TheVoiceOfJoyce Latest Clinical update on Covid 19 with Dr Daniel Griffin on TWiV, Microbe TV (The incubator) Columbia Dept of Virology. Takeaways: Pregnant women who get Covid are 2/3 Ed’s likely to lose their babies, getting the Vaccine is protective for pregnant women and babies. Kids get Covid, Vaccinate them. All 28 million. If you have co morbidities; overweight, high blood pressure, diabetes, consider a monoclonal antibody prophylactic. Everyone 18 yrs and older can get their 3 rd dose. We need this protection. RapidTests work. If you’re sure you’re exposed to Covid take a PCR test, too. Otherwise, two RapidTests following your exposure may show positive. Quarantine for the Vaccinated is a few days, for the Unvaccinated it 10 days. Telemedicine reduces hospitalization by 66%. Don’t stop Telemedicine during this time, it saves lives and prevents severe infections from becoming worse requiring hospitalization. Over telemedicine calls, Doctors are on call for advice. Seeing a patient, allows for early diagnosis and treatment Be informed, Listen to TWIV and submit your questions to their teams

TheVoiceOfJoyce Inflation is temporary and can be abated by shifting priorities. Reduce import tariffs on goods from China & restart supply chains. People are buying Furniture, that can be a more permanent industry, subsidize it to train new employees. Isn’t that included in For the Families Act? Retraining. When there’s a burst in demand because people are home bound, invest in new companies and decrease oil subsidies. These solutions are up for debate. How would you solve our parts problems? I’d give money to Main Street. $20/hr is still $40,000 a year. That’s not inflationary . I paid warehouse men that salary 20 yrs ago. Once money flows to the poor and middle Class, they’ll be able to work and afford food. Also, help small farmers & Mom & pops. This is an unusual circumstance. It’s Global and won’t go away unless and until Covid is eradicated Globally. Meanwhile, undo trade imbalances . That will free up parts. We can’t have adversaries when we need cooperation. That’s my 2 cents, what’s yours?

TheVoiceOfJoyce France has 74% employment. Why? Low retirement age ,60 yrs old, & some young apprentices. They incentivized Corporations to maintain workers & invest in their Companies. Still Retail, Trucking jobs, educational jobs, specialized scientists are wanted with no takers. This echoes what we’re seeing here. Jobs not being filled. Also, ageism is a factor. US & UK are outliers with labor not willing to go back to work. And they both have Corporate Profit oriented societies that refuse to change or increase salaries and benefits for employees. Viva France! Read the FT below.

TheVoiceOfJoyce If we want a Merry Christmas be smart about traveling Thanksgiving. We’re being warned of a 5 th Covid Surge in America. 775,000 have died already. It’s an infection spread by the unvaccinated. Dr. Espousing alternative medicine, about 7-800, saw 10% of their colleagues become infected with Covid. The Delta variant spreads, whether the carrier feels sick or not. Why should the Majority be at risk? We have the solution to stop Outbreaks & death, Vaccinate. Do it for other Americans and be proud to say, your self sacrifice, helped America achieve Economic security. With improved healthcare, child care, pre K & infrastructure we will have the Society we want. Add in a Clean Slate for Workers and we’ll innovate with pleasure and resolve! Read the FT.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Fusion Technology explained at the Financial Times. The International approach powered by Reagan & Gorbachev, using Government funding has done the R&D. Government funding went into MIT and Its commercial spin-off Fusion Systems Center intends to be operational by 2030. One glass of fusion energy, is the equivalent power of 1 million gallons of oil. We’ll have clean Nuclear Power. 25 Venture Capitalists are pouring big money toward its commercial applications.

AmricaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 103: “Grateful”

Why should a Vocal Minority of 46 million Americans control the Majority’s ability to live life? Why should Late Capitalism destroy folks will to live and work in their chosen profession? In a Country of immense wealth, why should 70% of us not have enough money to survive in dead end jobs? Where’s anti trust? … More AmricaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 103: “Grateful”

TheVoiceOfJoyce We have no choice. Yes, new technology is unproven & requires R& D, that’s why subsidies are needed to help create new modes of electricity to create our existing fossil fuel driven chemical products. High temperatures for chemical reactions can be driven by Clean Energy. Our clothes , toys, roads can be created by recycled materials. It’s imperative we change & keep 1.5 C.

TheVoiceOfJoyce When you’re proclaiming your right to choose Freedom from Vaccination for yourself & family, remember you’re potentially responsible for the death of a Vaccinated immuno compromised person. The Vaccine loses potency after 6 months. Everyone 18 yrs old and older, urged to get their 3 rd shot. Meanwhile, all breakthroughs are occurring on the immunocompromised and the unvaccinated. The Unvaccinated are 76% of those dying from Covid. Why take a risk. Help your Community and our Country, get the Vaccine. Together, we can tackle the “new Normal “!

TheVoiceOfJoyce The life of a meat packing employee. In Texas, there are no requirements for Workers Compensation. OHSA doesn’t visit the Plants. As 60,000 came down with Covid & 300 died , refugees have no recourse. They’re abused. One man sued for $1300 in back pay. He won. Pay is $19-24/hr. With no days off. Even after 30 yrs experience, there are no days off with pay? Pro business doesn’t have to be anti employee? Time for a Clean Slate for Workers! In every state. Front line workers should be citizens and have the Right to Vote! No wonder today’s GOP favors Voter Suppression & Gerrymandering, they don’t want all Texans to vote. There are 2 America’s. The ruled and the rulers. With one person, one vote, who would vote for a Government that thinks some people are expendable, like “Pantyhose “! Bet you don’t remember them. A lot of People don’t see America’s workers either. That’s just not right!

TheVoiceOfJoyce A healthcare system already stretched, encountered a Pandemic with Nurses short handed and ready to take care of the sick and dying. However, their tour of duty exceeded their capacity to have meaningful lives and put their families at risk. They’re burnt out. They’re leaving a profession they loved. What can be done? Stop the race to the bottom. Hospital aren’t profit centers and nurses aren’t expendable. Time to rethink pay scales, leaves of absence with pay ,for stressful months of work. Train more nurses and pay them like the professionals, they are! The entire Country needs a week of mourning. At least , 850,000 have died during this Pandemic. There’s too much stress for everyone to absorb. This Thanksgiving, give thanks, for being one of those who survived. !