Tax Reform

• There should be a proportional system of taxation. Taxation of the middle class should be capped at 25% It is currently paying at 36%.

• Those earning $500,000 and up should pay 40%. The revenue collected would be enormous. Tax evasion by the wealthy in America amounts to our total national debt. Shouldn’t everyone be patriotic and pay their fair share to make America greater?

• Straight from The Economist, the major corporations and the ultra-wealthy are different from you and me. They buy legislators to create laws that legalize tax evasion and fraud. If American Corporations paid their share of taxes, instead of accumulating a tax hoard of $800 Billion, the American public would benefit from a 2% decrease in prices, plus enough money to reinvigorate the economy.

• If we don’t start disrupting the Corporate grasp on America, more people will slip into poverty and drugs and suicide! The greedy self-indulgent do not give up their ill-gotten gains without a change in the rules. If the middle class and the poor want a say in their destiny, we must vocalize our discontent.