TheVoiceOfJoyce Zelensky has much to concern him. The release of grain, signed by Putin as he continues to lash out . Then, Putin brazenly bombed Odesa’s Port. Will Putin honor his agreement with Turkey and the UN & allow the grain to flow? Or will his disdain for Binding Contracts prevail? It’s a risk worth taking. 400 million lives are counting on Ukrainian grain. Next, Zelensky has collaborators with the Russians and needs Russian entrenchment positions. Zelensky is asking the Ukrainian people for their help in pinpointing the Collaborators and the exact sites of Russian Entrenchment/ Occupation! Once the information is at hand, an effective Counteroffensive can be launched, leading to a cease fire and reclamation of Land lost. With 2 million Ukrainians, kidnapped and brought to Russia, no matter what happens, there can be no fair Russian Referendum, unless and until they are returned. Besides, it’s too early for Putin to decide Ukraine is now Russian. Fierce fighting disproves his lie!

TheVoiceOfJoyce: The events surrounding the January 6 th Insurrection, point to a political Party, The Republicans, no longer willing to play by existing rules and have stacked the electoral deck with extremists, willing to continually tamper with the machinery of our Elections. This is a crime. Members of the Republican Party, in Congress took part in perpetuating the Lie of 2020. The election was not stolen by the sitting President, Joe Biden. There must be Laws to prevent the continuing misrepresentation of the facts and accountability & punishment for those holding Public Office, refusing to uphold the Laws of the Constitution. There are members of the Republican Party, sitting in Congress , who have aided and given credence to a violent coup. Where is accountability and punishment for not maintaining their Oath to the Constitution? Finally, Social Media sites, Fox News & Newsmax were complicit in fueling the 2020 Election Lie, by disseminating false information leading to violence and encouraging 50 million Americans to believe they are right to take up arms against an administration, that is indeed legitimate, in order to install their chosen Electors and President. Where is accountability, the Laws to prevent this perversion of Democracy and the Punishment for ultimately subverting our election process? The Constitution has a mechanism to remove those in political office, who fail to uphold their Constitutional Oath of office. Does this apply to the Secretaries of States in 6 States , if elected? How are we regulating the Social Media Channels and the news channels responsible for Disinformation ( lies) and misinformation ( misleading information) ? Where’s their accountability&Punishment?Their lies have led to violence. We cannot have freedom and liberty, retain the representation of every vote, unless our Laws protect us from criminal intent to destroy our Democracy and our electoral process! No Party can decide they are unchecked, by Laws ,that bind them to their Constitutional Oath.

TheVoiceOfJoyce I heard the experts speak on the course of this War, stating there will be no Peace till each side tires of War? Really? Peace must come to this region, sooner, rather than later. 400 million people rely on Ukrainian grain. The accord, drafted by the UN and Turkey, is to be signed separately with the Russian and Ukrainian delegation. The Farmers are skeptical, but will aid the transport or next years harvest won’t occur. Meanwhile, as Russia lashes out, pretending to take more territory, the Ukrainian forces are on the offensive. Perhaps, this Summer & fall will mark the end of Putin’s bloody incursion! Will the World’s leaders have Laws in place to prevent future Wars from starting and a Peace initiative to stop this one?

TheVoiceOfJoyce: if the Country fails to ban assault weapons and extended magazines for mass murder and refuses to automate background checks, or monitor and remove dangerous web chat and their perpetrators from Social Media Sites and the Dark Web, does the Public have any other recourse, other than to provide millions of safe spaces within our schools? Common sense, says protect our kids and disarm those who are prone to violence, even & especially the White Supreicist’ in our midst.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The Marshall Projects tracks data on Mass Shootings and this year is the deadliest. Since 2016, violence in America has increased to 124 deaths a day. The Country has grown more violent , why? Culture Wars, Social Media, Fox News, Easy Access to assault Rifles. Congress, if functional can Legislate against violence in the Media or Fox. The FCC could reinstitute the Fairness Doctrine. 3 rd If the Supreme Court, was consistent in voting for a strict adherence to the Constitution, they would ban all guns or allow only muskets. We have a standing Army, that pledges allegiance to the Constitution. We have a National Guard and a Police Force, no one else needs a gun. Or the Court could ban Ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines. Since none of this is occurring to maintain the Public Safety, shut down Gun Manufacturers, distributors and all sellers of weapons with a Massive Class Action Lawsuit. Use the same model as targeting Tobacco. The Facts and the Law are on the side of the People!

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce As the War in Ukraine escalates, the G7 agreed on a Missile defense system for Ukrainians, capped oil prices, limiting Putin’s revenue. Turkey allowed Finland and Sweden to join NATO expanded protection to these countries, too! Let’s hope the new weapons are deployed quickly and give Zelenskiy the opportunity to regain territory. Meanwhile, Putin’s bombing continues!

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce As the War in Ukraine continues it is obvious Zelenskiy needs the Weapons he’s asked for. Ukrainians need an opportunity to turn the tide of War , quickly. Lives are at stake, 3 harvests of wheat to feed the World are held hostage, too many are being slaughtered on the battlefield. The War must come to a quick end to stop the devastation of lives. Russian soldiers are fighting with Ukrainians.The Pope gives Putin a diplomatic passPutin will be the negotiator. There’s only one way forward a victory for Zelenskiy!

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Ukrainian invasion beginning to feel like Apocalypse, When? Zelenskiy has a shopping list of weapons he’s requested. It can’t take months to get to him. Ukrainians are fighting valiantly, but they’re out numbered and out gunned. Putin’s war costs him nothing, Russia’s $20 Billion a day covered by Euro’s! Day 110 looks bleak for Zelenskiy and our World.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Texas is #1 in America for mass murders. It also has the most liberal gun purchase laws. All Democratic State Legislators & some Republicans are calling for a special Legislative session in 3 weeks to implement Gun Safety Laws. They want, a 21 age limit for purchase , Red Flag Laws and extensive Background checks with a cooling off period prior to purchase. If Abbott doesn’t convene a special Legislative Session , legislators don’t meet till January 3 rd, 2023!

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce “We the People “ speak up against the use of guns without making the Public safe. They condemn the Republican advocacy of guns over the Lives of People. They would ban ownership of all assault weapons and limit the # of bullets sold. They want background checks and physicals determining mental competence. The list continues with registration and liability for all weapons in someone’s possession. Congress has a clear mandate from “We the People “, will the GOP agree to bipartisan Law in support of the Lives of People. ?