TheVoiceOfJoyce Trump trying to alter the census results by eliminating immigrants residing in every state. This would alter the # of Representatives sent to the House, the Federal aid sent to each State & the Electoral College for 10 years. The Supreme Court should not listen to this case, since its against established Law , stating that everyone in our States should be counted, no matter their status. This is another, Lawsuit, that infringes on State’s Rights , our Democracy and the intent of our Census. Its outcome has the potential to Harm millions of lives.

TheVoiceOfJoyce New Zealand takes the health and welfare of its citizens and tourists seriously. Those Corporations who took groups to the White Island Volcano for sightseeing were expected to anticipate any changes to the environment and protect others under their supervision. 22 peopke died and many are suffering today, New Zealand is bring all groups on the Island at the time of eruption to court. They face possible fines of $$1.06 million each. They’re serious about protection of life of responsibility for their actions. Reminds me of the AIA contracts I’ve signed, where my Corporation was responsible for what we knew and what we hadn’t anticipated!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Royal Dutch Shell must reduce Carbon Emissions 40% by 2030 or risk stiff fines by the Netherlands for destroying the Global Eco System. Other Fossil Fuel producers are on warning, there is no returning to dirty fuels and their toxic pollutants, the World needs Carbon reduction to survive and to survive with less less Pandemics. 100 million are in diaspora as famine & drought drive them from their lands. This is the time to deploy cash for innovation and infrastructure& every institution to boost productivity & happiness

TheVoiceOfJoyce If you’re an Amazon employee Unionize. If you need the Public’s help, ask us not to buy for a day or more during the Holidays. We’re on your side. Also, to stop outbreaks demand Dr Mina’s Rapid SalivaTests, don’t work or come in contact with those who are infected. Be safe! Pushing through the Holidays with the virus, will effect work and your lives afterwards. Be safe, be smart & ask for Higher pay, better working conditions & the Rapid SalivaTests approved by Dr Fauci & Dr Michael Mina

TheVoiceOfJoyce An excerpt from Pope Francis book “giving thanks and realizing that we are part of one human community as we come together acknowledging each other”! Happy Thanksgiving

TheVoiceOfJoyce We need Net Neutrality. The Northeast only has heavy users of the Internet services. We’re facing a Pandemic, on line schooling, on line offices and Comcast wants to increase rates. There ought to be a Law against price gouging when people are facing a Pandemic, food insecurity, homelessness or perhaps we should prepare a class action suit against Comcast and name the Government as as well. Unjust Corporate behavior should be adjudicated in a Court of Law.

TheVoiceOfJoyce: Rapid Testing Is Less Accurate Than the Government Wants to Admit — ProPublica Note: Dr Michael Mina’s Rapid SalivaTests were not considered & should be. They’re a $1/day, can be used at home, anywhere, results in 15 min, on a paper strip, easy to use, advised daily. Sensitive to asymptomatic low viral detection. Help advocate and get Rapid Approval. They’re a Game Changer!

Rapid antigen testing is a mess. The federal government pushed it out without a plan, and then spent weeks denying problems with false positives. — Read on

TheVoiceOfJoyce Covid is driving the bus on our Economy. December-February are expected to see a rise in infections. We can avert Outbreaks, by investing in Dr Michael Mina’s Rapid in your home or office or school, SalivaTests. They’re a $1/day. Imagine , if Americans & the World had them we could resume all living and only the sick would stay home. Why isn’t approval & scale up immediate? Dr Fauci says they’re necessary to survive these next few months. Why aren’t they available? Who’s helping @DrMichaelMina?

TheVoiceOfJoyce Young Peruvians have sparked a Democratic movement, demanding, police reforms and an end to government corruption and bribery. There is a new spirit in the air, we the People all over our World are seeking basic human rights and Democratic institutions. A good beginning to 2021.