TheVoiceOfJoyce Statistics are a serious indictment of our Culture. If you’re African American, Hispanic or Indigenous making less than $50,000 a year, you’re in 50%+ liable to need cash for food , medical bills and your kids fell behind in schools. Over 40% of our population of Americans making less than $50,000 a year don’t have enough money to survive, even with the minor Federal Funds flowing to them. This is a tragedy. The For The Families Act is a necessity along with the Infrastructure and retraining bills proposed. Over 50% of Americans need a monetary lifeline and stimulus. Their kids will require remedial schooling to catch up to learning missed during the Pandemic. When will the monetary spigot flow to help hard working Americans, whose only “crime “was being Middle Class, during a Pandemic?!.

TheVoiceOfJoyce A picture is worth 1000 words. As sea levels rise, look what’s projected to happen to famous sites in USA. There is no end to the rising tides! No more sea coasts or beach, all water front property!

TheVoiceofJoyce. Ep. 97: “Sets of 3 “C” ‘s”

Today I’ll be discussing sets of 3 C’s. The first being cancer, chemo, covid and the second being covid, containers and crime. I’m also taking the time out to thank my amazing team and support staff throughout my journey. They have been wonderful and I will survive and thrive. amazing team around me.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Pfizer has become the Vaccine of choice for 1.6 Billion +

According to the WHO the Vaccine market is $33 Billion worldwide. Countries in the Middle East, South America are lining up to receive the Pfizer Vaccine benefits. The World understands , with Covid , there’s the potential for death and no Economy. Without Covid, our lives can resume. No Country is back to normal yet. … More TheVoiceOfJoyce Pfizer has become the Vaccine of choice for 1.6 Billion +

TheVoiceOfJoyce Biden’s Infrastructure Bills must all pass. There’s a lot to help us go green with Incentives. $12,500 in credits for electric cars. Ways to retrain and use new skills to build wind, solar & Nuclear Power. A method to conserve water resources. Money for families and expanded Medicare. There’s something for everyone, even Community Colleges. California hasn’t issued new oil licenses in 35 years. We can repurpose old infrastructure and make buildings greener, more open to the environment & natural light. We can invest in preventative maintenance of our forests and rivers. So much to do. These bills are the stimulus we need to help our Country cut down on Carbon & Methane Emissions while improving our way of life with better jobs & wages. Pass these bills Congress, now.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Breaking up Facebook & other Social Media platforms by Country would allow regulators to scrutinize content and discern what’s harmful. Zuckerberg in particular is responsible for the Algorithms and violence he allows on these sites. He is not capable of self regulating his content when misinformation about Vaccines generates millions of hits. He allows anti democracy views to persist, he allows harming and shaming children & girls. This is a large power project for Zuckerberg. Experimenting with people’s biases in order to better manipulate them for Facebook’s personal gain! It’s not enough to fine them. Facebook must be regulated along with all digital content to prevent the misuse of information and the manipulation of personal content and behavior.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Covid has had a profound psychological impact on women and teens Globally. Causing millions of cases of Anxiety & deep depression. People are suffering. Use the Vaccine to eradicate the need for further isolation and outbreaks leading to another’s death. In USA 120,000 children have lost one parent to Covid. These are tragedies taking place daily, that can be avoided with the Vaccine!

TheVoiceOfJoyce A Russian and Philippine Journalist were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for maintaining a dialogue on Democracy and understanding of the need of their nations to cooperate to achieve Peace and cooperation with other Nations. Leading to nuclear disarmament! “Profiles in Courage. “

TheVoiceOfJoyce Major legislation out of California giving Tech Activist the right to break their Non Disclosure Agreements, if they’re being harassed or abused by their employer. They can now go public with complaints of abuse & Corporate malfeasance. The day of increased employees Rights is here!

TheVoiceOfJoyce. Congress should not delay Legislation to curb abuses on Social Media platforms. Misinformation about Covid, Vaccines, Cancer leads to people’s death. Creating a violent culture destroys kids self image. Denigrating Democray is criminal. Facebook and Zuckerberg have put “ profits over People “ purposely. Misinformation, conspiracy , vileness s and child trafficking are promoted by Zuckerberg. He had 32,000 ethicist employed. He fired them to pursue Profits at any cost! He fired them for the Power he gets when manipulating People! Don’t buy Zuckerberg’s lies. Further after regulate all Social Media platforms, then work to make stealing personal emails a crime. Digital crime should have Legislative Penalties. There is no difference between burglarizing offices or theft of digital property for personal gain. TheVoiceOfJoyce