TheVoiceOfJoyce Mississippi is one of the States with a surplus. You’d think the Legislators would use their excess money to provide water to poor Black residents suffering without water since mid February? Why isn’t anyone accountable to all residents.? Consider registering early and voting for your representation in the State. Tour voice counts.

TheVoiceOfJoyce $500 a month , donated by non profits, was given to residents of the town of Stockton, California. The results were striking. Of Those receiving the stipend , 28% had full time jobs. The money increased their wages and 40% wound up with full tome jobs. The money was spent wisely on Food and merchandise at Walmart or transportation to work. Wellness increased. The Basic Living Wage was a boost to the Community and helped many achieve self sustaining jobs. A win win for the Community.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Fossil Fuels must be phased out as an Environmental hazard and as a health hazard. 20% of the World’s population is dying from Pollution associated with Fossil Fuels. Clean air and clean water are necessities of life. The facts are known, be energy innovations will lead to less pollutants and longer quality living. Starting today , we must cut subsidies and encourage alternative energy solutions. Heidelberg is already doing the city planning. There are several global models to emulate.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Are we getting closer to a Basic Living Wage. Many countries have used cash bailouts to help their people and maintain their economic growth. In America, as I pass many empty stores in once booming gentrified neighborhoods , I can only imagine the impact of of a Basic Living Wage at this time. Till the Pandemic ends and everyone is employed! Amen!

TheVoiceOfJoyce The Far Right is being fueled by the Lockdowns, the isolation, conspiracy theories and old tropes; it’s racist & anti Semitic. Their leaders are quick to exploit the vulnerability of the group , the the Far Right is being led by Autocrats, an Oligarchy that seeks to destroy Democracy for their own Power & Profits. Neither, Trump, TrumpsGOP or the militias can be trivialized or dismissed. Nor can their lies. History must be corrected now. For too long the minority has set the agenda for the People. This must be reversed now for Democracy to flourish and people to live, vote, innovate and thrive

TheVoiceOfJoyce Unemployment at10% job losses in America almost 10 million, 8 million not getting any benefits & some States reporting a Surplus? How is that possible? Are they paying benefits? Are their citizens all wealthy, no one facing eviction? Even Gig workers getting unemployment insurance? Biden’s infrastructure bill must include IT processing & systems upgrades, making it easier to receive benefits. Technology is critical infrastructure!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Stating the obvious, Too many States haven’t upgraded their systems in 30 yrs. no one cares about Maintenance, you don’t see it and you feel it’s lack with every climate extreme. Last year there were 383 separate power outages. The Power Co should fund the repairs, the consumer has been lining executive pockets for years. The Power Companies can float Non taxable bonds or borrow at low rates to repair, replace and improve energy production to their Communities. Stop making consumers pay for your mistakes.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Don’t blame the Staff for high turnover, burnout and poor pay! Blame the owners of Nursing Homes for patient deaths. They’re profit oriented and don’t have enough staff to care for their normal patient load. Under Pandemic conditions, the staff was stretched to capacity. We need Standards of Care. A ratio of staff to patient care. Profits above People caused patient deaths and staff infections & burnout!

TheVoiceOfJoyce As part of the Stimulus Package, ACA gets a makeover, making it more affordable and insuring 1.3 million more Americans. Generous subsidies are going to GOP States as an encouragement to Expand Medicaid

TheVoiceOfJoyce Preview Agenda for YouTube Episode #70 Relief

Relief & Stimulus Bill for &1.9 Trillion going to the Senate.  86% of the population behind this Relief Package.  Money to unemployed, including Gig workers  Schools getting needed funds for facilities & testing  States getting a cash infusion to be used for Vaccines , infrastructure  Small businesses get PPE’s  Remove the Filibuster The $15/hr wage … More TheVoiceOfJoyce Preview Agenda for YouTube Episode #70 Relief