AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce An informative interview with Bill Gates , “On Preventing the Next Pandemic “, his new book. He’d make WHO responsible for 3000 workers & Scientists Globally communicating and sharing information on the next potential microbe to infect us. An early warning system for Pandemics. These platforms are doable and would be $1 Billion well spent to prevent the next Pandemic and the loss of lives and $10 Trillion in Global GDP. For links and more questions posed to Bill Gates, read the article. His main concern now is malnutrition and child hunger. 2 nd , Vaccines to eradicate HIV & TB

The baby formula shortage and the twisted priorities of the American economy

Throughout the country, there is an acute shortage of baby formula that millions of families rely on to feed their children. According to research from Datasembly, “the national out-of-stock rate for baby formula reached 43 percent” last week. That’s — Read on A must read. Corporations in America are more important than people. At … More The baby formula shortage and the twisted priorities of the American economy

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce I disagree when Olsen says, the poor & middle class got us into inflation. It’s Corporate Greed 100% & the top 1%. Absolutely, I agree, tax the 1%. Also raise Corporate taxes to 28%. Don’t touch our social security or Medicare. Instead, let everyone pay into payroll deduction and FICA according to your salary. Stop limiting income to be taxed, unless you make the first $118,400 non taxable ? Convert Hedge Funds fee s to income and tax it as ordinary income. Stop the Financial Game playing. If the GOP wants rate increases, they’ll bring us to a Reagan era recession and more stock market sell offs. Stop Corporate Greed & Raise the lower and middle Class safety net. Pay down the deficit by increasing Revenue! Start building America.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Blame the oil & gas companies for continuing their production of Fossil Fuels, knowing the consequences to our planet and water supply. Blame administrations that continued to encourage Fossil Fuels over renewable ent. California is suffering fraught in 95% of the state. The Southern counties, including LA can’t water their lawns except, once a week? People in all counties need drinking water, that should take precedence over Lawns. #. #StopBigAgraSubsidies & #Fossil Fuel Subsidies #GoSolar fast

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Why inflation now? Because on average, US corporations made 49% profit, rewarded shareholders and bought back stock . Consumers are paying higher prices for food and gas , as their wages increased only 1.6%. This, like climate change, is a man made tragedy based on Corporate Greed. Corporations don’t have to pass on higher prices, they have chosen to do so, because they control the marketplace. Where is anti trust enforcement? Where is the will to increase and roll back Corporate tax cuts. The Industrial, government, military complex is forcing more Americans into poverty. Why? #GREED. #Crony Capitalism is not sustainable in the long run. Neither is inflation.

America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Why are oil prices Higher, because 28 oil and gas Corporations gave their CEO’s record salaries accruing from record profits! They’ve increased the prices at our homes & in the tank, because they can. There is no enforcement of anti trust Laws. They can be enforced! Corporate accountability doesn’t exist, it’s like self regulation. It doesn’t happen without taking away subsidies and forcing oil & gas back to Renewable development or there’s another way. A class action suit against these oil & gas companies for knowingly committing crimes against humanity! Thanks to oil & gas companies, we have climate deniers and Climate Change. It’s time for positive informed action against Runaway Inflation and the oil & gas industry as a start!

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Politicians have feasted off of Corporate Profits and largess. They’ve encouraged profits over people, rewarded Big Corporations with the Trump Tax Cuts, encouraging minimal taxation of the Wealthy and now they’re surprised by Corporate Greed. Industry is out of control. The Corporate Manyra is greed. Rein in all Corporations by taxation & individual taxation, enforce anti trust Laws in every institution and we’ll get a return to ethics in the marketplace. There is no honor among thieves . It’s not just the shippers at fault, Corporate Greed has run amok and we’re all paying for ,it with Inflated pricing.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Why Climate Denial exists to this day? Corporate money, aided by the Koch brothers, Cato Institute and Petroleum lobbyists fought back after 1988, when a NASA expert, Hansen, rang the warning bell on Climate Warming and the climate disasters to come, if we didn’t switch to Renewable energy fast. At one time, before Exxon and Shell fired them, their scientists worked on Litium Batteries and Solar energy. The Fossil Fuel Corporations understood their damage to the Globe. They knew Fossil Fuels were causing Climate Change , pollution and destroying our planet and our health and didn’t care. Profits were more important than people or the health of our Planet. They single-handedly countered the Climate Narrative. Their Scientists quit and the Fossil Fuel Industry set out to buy political influence, sowing doubt on Climate Change. They’re successful. Their gain is everyone’s loss. Frontline will continue its docu series on the Fossil Fuel industry for the next 2 Tuesday’s @10 Pm. The Fossil Fuel industry, big Pharmaceuticals, borrow from Big Tobacco’s playbook. Overwhelming money to cast denial of Reality, preventing meaningful action to control or limit Fossil Fuels. Profits are more important than people

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Shock!? American Healthcare has attracted private equity positions. Financialization of healthcare, is similar to equity positions in every major industry. It’s called “Late Stage Capitalism “, monopolies in every industry, control the Peoples way of life, while private equity and insurance companies become wealthier. There are 800 Billionaires in America. More can be done by Government to make Healyhcare affordable. Don’t look toward TRUMPSGOP for help. They would dismantle the ACA and continue privatization of Healthcare. Leave Healthcare to Government and disallow private profit centers in Healthcare. We don’t need house sitters, we need preventive Medicine and affordable GP’s.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce As Corporations pay out huge Compensation packages to their CEO’s , everyone is focusing wrongly on an Increase in employee wages? CEO salaries have jumped to $100 millions from $19 million average while the American employee can’t make ends meet. What happened to national childcare , pre school, transportation and universal connectivity? Still needed to help poor and middle Class families. They’re not the drivers of Inflation. There is a direct correlation between Corporate Greed and Inflation. When does America Target the individuals responsible for inflation & stop rewarding the Robber Barons of 2022 , ushering in the 2 nd Gilded Age?