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I have traveled the country over the last two years and helped with various efforts to get out the democratic vote in 2018.  I canvassed for Beto O’Rourke in Texas, as well as other local candidates.  I also attend educational forums and panel discussions at renowned think tanks year-round so that I remain well informed on the issues about which I write and speak in my blogs and podcasts.  I also held forums on Let NY Vote and Climate Mitigation with well-known NYC Professors.

My passion and concern for this country’s overwhelming issues of the day have made me acutely aware that this President is subverting all the values that I’ve stood for all my life. That is why I prepared this manuscript for all Americans to read. I felt that it was critical to reach as many people as possible with a simpler, more concise form of the Mueller Report, and by doing so, reach a wider audience with the extraordinary, hard-hitting material that is Robert Mueller’s Report.  I am joining many others who are trying to expose this important document to the American People via radio, television, and in other written formats.  I hope that we are all successful in bringing this message home to our Country before we lose the battle, or sadly, the war. 

Joyce Silver

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