• Expand the Affordable Care Act to include every American with affordable healthcare coverage.

• Continue the use of the ACA’s Medicaid Expansion Program in all states, without imposing draconian means testing for Medicaid eligibility. The states should not be allowed to have block grants for their use. Block Grants decrease Medicaid eligibility which is further challenged by individual state’s eligibility “testing”.

• Unpaid interns are not a solution. Another draconian choice, it literally places poor people in servitude.

• Reinstate the public mandate. Young people should buy insurance because at some point they will get sick and require care. This is the kind of investment that pays off at a later date, like life insurance. And for the good of all, the more people who are in the ACA program, the lower the cost of premiums for everyone.

• Congress must allow the Government to negotiate drug pricing for consumers.

• The middle class and working poor cannot afford health savings accounts (HSA).

• Lower the age of Medicare recipients to 55 years old