our lives. Australian’s produce the most & we’re 2 Nd. Our dependence on plastic single use items has to end. Germany is recycling their plastic into roads and objects for daily use. New industries, new jobs and less waste & pollution.

TheVoiceOfJoyce: YouTube Tuesday’s Ageda, Episode #81 “Dirty Tricks”

There is one Political Party! The GOP is taking their marching orders from the Heritage Foundation. There’s no Bipartisanship, Manchin found that out when he approached his GOP opposite and was told his S1 compromise was not debatable. DEMS must pass S1 ASAP! They’re a legitimate Political Party, capable of making Laws. My advice, do … More TheVoiceOfJoyce: YouTube Tuesday’s Ageda, Episode #81 “Dirty Tricks”

TheVoiceOfJoyce Don’t get rid of beef, raise meat on sustainable farms increasing bio diversity and sequestering Carbon. It’s being done on a large scale , out west , upstate Ny. Think Carbon utilization. We already know a diet including seaweed reduces methane. Farming is a secondary polluter. The primary source is Fossil Fuels. Develop alternatives to them and then concentrate on farming and other polluters.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Pine Bend refinery by Charles Koch has been a money maker since the 50’s. The Colonial Pipeline breaks down periodically and shareholders reap the profits. It’s past time to supplement fossil fuels. Decouple our energy grid and hire Prodessional IT to solve delivery systems to the consumer. Why be vulnerable to Ransomware when we have skilled professionals in America wasting their talents? Let’s be flexible and protect our resources all resources from cyber attacks

TheVoiceOfJoyce The Space Race is on this time with China as we seek new discoveries about Mars and then the outer belts. Is a combined launching pad from one of these Planets in our scientific future?

TheVoiceOfJoyce The Right to Unionize can be restored by rewriting the Laws of the NLRB. Ron Wyden is our advocate for Fundamental Change. The Roosevelt Foundation has a textbook on “A Clean Slate for Workers “. Giving employees better wages, a-voice in working conditions & a voice in management & community outreach. One way to increase opportunities & job growth mobility . Resurrection of the Middle Class!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Proof there’s no labor shortage in the Restaurant industry, just a shortage of humane treatment and workers who no longer wish to be abused. Pass the $15 min wage, treat people with dignity, pay them real wages , benefits. Ensure everyone entering your establishment is vaccinated or wears a mask. We the People are weary of mixed messaging. We want pay with dignity and respect.