TheVoiceOfJoyce Walmart a major beneficiary of the Trump administration largesse is an example of increasing Corporate power under Trump & TrumpsGOP. What happened to stakeholder equity? Under Kleptocrats , the money flows upwards . Most workers and those unemployed or underemployed would want great benefits and pay increases. “We the Peopke” have been waiting since 2008. Social Security hasn’t changed in at least 5 years either. There are solutions to our State of Inequality. Not with this Administration !

TheVoiceOfJoyce Voting for Trump & TrumpsGOP is voting for the continuation of a global Kleptocracy. Do Americans really want to lose all their power? We have a Constitutional Democracy, Vote and remove Trump and his Senate sblers to build back better. We can have a Utopia for realists, not with Trump. I’m for empowering people, we have the technology to race and remove Kleptocrats. We can use our Drmocracy to make our lives better, not worse. Why create more problems when we must solve the existing inequities?

TheVoiceOfJoyce How to check your water system for contamination with PFAS. If you suspect tainted water, have it checked. If you’re in city housing petition to see testing results. Another chemical on the ban list, the Trump Administration refused to remove. There are many ways this Administration is hurting Americans, polluting our air and water is another failed policy.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Peace of mind is hard enough, coupled with the stress of combating Covid, loss of work , fear of the unknown, many are now losing their hair too! Still don’t think , it’s imperative to defeat Covid, think again. The side effects people are encountering are debilitating and causing despair & deaths of despair are rising, too! As a people, a once United peopke , we must view the Country as one beating heart. Please for everyone’s sake eliminate the Cancer on our Prediency and TrumpsGOP and let’s get back to civility and governing for the People and by the People. We need 4 yrs of peace , planning & rebuilding, not a Kleptocracy!

TheVoiceOfJoyce To all who feel there will be a fight , don’t be caught up in Trumps fantasy. Trump said “get rid of the ballots” and then he could just continue his Presidency! Register to Vote, Vote by absentee or Mail in ballots or drop boxes early , take a photo of your ballot, track it, if possible . Trump would like you to stand on long lines and never get to vote , or if using the electronic machines, your vote can be obliterated by Russian Malware that has been detected! Vote, vote, vote. Don’t be intimidated. He plays by his rules. We’re a Constitutional Democracy. We’ll survive!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Many Options to detect virus in those still asymptomatic. Dog sniffing at Helsinki airports is in a pilot project. Israel is working on a breath test. They’ve perfected one to detect cancer. We have options. Do we have the National will to comply with Testing & tracing and masks & social distancing? Culture wars are destroying our lives.

TheVoiceOfJoyce If NYC school systems have consulted with Dr Michael Mina & he recommends testing 3 times a week minimum, why are the schools using a contractor to test teachers once a month? That’s not going to stop Outbreaks. Only aggressive testing and tracing will prevent outbreaks! Go with Dr Michael Mina’s program and stop Outbreaks.

TheVoiceOfJoyce CDC’s Redfield & Fauci stated 90% of the still at risk for Covid 19. Only a small fraction of the Country has become infected. Reality, some states have 24% of their population effected , while others are at less than 1% . If we ever want to resume living life, we need an aggressive National Rapid SalivaTest program, those frequent, daily, cheap, in your home tests, separating the healthy from the infectious. If we don’t Approve those tests now, continue to wear masks and social distance , we will still have the virus in America in 6 months. Without a major stimulus package &/or a Basic Living Wage America will fall into a deep Depression economically. Trumps policies & TrumpsGOP have worsened the lives of most Americans. Unless you’re the Uber wealthy or getting special benefits, unlike the rest of us left to suffer.–SgCxX-o7byWjdg

TheVoiceOfJoyce It’s ironic, the Farmers get a bailout because the climate & Trumps trade policies have destroyed many of their farms. As part of the Bill , SNAP will feed kids. Who’s left out, retailers, Americans not working with no end in sight for their economic & emotional despair . A Basic Living Wage would solve many problems. Who else is suffering all the States hobbled by Clinate catastrophes & economic losses. With the flu season upon us, get your shot early and hope TrumpsGOP will pass bills that help “We the People “. Corporations got our bailout, why not us!?