TheVoiceOfJoyce Help others and thankfully you’re helping yourself ! Huge Ma , working at AirB&B , helped his mother get the Vaccine by Designing TurboVax , a site that aggregates all vaccine appointment data in NYC. It’s so successful, it gets 1 million hits a day. I heard about the site from my son. Who uses it. It’s on Twitter on well. All Ma asks , is contribute to Welcome to Chinatown, to combat racism. The site is free. Now, if someone can link jobs available for the unemployed, we could Zoom forward.

TheVoiceOfJoyce It’s ironic Unemployment Insurance has been taxable since the 70’s, while Hedge Fund CEO’s reap Billions at no cost. Tax Hedge Fund profits as income and eliminate Taxes on unemployment insurance during the Pandemic. It’s fair and reflects FDR’s reasoning in 1035. 40 million are at risk for food, debt and insecurity!

TheVoiceOfJoyce From Israel with hope: Best data yet suggests vaccines will empty COVID wards | The Times of Israel

Of first 1.82 million immunized, only 0.07% became virus positive, 122 were hospitalized, 23 died. If everyone had shots, we’d only need a ‘few dozen’ virus beds, says top MD — Read on

TheVoiceOfJoyce Just when we thought we had to worry about the Pandemic & Climate , we now have an urgency to rid our World of dangerous pollutants or face biological extinction from lowered sperm counts. 100 years of oil and now we need drastic changes to our lifestyle or we won’t have a future.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Original stimulus checks and latest round produce spending on goods. The Economy is fragile and requires the Relief & Stimulus Package now to prevent an economic decline. Though people’s spending increased, wages only increased 0.7% tragic when prices are going up. No need to worry about inflation, NY Fed unconcerned. We’re not back to 2% yet. With more stimulus comes more spending. Increased wages are a necessity to keep up productivity. The $1.9 Relief & Stimulus Package is a win win for the People! And Economy. It’s the beginning of needed spending power

TheVoiceOfJoyce Yes there are Variants, the longer people fail to comply with simple rules, the more frequent the Variants. One solution, Cheap Frequent, at home tests @$1/day, proposed by Dr Michael Mina. They’re not approved yet, for lack of a Medical Definition. They would stop the Outbreaks and allow us to resume life , if negative and isolate the asymptomatic infections. This test coupled with Vaccinations will allow us to resume all activities safely. Be safe & be well

TheVoiceOfJoyce J& J single shot Vaccine works best in worst case scenarios and against the new Variants! Older candidates may be susceptible to a mild case of Covid. Sounds great ! for emerging nations and young people. With 3 Vaccines 1

TheVoiceOfJoyce Dreadful times bring an opportunity to Biden to sponsor a major Infrastructure Bill that would reduce Carbon Emissions, pollution & weather extremes, increase renewable energy substantially and increase jobs. Americans need large projects to protect our Grid & smoke transportation systems to transport workers to job sites. We don’t need to tear down , we need to Increase our capacity to provide clean air and water. The Provate Sector must contribute their money & expertise as well.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen spoke with Deal Book’s Aron Ross Sorkin today and admitted, the Labor Market is 10% unemployment, when you include GIG workers, & those out of the workforce! She’s looking to bring that number down to 3.5%. Building Back Better and an increased minimum wage of at least $11/hr are National goals.

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My passions Who am I? I love life, I collect and I recently gave a talk on Glass Sculpture in America. It’s available on VIMEO,, discussing 3 Glass Artists, The Maestro, Lino Taglieopietra, Dale Chihuly & Peter Bremers, who attended and spoke about his work. Check it out, if looking for a diversion from … More TheVoiceOfJoyce Topic for YouTube #69 Passions Tuesday live; Listen , Comment & Subscribe.