Redirected Revenues

• Oil & Gas Corporations receive $660Billion + in subsidies paid to them annually by the American people. Why? Does it have to be so much? Can’t some of this subsidy be diverted to Research and Development of Alternative Energy efficient, No Carbon emission fuels? As encouragement to divert towards a Zero Carbon Emissions Society, add back $300 Billion in subsidies when Fossil Fuel Corporations start their pivot toward Renewable Fuels.

• Big farm subsidies total $24 Billion in 2017. Why? This program was started during the Big Depression to help small farmers. Today, Big Business and gentleman farmers are being paid not to farm! Since no one bailed out the middle class, why should tax payers continue to subsidize the wealthy? I’m asking for fair responsible distribution of our limited Federal Budget Funds.

• For your information, based on mathematics: $1 Billion = 22,000 jobs @ $50K/year! That is a significant number to be tracked when we commit to National Infrastructure projects.

• Excessive military spending (see graph below) in America is greater than seven Nations, including Russia and China. Having been a military contractor, I know there is 25% waste. Assuming a minimum of 10% waste, there is no reason to raise funds for the military unless we are creating new IT systems and weapons. I still believe, Defense must be supplemented by “muscular” diplomacy. We know what happens when we leave a political vacuum. If you break it, you own it.