TheVoiceOfJoyce The “Big Lie” and fraud continue as Dark Money & inept “auditors” use Partisan oversight to re examine the Peoples ballots endlessly in an attempt to find Voter fraud where none exists, to overturn a legitimate Election . The question, will TrumpsGOP let these fake audits end? They won’t, because they like the status quo;Voter suppression, in fighting among groups, poor education, encouraging a lack of scientific &technological proficiency, low vaccination rates , low wages, cut In unemployment benefits, & programs that Hurt “we the People “! Why change when they can be paid by Lobbyists to support industries rather than citizens ! It’s past time for all people in the Lower & Middle Classes to understand that anyone who denies us the right to vote, a good education, healthcare and decent wages , is not working on our behalf. There is no bipartisanship now, let’sinsist that Biden’s economic plans pass along with Federal guidelines for Election Reforms. Than we want a minimum wage, & a change in the NLRB. New Laws to help all labor return to pay with dignity. A Clean Slate for Workers!

TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube Tuesday, EPI #84 Science

Description of EPI #84 Compassion & Science? TrumpsGOP are ready to protect their domain, even if it kills us and it is. They’re controlling how we vote and how we think. In many states they write history as they see it and don’t teach evolution. No wonder there’s fear of Vaccination Science and collaborative science … More TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube Tuesday, EPI #84 Science

TheVoiceOfJoyce: Agenda(No spoilers)Watch YouTube Tuesday! EPI #84 People, Compassion & Science

I was going to write about Democracy and decided to speak about unequal Education in America and advocate for Science & technology instead, presenting new ideas and an understanding of why we’re being held back !   At least 8 States don’t teach Science and Technology. In Texas alone, Ars Technica has been tracking bills … More TheVoiceOfJoyce: Agenda(No spoilers)Watch YouTube Tuesday! EPI #84 People, Compassion & Science

TheVoiceOfJoyce Climate Goals by the G7 must be met. Yes, economies will lose Trillions & contract , when temperatures rise 2.5 degrees Celsius. However, people will die along with biodiversity & pollution will increase destroying our resources, too! That’s why I wonder, why are American Republicans going all in on Fossil Fuels, do they think they’ll be the lone survivors? Do they think their short term gains are worth dooming all our Resources to extinction? These are the People Joe Manchin supports? People who only cares about themselves& their wants ! The rest of us, what do we want. Speaking for myself, I want a better life for my children & grandchildren, I can’t support short term selfishness. “We the People “have an equal human right to survive and thrive!

TheVoiceOfJoyce The For the People’s Act is a partisan Bill that restores absentee ballots, limits campaign financing and limits Gerrymandering. Joe Manchin is against this partisan Bill, yet he supports the GOP SUPPRESSION of Voting Rights. I don’t understand how he can support limiting our right to vote? What do you want? Democracy or Oligarchy?

TheVoiceOfJoyce 14 States out of 43 have already passed restrictive Voting Laws that will disproportionately affect minorities. How many States must pass these Laws, before the Federal Government acts to Pass the Legislation needed to support fair voting rights and limited political contributions. Pass HR 1 & HR 4 For the Families Act & S1 in the Senate. Get rid of the Filibuster and legislate Democracy for all!

TheVoiceOfJoyce No wonder today’s GOP doesn’t want History to reflect America’s racist past, in many Southern & TrumpsGOP controlled States, they are racist in their response to unemployment benefits. They look upon benefits as a deterrent to work. African Americans get much less than the white population and now they want to cut out benefits that should have extended through September. Raising wages helps everyone. Increased wages equals increased productivity & less inflation. Realistically, until the Jobs act and For the Families Act, child care and many unemployment benefits haven’t reached long term unemployed or workers in the Gig economy. There will be a lag in employment until people experience relief from economic pain and experience the benefits of child care allowances and resumption of schooling. What we’re-seeing is temporary. Be patient and work with your constituents.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Education : History & Civics are too important to be left to the Politicians. Historians should write history. Accurate, when flawed , debated, allowing our kids to understand American Histpry: the good, bad and the Ugly up for analytical debate. There were white orphan trains, too! Our American History is based on survival against the odds with many brave people standing up for what is right. Learn the truth and the truth will set you free. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican! So was TR. both my favorites. Truth and debate and analytical thinking were a realm they excelled in. The truth does set us free.

TWIV #761 Clinical update with Dr Daniel Griffin #64. Vaccines work. Chances of getting Covid after Vaccination is 1:500,000. We’re lucky kids as young as 12 are now eligible! Follow revised CDC guidelines or campers. School guidelines on a Covid 19 Dashboard RapidTests every week to assure you’re safe in school. Though it’s recommended that everyone eligible for the Vaccine be Vaccinated before school starts. Utah has the model for school reopening and safety to play sports. Pfizer can now be stored up to a month under normal refrigeration. Monoclonal antibody work for Long Covid & if used immediately. Use them. For 100% confidence, Vaccinate.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Bold spending will turn non believers in change to believers. Pass the Family Act & the Infrastructure bills and provide good paying jobs for Americans being temporarily unemployed. FYI The Trump Tax Cuts never helped WE the People only the GOP’s constituents, at great cost to Americans. In NYC we have higher Capital Gains taxes and like other Cities, we’d like full deduction for taxes & mortgage interest. Reverse the cap on SALT, and give the Middle Classes more money to spend & survive.