TheVoiceofJoyce. Ep. 99 “Our Future is Bright”

Ever wonder how to stay calm and focused? Try Meditation with Dr Josh Wright. I am and I’ve enclosed his Link. Our future is bright. There are new technologies being invested into, like Fusion Nuclear Power. Viticulture is going wild! All over America Heritage Farming is being reintroduced into the making of Wine & Beer. … More TheVoiceofJoyce. Ep. 99 “Our Future is Bright”

TheVoiceOfJoyce Frances Haugen testifies in GB about Facebook’s concern for profit & shareholders over their culture of misinformation, unsafe conditions for pre teens at Instagram and Zuckerberg’s control over 3 Billion people. She stayed all Social Media platforms require external controls. It is obvious FB provides a safe haven for conspiracy theorists & others who are privy to select information that leads them to believe an alternative to the facts and ideas and opinions, though like theirs, have no relation or relevance to the rest of their Countrymen’s beliefs or Policies. These confirmation silos cause the destruction of Democracy, because too many believe in alternative reality. It is divisive for Democracy not to have people understand and deal with the same truth. That’s why, FB and other Media platforms, need a clear set of Regulations. Democracy cannot withstand divisive cultures. It is tearing American apart and other Countries as well. Kudos to Great Brittain for taking the first steps toward Social Media platforms Regulation.

TheVoiceOfJoyce UK poised to pass Regulations on Internet Platforms, preventing hate speech and content that causes mental health problems in teenagers. They will also target misinformation & information on Public figures that is harmful. It might not have stopped the murder of Britain’s MP, but would have helped. It should be noted that misinformation on elections gets 50% of the hits on FB . Britain is planning several new regulations of the tech platform. FB played a significant roles in the continuing war in Ethiopia. When FB Executives call for Content Regulation, Government should listen.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Every Teacher Union in the UK wants Climate Crisis Education embedded in the School Curriculum. In the USA, money for Covid, sent to the States, was to be used for School facilities upgrades. Moving the Climate & Pandemic preparedness forward. Higher education provided programs on Environmental issues. This knowledge should be incorporated in the Public School systems, preparing our kids for a sustainable future. Encouraging a love of Science & math, computer science & climate modeling. Our goal should be preparing our kids, all kids , for a Zero Carbon World.

TheVoiceOfJoyce It’s bad enough experiencing Economic Inequality. It’s worse to believe that Low Income Communities are dumping grounds for toxic industries. If affluent Communities won’t tolerate these industries, why should poorer communities be Burdened ❓ In Chicago’s South Side , the Latino Community is on a hunger strike to prevent a Scrap metal plant from being built, after being forced out of the North Chicago’s wealthier Suburbs. This situation is similar to the Flint Michigan water problem, an unnecessary diversion of good clean water to benefit a few! In California, they’re setting up buffer zones for any gas or fossil fuel extraction! Let’s continue this trend. No toxic fumes near Communities. All people deserve clean air and clean water. Income doesn’t define a person’s worth!!

TheVoiceOfJoyce At the beginning of the Biden Presidency, Ron Wyden asked to change the Laws of the NLRB , to reflect Labor’s right to organize without Corporate Intervention. In fact, Corporate intervention was forbidden, prior to Elaine Chile’s revision of The NLRB, under George Bush. ( to reprise history, Elaine Chow, is Mitch McConnell’s wife) We need Fundamental Change to our Society to formulate a Clean Slate for Labor. Restore wages and benefits to the Middle Classes. It’s time to rid our lives of Late Stage Capitalism and return to a collaborative Society with benefits for all!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Firefighters are often homeless and make a top salary of $40,000. This is being addressed by Congress & the Infrastructure Bill. It’s not enough to start at $20/hr. Wild fires demand Parachutes & Helicopters? These men & women are risking their lives for 6 months. They deserve pay commensurate with their hazards, pensions and insurance policies benefits, for their families. It’s time to treat front line workers with decency and respect. Crews should follow closely behind them providing them with shelter, air conditioning and food & water. Cooperation keeps Democracy strong. We depend on many to maintain and make life easier. Don’t they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect❓❓

TheVoiceOfJoyce 40% of all imports are unloaded at the LA & Long Branch Ports causing pollution to the low income Communities surrounding them. To process this massive volume of 9-12 million containers, why not ask for Volunteers among the surrounding communities and pay them Union Wages, off duty Firefighters? Anyone unemployed and able bodied. Incentivizethe ports to use electric vehicles to off load containers and reduce Carbon Emissions. Ford and GM make long haul trucks, add another industry to their mix. Retraining and retooling costs and was part of Biden’s Bill. Pass them with our future secured. Time to think creatively. What would FDR do and do better. Our future is now!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Scientists don’t know how diseases and viruses carried by mosquitoes, rodents, bats or primates spread to man. They do know that there is a correlation between cutting down forests and loss of natural habits & decreases in biodiversity is linked to viruses and epidemics on man. It’s a necessity to stop deforestation, halt fossil fuel extractions and start using alternative energy to power our planet. In colder climates in Russia, the melting of perms frost can unleash more and different pathogens. There is urgency to maintain our Planet’s Biodiversity now! We can offer tax incentives to buy electric cars. We can encourage light rail service in our cities and rural areas. Connecting people with transportation and work and housing. We can support Puerto Rico’s plan to go Solar and prevent the costly rebuilding of a Centralized grid that never worked. We can Federally find R&D of Fusion Energy and 4 th generation Nuclear Power Plants . We can maintain Fossil Fuel subsidies if they invest in alternative energy! We can encourage the rewinding of farms. Eliminating the need to plow soil under and allow for bio diversity, perennial crops , and the rebuilding of the top soil. There is much that can be done to stop increased Carbon Emissions. People need the will to change. And if that doesn’t work, the loss of Subsidies should be an incentive. This is a new age and requires new beginnings. Going back to heritage farming is one significant way forward.

TheVoiceOfJoyce EUA expected within weeks for Vaccinating 28 million kids, 5-11 yrs old. The Vaccines will be available to rural clinic, pediatricians & pharmacies. No mass vaccination sites. This roll out is tailored to the population. We’re not safe till everyone is Vaccinated. The Vaccines will allow schools to remain in person in session. It’s the best way to educate our children. Don’t forget, this shot is is color coded and is child appropriate dosage. It is manufactured by Pfizer.