Fiscal Reform

• Propose dedicated legislation to support term limits for Congress (12 years in the Senate and 6 years in the House of Representatives).

• Propose legislation to end lobbying and the revolving door from government to big business. A seven-year hiatus was on the books in 1996. It was eliminated and our culture of greed became unleashed.

• Overturn Citizens United. If Congress is unwilling, We the People may overturn this law ourselves, through judicial recall and petition. We need 3/4 of the States or 2/3 of the Senate to amend the Constitution.

• We must put monetary controls in place to prevent another fiscal collapse. Implement a 6% tax on derivatives and high-speed trades. Let’s share profits with this risky industry, $660 Billion in profits before we put them out of business.

• In order to ensure that Bankers act in the best interests of their customers – also known as their fiduciary responsibility – we must eliminate their conflicts of interest. Reinstate Glass Steagall, using John McCain’s and Elizabeth Warren’s new legislation, Glass Steagall for the 21st Century.