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Right to Counsel Available to TenantsIf you are a New York City resident facing an eviction proceeding, you now have a right to legal counsel if you are income-eligible, no matter your zip code or immigration status. Tenants with notice of a court date and tenants who have been illegally locked out should contact the … More TheVoiceOfJoyce. If you fear NYC Eviction, apply for Rental Assistance NOW! Legal Counsel phone numbers provided, too!

TheVoiceOfJoyce listen to In The Bubble with Andy Slavitt interviewing Dr Michael Mina. Best Podcast I’ve heard explaining Viral infections, Viral Load, who’s at risk and which tests to use when asymptomatic, symptomatic and over the infection.

TheVoiceOfJoyce TheOutlook is gloomy but Human intervention can mitigate the Outcome. We can’t afford to watch our World die, like the movie “Don’t Look Up”. We’re not victims, we can do better. Unite for a better way of life. Simple changes, tax incentives can bring sustainable agriculture & lower Carbon Emissions. Add solar & wind & bio fuels, while developing cold fusion. Collaborate globally and we’ll resolve our problems. Perhaps we should start with Covid 19 ?

Gloomy outlook for global recovery, World Economic Forum survey finds

Covid Kids & Labor

What’s important to you, Zero Covid tolerance like Hong Kong or what we’re doing in the States? Compare Hong Kong to NYC‘s numbers: 35,500 deaths and 300,000 left the State. I discuss welfare and childcare vs the distribution of block grants to States. Somehow the money is not distributed to the poor and poverty exists. … More Covid Kids & Labor

TheVoiceOfJoyce Minor correction: TWIV #850 not #860. For those vaccinated & boosted, relax. The Vaccines work. Assess your risk of Covid 19 by determining how many co morbidity’s you have. If none, your chance of severe Covid is 1/60,000. If you’re over weight, you’ve increased your risk for more severe Covid 19. Paxlovid , the new anti viral is very effective in reducing severe Covid. For the unvaccinated, be aware there’s a chance you could experience severe Cognitive decline and be unable to work. Once again the Vaccine is effective, it has been shown to reduce long Covid. So how many more reasons do you need to get the Vaccine? Don’t want death, mental decline, oxygen deficiency, infusion of drugs, wear your mask and get the Vaccine. If you’re vaccinated, relax. Make sure kids get vaccinated & boosted too!

TheVoiceOfJoyce. Dear Followers, I rarely send out the same information twice. However, TWIV 860 with Dr Daniel Griffin is an exceptional YouTube program. Dr Griffin dives into the data on Omicron infections. It’s not like an ordinary cold for the Unvaccinated. It has the infectious capability to co exist with other respiratory infections and the flow. It’s effecting unvaccinated children and putting them in the ICU. This Variant transmits so quickly our entire Country could shut down as supply chains and food becomes scarce because employees are sick. Israel is going into its 4 th Lockdown, because Omicron is spreading too rapidly. There’s an easy way out of Lockdown and a way to restore our mental & financial health, get vaccinated.

TheVoiceOfJoyce TWIV #850 Clinical update with Dr Daniel Griffin on SARS COV2. New variant Omicron is virulent. It is not cold like, except in Vaccinated & Boosted individuals. Our population is different from South Africa, 45% of the population is Vaccinated & 55% had a prior infection. Their last Covid encounter with Omicron was 30 yr olds & they had less deaths and symptoms. That’s not true in the UK or US. GSK monoclonal antibody works against Omicron. Paxlovid distributed by pharmacies in your area also work to prevent severe infections. If you’re boosted, you’re protected for 6 months. Especially with Moderna. Boosted individuals are safest against Omicron unless you have comorbidities: overweight, hypertension, diabetes, immune suppression. Where masks at all times. Never miss an opportunity to be Vaccinated, especially kids. Kids are getting sick. Healthy kids are being hospitalized. The Country’s health is everyone’s responsibility.

The Cruel Failure of Welfare Reform in the Southwest — ProPublica

A ProPublica series has found that in Nevada and neighboring states, boom times hastened the demise of cash assistance for the poor — but not poverty. Poverty Persists. Child poverty increased. — Read on TheVoiceOfJoyce. There’s a need to pass the For the Families Act, cash helps people eat better & learn , reduces … More The Cruel Failure of Welfare Reform in the Southwest — ProPublica

TheVoiceOfJoyce Over a million Covid Infections recorded. Most Omicron. More being hospitalized because of the #’s of cases among the Unvaccinated. This is a mild infection, if you’re in good health & have been boosted. All others stay home. Also, though 1 million cases are known, at least 10 States are not reporting infections and those who self test are not counted. Since Omicron incubates for 72 hrs expect the number infected to double frequently. There’s a way forward. Get Vaccinated& boosted and protect your children with the Vaccine. Choose Living well!

A COVID Vaccine for All – Scientific American

New Covid Vaccine, using NY, Texas etc philanthropy, was developed in The Texas Children’s Hospital CVD & the Baylor College of Medicine. They used established yeast fermentation procedures to produce 100 million does. The Vaccine will be manufactured in India, made similar to the Hepatitis B Vaccine. It’s licensed by BioE and will be distributed … More A COVID Vaccine for All – Scientific American