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Thank you my dear followers for your good wishes. This is my first YouTube in weeks and I wished to return with UpBeat news and what effects us currently. Brief Description: Questions to ask ourselves, prior to planning solutions. Americans Can do Spirit will return to help us survive and thrive! The heart and pulse … More TheVoiceOfJoyce New EpisodeYouTube #86 Being Present

TheVoiceOfJoyce In NYC the undocumented, gig workers, long term unemployed are struggling together with no food and no benefits. Scared to get the virus , they’re struggling to survive. Will the undocumented with American kids be eligible for Childcare? What happens to those who have lost jobs, have no benefits and marginal income? Who’s jobs are they taking? The pity, there are few service jobs open and they can’t be filled without childcare!

TheVoiceOfJoyce The Colonial pipeline hacking creates a state of emergency for the entire East Coast. There are no contingency plans , no alternate suppliers. This is an opportunity to add skilled IT to all critical infrastructure and decentralized & decoupling significant sources of energy. Monopolies don’t work. Especially, monopolies who never plan for worst case scenarios. In a World with AI intelligence, individuals & Nation states able to disrupt our services , we need to be equally as smart, accountable and transparent to government, employees & citizen oversight.

TheVoiceOfJoyce There are at least 3.5 million long term unemployed. They’re excluded by a computer. They’re, too, exact & they have age bias , education bias & others. Since, No human reviews their resume, many never get a job and they’re not eligible for unemployment benefits either.Does anyone care how or if they survive? Why are they unseen in our Society? I know several skilled people in IT, Construction , that haven’t gotten a job in years. When will the Federal government recognize we have a pervasive problem and folks are suffering from mental health problems caused by their situation

TheVoiceOfJoyce The under connected now totals 12 million kids. They can’t attend school remotely nor can their parents afford a $30/month connection fee. WIFI is a necessity, when learning is remote. Due to non compliance with Covid protection protocols, remote learning is permanent till kids are not in danger of becoming infected. A lot of loan forgiveness has to take place. With no jobs, how will people catch up and pay their bills?

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Japan’s GDP down & no workers laid off during the Pandemic. Japan puts Corporate sustainability & labor first. They have robust testing & tracing of the virus. They where masks & social distance. Family first policy.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Going back to work in some “Red” states offers Workers no choice. If they don’t return to work , they lose their benefits . Many worry they’ll get sick & infect loved ones. It doesn’t have to be an either or situation. We can be doing massive State programs to benefit all people. Making sure their employees are tested , along with their customers. Insuring masks, gloves and social distancing are practiced by all. Why would you vote for a Government that puts your life & the life of loved ones in danger? There are other ways to reopen safely. This Federal Government, under Trump, failed everyone.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce To the Government of Argentina, help is on the way, via the appointment of a renown Economist. Guzman looks at reality & won’t pile on debt and will need stimulus for an economy driven back into recession & inflation. Change anticipated for the better.

America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Unionization is the backbone of Americans. The Gilded Age ended with Labor stronger together & organized. When labor conditions are inhumane, it’s time to shame & organize for better conditions. CEO & upper management pay may decrease, but profits will remain. Let CEO’s spend less on Lobbyists & share tax cuts!

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce We’re a wealthy Nation. So why are Americans less healthy than the rest of our peers. Mortality for all Americans in mid life are dying from heart disease, pulmonary obstructive diseases besides opioids & other maladies. Our life span has decreased by 3 yrs. Domestic policy that concerns itself with the People’s health and wellbeing has been neglected. It’s never too late to put programs inplace to save our lives & let us thrive!