Immigration Reform

• We are a nation built by Immigrants. Immigrants coming to America are usually escaping poverty, religious persecution, or war in their homeland.

• When my grandparents came here in 1905 from Russia and the Ukraine, they came to escape the Russian Pograms. When asked, they said they would never return to the old country. America was their home!

• The same is true today. Immigrants face harrowing conditions in order to reach the safety of our country, the Promised Land! In NYC, I hear taxi drivers blessing America daily. When I asked my Foreman, an immigrant from Ecuador, what he thinks Immigration policy should be, we were in agreement. Perhaps that’s why we worked together so well for 20+ years in my Carpet business; we’re agreeable!

• If relatives are here in this country, family members should be welcomed. Children of immigrants born in this country are and must remain Americans citizens. If the parents are employed in America, we should welcome them. We should not deport or split up hard working families. Not only should hard working loyal citizens be welcomed, they should be given a path to citizenship. No more hiding in the shadows. No more substandard wages. As citizens, they are entitled to be part of the larger economy receiving benefits equal to their working status. No more underground cash societies. Let these individuals face the light, be counted and given a path toward full Naturalization as citizens.

• Those who have committed serious felonies should be deported. We do not need those interested in death and destruction here. We want to continue our hardworking work ethos. We want to promote family life and family values. The family unit has always been the backbone of American life and culture. Encourage it. Encourage the new immigrant and their families to see America and be proud of its beauty and Natural resources.

• What do I think of Immigrants? I came from immigrant stock! I daresay most of you have too! I grew up and worked with Immigrants. If we leave old hatreds behind us, we can look forward to a prosperous future together. I don’t fear decent hardworking people. Immigrants built our land and they will be called upon to continue to build and revitalize our land! Let’s support them and help them achieve the American Dream.

• I want to see equal opportunity and upward mobility for immigrants of all nationalities. Immigrants enhance our American Mosaic; new ideas and creativity can only make America stronger and richer!