AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce You might not want to call flooding events “Climate Change”! However, severe flooding is occurring and reoccurring in the same hot drought areas repeatedly. There’s a lot of water vapor building up in the atmosphere that precipitates the flooding. To adapt, acknowledge fossil fuels are causing thunderstorms of catastrophic proportions and anchor your homes and have exits ready in the short term. In the medium turn, determine how to collect the water from these deluges and channel/ pipe the water effectively to streams and Lakes depleted by the preceding drought. Be innovative and proactive to survive, because flooding is not going to stop or be a once in a 1000 year occurrence. In extreme hot and drought stricken regions, flooding and destruction of infrastructure is the new normal.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Starbucks personnel are penalized for forming a Union. 200 shops are Unionized and 75 employees have been terminated and harassed by management for being part of the Union. Several Starbucks locations are on strike, protesting their lack pay, harassment and lack of benefits. The NLRB is investing all Starbucks employee claims. Good luck! The Rules of a Clean Slate for Workers, would make the process of Unionization easier, eliminating Corporate interference. It would , also, allow for sectoral Unionization. A win win for labor and their Community.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Another by product of Climate Change, pathogens unfamiliar with new territory are landing on our shores, carried by vectors, mosquitoes and others, bringing us malaria, west Nile disease, Covid and many more. As the world continues to heat, refugees are forced off their lands and carry diseases indigenous to their regions, to ours. Another reason to care about Climate Mitigation now. The benefits of Mitigation are a better quality of life and new jobs for new infrastructure industries. Being proactive will pay off in improved health and quality of life!

TheVoiceOfJoyce From the FINANCIAL TIMES: Charts of the California drought over the last 22 yrs. 2007, 2011 were pivot points when California ceased having intermittent droughts and heat. The heat causes a loop effect, creating more heat , more dryness as the temperature rises. Now, it’s not unusual for California temperatures to increase 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The droughts, fires and dry ground fuel each other making Climate Extremes more prevalent and dangerous. ( Giving my interpretation of conditions because I can’t share FT articles with all my followers)

TheVoiceOfJoyce The analysis: Fight Corporate greed and not working class people. Personal borrowing to purchase goods has increased. The consumer can’t fight monopolies. The Federal Government can put pressure on monopolies by promising a windfall tax on excess profits. Big oil and gas, have made record profits, they’re not investing, they’re giving shareholder buybacks. Why encourage their behavior, lower pricing at the pump by removing Subsidies and instituting a Windfall tax, for Corporations making huge profits, while passing on high costs to consumers ! Why should the 80% experiencing inflation, suffer from Corporate Greed? Give working people a chance to survive and thrive.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Up until the Climate heat extremes and fires touched Czech’s beloved National Forest, their oil conglomerates lobbies, controlled the Climate Change skeptical narrative. Not any more. In the wake of this last forest fire, Czechs are believers in Climate Mitigation. It has hit home, Climate Mitigation starts now!

TheVoiceOfJoyce another case of smearing a good Democratic candidate because he stands for the People and has picked a fight against Big Oil & gun manufacturers . He’s on the right side of issues and now he’s being targeted by Big GOP donors & AIPAC. another instance of using Dark Money to defeat another candidate standing up for “We the People”. All over our Country our elections are being hijacked by Corporate money, bribing ( donating) to those who will cast doubt on good candidates credentials to serve and replace them with a Corporate puppet, someone eagerly accepting cash, to tow the Corporate line. Floridians & folks from Alabama lost Political defenders of low cost & low Carbon energy projects, because the States utilities declared war on them. Ignore the hype and propaganda and in Michigan vote for Andy Levin. The very reason he’s attacked, means he’s a good guy for the People.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Ministers are fighting back Climate Change denial, delay & uncertainty in Southern Communities and West Virginia. They’re adding Solar Panels to their Churches and re greening their properties with flowers, trees and plants native to the area. They’re starting small but they might want to add a movie night for discussion? The documentary “ Big Oil” produced in 3 Parts by the BBC & aired on PBS Frontline, is now streaming on Amazon prime. Ministers can also, lead the way to energy conversion of decommissioned coal mines. Solar Panels and Wind Turbines can integrate with existing infrastructure and produce jobs and sustainable energy. There are cycles in industry. Man and science evolve and as we discover better forms of energy, they replace the old. That is the nature of scientific discovery. Trust in our future. If we desire to survive & thrive, a lot can be accomplished, even in a year. Lockdown improved Hawaiian waters and brought back song birds to many towns. Change is occurring and that’s good. After over a 100 yrs of fossil fuels dominating our grid, it’s time to move on. The Scientists of the late 1970’s were right, the year 2000 would see an exponential rise in CO2 Emissions and that would cause catastrophic warming effects. It’s happening today and it’s cheaper to move forward with many alternatives, rather than rely on Fossil Fuels for our power!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Since the gas shortages of the 1970’s , President Jimmy Carter, was warned by Scientists, Fossil Fuel combustion has increased exponentially, causing atmospheric CO2 Emissions. Because of the “greenhouse effect” Global Climatic warming will be induced from 0.5 – 5 degrees Celsius. Our Climate will warm drastically. The Press Report, was placed on Carter’s desk, July 7,1977. Jimmy Carter read the memo with its dire predictions and recommendations to begin planning to mediate the disasters to come in the year 2000. Jimmy Carter ignored this problem. The short term was under “ control”. The Fossil Fuel industry, invested in developing alternative energy sources, then discarded their usefulness. Instead, they invested in a 50 year campaign to deny the existence of Climate warming. Now, time has run out for many, of the 40 million, in the West who depend on the Colorado River for life and the question remains, where are our plans to mitigate the loss of water, food and clean air that follows intense heat? The Climate Crisis in America requires mitigation. What is the plan now, to stop the increase in Climate warming , drought, fires, flooding, and pollution?

TheVoiceOfJoyce WHY ARE WE SUPPORTING THE FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY? They make $2.8 Billion a day, accumulating $54 Trillion in 50 yrs or 1% of the World’s wealth. They’ve stopped investment in alternative fuels to maintain their wealth at the expense of our Planet warming, at the expense of polluting and dissipating our Natural Resources. They have enough money to buy off every Politician on our Planet to maintain their dirty profits. As a reward , for Fossil Fuel largesse ( graft, corruption) Governments subsidized them , add $16 Billion a day to their coffers in SUBSIDIES? The US provides them with a $1 Trillion a year? Wouldn’t this money be better used to help we the People survive the price gouging we’re incurring, the child care we need, the min wage and benefits we deserve, the transportation and preservation of our Natural Resources? Action on the elimination of these Subsidies is a priority! To continue them, in light of this soon to be published report, is to admit by all Politicians, that they are Corrupt and care little about the lives of “We The PEOPLE! “ #StopOilSubsidiesNow!