TheVoiceOfJoyce There’s only one way back to personal & Economic health and that’s 100% Vaccination. Then we can see the Finish Line for the Covid Pandemic and our Economic distress. Not getting your Vaccine guarantees Rationing of Healthcare. Californians Jew what they wanted: They voted for Governor Newsom and the elimination of Covid.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Two issues we can’t ignore: Vaccine Mandates for Everyone & Infrastructure. Our salmon are dying, the food chain is collapsing, water is scarce & warm. People need work and new technology can provide more new good paying jobs. These are the times that try “men’s “ souls. We have a Vaccine to stop infections and we can encourage, rather than stifle innovation. Every State needs an owners manual to adequately protect their people from these double threats. Where is FDR when we need him?

TheVoiceOfJoyce Nursing homes, rehabilitation centers are understaffed and mistreat patients. Another reason for Fundamental Change. Standards of care are unheard of in Hospitals, nursing homes & rehab centers. No surprise agitated patients are given sedatives. We need guidelines of care and Federal & State enforcement of the standards. It’s up to us to define the America we want. Not Corporations!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Restaurants across the country pay workers tip wages. Or about $2.13/hr to make barely the min wage of $7.53 /hr. Many employers don’t pay any wages relying on immigrants to stay mute. That’s no longer happening. Restaurant staff are suing for back wages and winning. There should be fundamental change: change the minimum wage to $10.10 / hr & protect labor in restaurants & gig workers too! It’s no wonder people don’t want to return to their old jobs!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Corporate Interests overwhelmed EPA putting our children at risk from lead poisoning. The EPA whistleblower, Dr Etzel is a renowned expert in Pediatric health and claims she and other scientists are being silenced in favor to Corporate interests. This is no different from the Gilded Age when Corporations ran Government, ushering in the Golden Age of Labor & Unions. Once again, Corporate & personal greed have trampled our rights. Now “We the People “ have an opportunity to fight for the rights of our Democracy, ourselves and our families. We want a Clean Slate for Workers! We want clean water & clean air! If not now? When?

TheVoiceOfJoyce defeating Covid Transmission is New Zealand’s goal. They went into phase 4 Lockdown when 1 infectious cases was identified. Case numbers spiked to 84 and have declined to the single digits. New Zealand strategy appears to be working. They have periods of Lockdown followed by long periods of economic activity. People resume living as soon as the infection subsides. Model for our World. They don’t allow front line workers to become sick. They don’t overwhelm their hospitals. Life and living are determined by the Covid Heath Ministry!

TheVoiceOfJoyce TWIV Clinical Update with Dr Daniel Griffin. EPI #79. Covid is still prevalent in our population. 6 million kids have been infected. 250,000 are hospitalized. This is not ok. The method to protect our kids is Vaccination. If you’re pregnant, get Vaccinated. No exceptions. The more folks remain unvaccinated, the more viral infections. Let’s cooperate for our Country and citizens. Get Vaccinated. Moderna seeking formal FDA APPROVAL! 3 shots are available for immune suppressed. . Let’s not have a lagging Economy or face another year with Covid infections get Vaccinated and resume living!

TheVoiceOfJoyce The roster of Governments Globally mandating Vaccinations is growing. Healthcare workers, teachers and now students, 12 yrs old and up. All Government employees and contractors. Does the list include all who interface with the Publuc❓Police, Firefighters, EMS,Retailers, Librarians, Museum Staff, the list is endless, Bus & Transport operators, Pregnant Women? If not, why not? Our lives depend upon curbing Viral Outbreaks & Mutations & the Vaccine!!!

TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube #94 Priorities

EPI 94 Priorities/Description What’s your priority? Long life. Enough money to support your family? Fresh Water? Infrastructure? Healthcare?  In California there’s a recall. A vocal and active minority have the Law on their side to recall Gov Newsom. Is it your priority to Vote overwhelmingly for him?  Is it your priority to stop Covid outbreaks? … More TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube #94 Priorities

TheVoiceOfJoyce Why are they recalling Governor Newsom❓Because they can. He has stood firm on the Environment. Allocating $12B I’m this years budget for protection of homes in forests. He’s trying to stop the wildfires. PG& E have caused many of them, no wonder he wants electric charging stations, solar & wind power. He’s also trying to save water! Obviously, whoever gets in will have a detrimental impact on the California environment. Governor Newsom is funding public transportation, Boles and there’s a moratorium on gas powered cars in 2045. Sounds reasonable considering the weather extremes Californians have suffered. Infrastructure, sustainable agriculture, limiting fossil fuels and PG&E are common sense . California is the 5 th largest economy in World. What happens in California won’t stay in California. Vote overwhelmingly for Governor Newsom if you value your life and your children’s lives!