TheVoiceOfJoyce Straight from the Jerusalem Post, Technion creates eNose, to detect block heart arteries with 67% accuracy using nanotechnology. The same technology can now be used to detect certain Cancers. #Science, # Technion

New Israeli tech can detect heart condition with simple breath test

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Call me an optimist, but I think, strategically, Ukraine’s counteroffensive is working. A Russian air base in Crimea was struck yesterday and several Russian planes were destroyed. The EU , Swiss, UK are all banning together to help the Ukrainians. The UN is declaring the Occupied Nuclear Power Plant off limits for Russian occupation. It’s too dangerous! It has the capacity to be accidentally shelled, unleashing nuclear power, Grains are traveling to their destinations and Wheat will be shipped next week. The Russian and Ukrainian positions have been staked out and it’s time to negotiate a cease fire. Since Switzerland is not considered neutral by Russia, perhaps Turkey and the UN can continue to speak to both sides. Ukrainian unified resistance is difficult for Putin to ignore. The pawns, 6500 children evacuated to Russia and Ukrainians deported there, would be part of the cease fire and a negotiated “peace” process with Putin.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce If anyone remembers, the South Korean entry to the 2020 film Festival, “Parasite”, you’ll remember the intense poverty of those living underground in Seoul, South Korea. With the new President, affordable housing will be built for the working poor and phased out. Internationally, from the 80’ s through the 90’s , many Laws that protected people and Democracies, were phased out in favor of unacceptable Corporate Greed. The tides of Social Change are changing with our extreme weather conditions.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce You might not want to call flooding events “Climate Change”! However, severe flooding is occurring and reoccurring in the same hot drought areas repeatedly. There’s a lot of water vapor building up in the atmosphere that precipitates the flooding. To adapt, acknowledge fossil fuels are causing thunderstorms of catastrophic proportions and anchor your homes and have exits ready in the short term. In the medium turn, determine how to collect the water from these deluges and channel/ pipe the water effectively to streams and Lakes depleted by the preceding drought. Be innovative and proactive to survive, because flooding is not going to stop or be a once in a 1000 year occurrence. In extreme hot and drought stricken regions, flooding and destruction of infrastructure is the new normal.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Starbucks personnel are penalized for forming a Union. 200 shops are Unionized and 75 employees have been terminated and harassed by management for being part of the Union. Several Starbucks locations are on strike, protesting their lack pay, harassment and lack of benefits. The NLRB is investing all Starbucks employee claims. Good luck! The Rules of a Clean Slate for Workers, would make the process of Unionization easier, eliminating Corporate interference. It would , also, allow for sectoral Unionization. A win win for labor and their Community.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Why would Facebook curb White Supremacists on their platforms, when they bring in lucrative ad money? Is Facebook a protector of citizens or consumers? There is a difference. Do we want these groups to be shared with the FBI for Surveillance and possibly arrest? Or removal of weapons? Why aren’t Social Media Platforms accountable to “We the People “? If you sell a stock product, the SEC protects us from fraud. Should we care more about citizens and our Democracy, then Facebook’s right to make profits off of us? Questions to ask, while we consider how much power Facebook and other media channels should have over our data.

TheVoiceOfJoyce What can you do to monitor red toxic algae blooms or blue green toxic algae, prevalent through December? Young people are being recruited by NOAA to sample the Waters and act as ambassadors for the collection of samples to help NOAA determine the health risks to humans. The algae form when the waters heat up. Their toxins are dangerous to humans and businesses. Australia and other Pacific Nations have the same problems. NOAA’s early warning notices in Spanish and English, saves lives and property. Next step prevention?

TheVoiceOfJoyce Putin’s War not going well for Putin. Crimea is back in play. The Ukrainians never intended to give it up. The Donetsk region is at War. Russian propaganda may show lies about the state and injuries under their Occupation, but the People know they’re under siege. Building’s are hit by missiles and civilians are losing their lives. The Nuclear Power Plant does not belong to Russia and it’s needed to heat Kyiv and other States in Winter. The shelling , acknowledged by Russia, they say is repurpose the Plant for Russian use and Russian integration. Are the Russians intent on freezing the Ukrainian people? This War must have an end game. All of Europe is helping the Ukrainians and training them to remove land mines. It’s a matter of time and the counteroffensive will work!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Facebook hands over private data to the Police on mother helping daughter to seek abortion? Now the Police have the family in custody? Many questions are unanswered? Why should a Corporate entity be Surveillance for the State? Why is that surveillance selective? Why is Facebook allowed to share our data with whoever they choose? What happened to our rights to privacy? Why wasn’t data asked for or shared with the Police on potential active shooters, violent abusers, those perpetrating acts of violence, disinformation, bullying? Why is Facebook held unaccountable and the arbitrator of who uses our data and how? Where are Laws and Regulations to protect us from Corporate Abuse of Surveillance Data?

TheVoiceOfJoyce The American Dream? In the 70’ & 80’s border towns, in Texas, sprung up with promises of a home and good paying jobs. Mexicans became US citizens, marginalized, like 2.5 million other citizens surviving in poor rural communities without water. Finally, after 40+ yrs, non profits, not the EPA, are bringing clean waters to Latino and indigenous families. This was supposed to be their ticket out of poverty . A home of your own and citizenship, a low paying home and no water. These hardships prevented their kids from leaving home to pursue a better life. Now with the advent of water, coming to one Texas community, 2200 out of 840,000 others, scattered along the Texas border, some kids are finally leaving. You are all citizens, raise your voices, vote and vote for change. You can make a difference. Don’t remain silent.